Children jokes! The best jokes for kids! Over 5000 children’s jokes?

Children jokes! The best jokes for kids!

Here we have collected the best children’s jokes for you.

Scroll through the best & funniest jokes for kids to laugh and memorize.

In these jokes we looked for extra child-friendly topics and easy-to-understand hits.

Teacher to his students:

"Children, what do you get from the chicken?"

Children: “Eggs.”

Teacher: “Children, what do you get from the cow?”

Children: “milk.”

Teacher: “What do you get from the pig?”

Children: “Homework.”

Two snails meet on the road.

One wants to go over there.

The other says: "The bus will come carefully in an hour."

Mother wants to wake the son up: "Paulchen, get up, you have to go to school."

Paulchen: "Please mom, let me sleep a little more."

The mother: "No, it’s really time, please get up!"

Paulchen: “But I don’t want to. The children annoy me and the teachers are totally annoying!

Mother: "Stop it, get up!"

Paulchen: "Oh mom, tell me at least two good reasons why I have to go to stupid school."

Mother: “First, you are 45 years old, and second, you are the school principal!”

A man runs out of breath to the jetty, throws his suitcase onto the boat three meters away, jumps behind, pulls himself over the railing with his last strength and sniffs in relief: "Done!"
One of the sailors: "Not too bad, but why didn’t you wait for us to dock?"

Klein-Erna to her mother in the evening: "Do you know the difference between radio, television and pocket money increase?"
“You can hear the radio, you can watch the television, but unfortunately you can’t hear or see anything about a pocket increase!”

Paul smashes a large vase in his uncle’s apartment.

The pale uncle stammered: "The vase was from the 17th century!"

Paul then relieved: “Thank God, I thought she was new”.

Two friends watch football: "A good game," says one, "only the goals are missing!"
"Why, there are two!"

Daughter: "Mom, how long have you been married to Daddy?"
Mother: “Ten years, my dear daughter!”
Daughter: "And how long do you have to go?"

Two toothpicks run up the mountain and are suddenly overtaken by a hedgehog.

Says one to the other: “Oh – if I had known that a bus was driving, I would have driven it! "

Markus stares enthusiastically in the mirror and calls to his mother: “Imagine I don’t get any more pimples!” – “Why not?” – “No more space!”

"Mr. waiter, there are no cherries in the cherry pie!"

“Yes it is clear! There are no dogs in a dog biscuit! "

What is colored and runs out of the house? The escape salad!

3 turtles are on their way to a source.

After many years they arrive at their destination. The first two turtles want to drink greedily, then the third realizes that they have forgotten their cups.

Oh, it doesn’t matter! Say the other two. No, no! Says the third turtle.

You wait here and I go back and get our cups! The other two wait 3 years …

Then one turtle can’t stand it anymore: So I have to drink something now!

But just as she wants to take a sip, the third turtle comes out of a bush and says: So if you cheat, I won’t even go …

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