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Children make a wooden sailboat and today’s work piece is perfect for anyone who is wanderlust and wants to go on a long trip. You quickly have the material for this handicraft together and sailing ship can set sail. With smaller children it is good if you help them a little with the handicrafts. The big advantage of our windjammers: They are also without a keel stable in the water and are tip-proof.

“Faster, faster, faster!” The family fires their sailboats at the city park pond. The wind gently pushes the boat in front of you. Even slight bow waves curl up. Ducks watch the strange regatta. If you want to build a boat with the kids that looks completely different than what you can find on the Internet, then follow our building instructions. If you want to put a sailboat in the water that does not tip over at the first gust of wind, then take a look at our model. If you want to build a glider that is also an eye-catcher, read on. You need material

  • Scrap wood
  • saw
  • drill
  • hammer
  • Colorful paper
  • scissors
  • nails
  • Stabholz
  • thick package cord
  • abrasive paper
  • wood glue

You should have most of it at home and we start.

Building a sailing ship with children: landlubbers take good care!

First you saw the bow. To do this, cut the board to a point. What? You don’t know what the bug is? Then you have no idea what the stern is? Get me the Klabautermann! So the bow is at the front of the ship and the stern is at the back.

When crafting, the children first saw the bow from our sailing ship.
photo (c)

All the nerds below us sand the wood with emery paper. If you have an excessive need for security, sand it down too. After all, a child could pull in a spreader.

Clear ship! You sand the upper deck thoroughly with sandpaper.
photo (c)

Now it’s time to take the hammer in hand. Puts a nail in the middle of the bow if possible. You haven’t forgotten where the bow of the sailboat is ?! It is enough if the nail is half a centimeter or one centimeter in the wood.

First you hammer a nail in the middle of the bow. That is our bowsprit.
photo (c)

Now the hammering really starts. Drive in the same amount of nails on each side. If you want, you can build the railing around the whole boat. We limit ourselves to the bow, because then the whole sailor looks sleeker.

When the children make their sailboat, the railing is an important part.
photo (c)

The upper deck should now look like the nail bed of a fakir of the Look like sailing ship.

Nailed well! The railing of our ship is finished.
photo (c)

Starts braiding on any nail. With a half a stroke you fasten the package cord and off you go. Always around the nails. The whole thing back. Braiding until the heads of the nails are reached.

Now the drill comes on. Finds about the middle of the hull. Nerds measure these exactly. There you drill a hole, but please not so deep that the drill comes out of the bottom of the boat.

The hole for the masts is drilled.
photo (c)

Put a little wood glue into the hole for the masts and put the log in it.

Now set the masts from the sailing ship.
photo (c)

In the next step you cut out the two sails. These are measured so that they overlap. Drills holes in the sails at the top and at the bottom.

In the penultimate step, we cut out the sails.
photo (c)

Finally put the sails on the masts. Cast off our sailing ship can start sailing! Ahoy!


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