Children of our world initiative for children in need e

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Since 1992: Sustainable project help

Has been around for over 25 years children of our world sustainably improves the everyday lives of people in Ethiopia and South Africa – especially those of children and young women. To date, donations of over 5 million euros have been used in health, social and educational projects that have been deliberately designed for many years.

Integrate children, network parents

In addition to project work, a network across Germany forms the second size Field of activity of the association. This includes counseling and exchange about family life with adopted children and opportunities to meet, e.g. in the form of children’s leisure time and regional family reunions.

Social help for street children

Poverty and unstable family relationships force children and young people to become independent in Ethiopia early, often into an unprotected life on the street. children of our world helps these children in southwestern Ethiopia and strengthens their families or ensures a safe education.

Preschool and care

Away from the big cities in South Africa, many families live in large rural areas without village infrastructure and social contacts. Children have hardly any childcare and educational opportunities. children of our world takes care of these children, promotes their chances in school and offers educational and leisure activities depending on their age.

Training center for mothers in need

Women in northern Ethiopia live a life with great physical exertion: looking for firewood, caring for children, covering a long and arduous walk to get food for the family. Many families live in poverty, especially in the country. children of our world trains women and empowers them to generate their own income.

Care facility for HIV orphans

Many HIV-infected mothers in South Africa pass the virus on to their children during pregnancy. Often, if the parents fall ill or die, there is no one left to look after the children. children of our world ensures eleven orphans in a charitable care facility family care with life-extending medication.

Ensure medical assistance

There is a health center for the population in Korarit, but it is barely able to work: everything is lacking for quality medical help. children of our world supports the mother-child area of ​​this health center with medicines, medical devices, furniture and qualification measures for the staff.


The street children project in Jimma receives "heavenly sounds" to support it

Thanks to the great commitment of the Weiler Altistin Silke Marchfeld, the proceeds from the benefit concert in Weil am Rhein will go to the street children project by kinder uns welt e.v. This great concert therefore delights two people: the guests in Weil and the children in Jimma. Thank you, dear Silke Marchfeld! Stunden-pures-bach-glueck–180916929.html Rhine-opulent-sound-and-intimate-arien.f6600ba8-70c4-4650-8eb8-0898025ff09e.html

Menna Mulugeta: The children of our world ambassador and their upcoming events

Ethiopian cultural evening & 7 years Demera

The children of our world Ambassador Menna Mulugeta performs in Frankfurt: In cooperation with the Ethiopian Cultural Association Rhein-Main, the Demera Restaurant presents a cultural evening with Dr. Prince Asfa-Wossen Asserate, who will read from his various works, and Menna Mulugeta, the German-born Ethiopian with her trio in different languages to sing becomes. After this . Continue reading "Ethiopian cultural evening & 7 years Demera"

Ethiopian top female scientists

The magazine Ethiopian Airlines published four short portraits about Ethiopian women scientists in the March / April edition. (in English) On the Cutting-Edge: The Ethiopian Women Shaping Science


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