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Everything about conditions, discounts and children’s entrances

The long-distance bus is ideal for traveling cheaply and comfortably on a family vacation. Most Remote bus-providers also offer discounts for children and adolescents, which means that families can save even more on arrival and departure. Small children are sometimes even allowed to board for free. However, there are a few things to consider before using the Remote bus Going on vacation: For example, the regulations regarding child seats differ from provider to provider and the booking of a child free ride does not follow the same pattern for every bus company. It becomes even more difficult when it comes to sending the child on the trip alone: ​​the minimum age for single entries is between six and 16 years, depending on the provider, and the form of the declaration of consent is also not uniform. However, in order to keep an overview, the editorial team of long-distance bus company has put together everything worth knowing about the topic “Children in long-distance buses”.

Free child travel and child discount

In the long-distance bus industry, it is common for the ticket price for children and adolescents to be below the regular ticket price. After you have selected your desired journey in the bus connection search, you will be automatically redirected to the website of the respective bus company where the booking takes place. The age of travelers is also asked here. As a rule, the child discount is credited as soon as you specify a child as a passenger. This is the case with FlixBus, for example. If the price does not change, it is because the current saving price is below the price for a regular children’s ticket and the cheapest price is automatically displayed. This is particularly common with providers with a flat rate for children. To avoid any inconvenience, you should also make sure that you can prove the child’s age when starting the journey. If you want to book a children’s free ride, you can usually do this easily and conveniently in the booking mask. BlaBlaBus gives passengers under two years of age a 50 percent discount. Children up to five years of age travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult with IC Bus, but in this case a seat must be reserved. If the child is accompanied by a parent or grandparent, there is also free travel for children up to 14 years. Children traveling alone always pay half the price.

Remote bus provider children discount
BlaBlaBus up to 2 years: 50%
euro Lines up to 11 years: 50%
12 to 26 years: 10%
Flixbus up to 15 years: children’s price (Line dependent)
IC bus up to 5 years: free of charge (accompanied by an adult)
6 to 14 years: free of charge (only accompanied by a
Parent or grandparent)

children traveling alone: ​​50%
OneBus up to 4 years: free of charge
up to 15 years: children’s price (Line dependent)
Student Agency (RegioJet) up to 15 years: 50%
15 to 26 years: 10%

Children solo flight

Many parents use long-distance buses to send children to relatives alone. A visit to the grandparents can be made possible without a parent having to take a vacation. The minimum age for single entrances varies greatly: While IC Bus transports children from the age of six without an accompanying person, single travelers at Eurolines must already be 16 years old. No bus company offers individual childcare during the journey: it is therefore important that the parents can assess how independent the child is. In most cases, parents have to give their consent for children to enter the country alone. A large number of long-distance bus providers provide a ready-made form for download, which only has to be filled out and printed out. As a rule, the name of the person collecting the goods and their contact details must also be specified here. Make sure that the driver arrives at the bus stop in good time and can identify himself to the bus driver. FlixBus does not use a written form. Instead, the parents must give their consent by clicking on the appropriate field when booking the child ticket. It is advisable to consult the exact regulations of the respective long-distance bus provider before booking the trip, since restrictions may occur: Most of the time, the regulations regarding the minimum age only apply to national journeys. With FlixBus, childrens’ entrances are also excluded on all connecting connections. In addition, the usual child discount may not apply to a solo trip. This is the case with IC Bus, for example: Instead of a free ride, there is only a 50% discount for children traveling alone.

Remote bus provider minimum age Form of consent
BlaBlaBus 12 years written form
euro Lines 16 years written form
Flixbus ten years during the booking
IC bus 6 years
OneBus 11 years Download form
Student Agency (RegioJet) ten years

Note that the regulations apply to cross-border and international connections of the national conditions.

safety regulations

Although the law does not require child seats in coaches or long-distance buses, it is advisable to use a child seat. With some long-distance bus providers, including FlixBus, it is compulsory for children under three to carry a child seat or baby seat. As a rule, long-distance buses are not equipped with child seats, which is why it is recommended to bring your own child seat from home. However, make sure that the belt systems are not always compatible. Most long-distance buses have two-point systems.

The long-distance bus is ideal for this, cheap and convenient in the …


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