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When should you prefer the second to the first??

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If it doesn’t work out well or you don’t want to, you should focus on a good job and a career.

I don’t know anyone in my circle of friends who has had a career despite having a child. My girlfriend always had a great job and then has a child to get. Now she works part-time in a local facility and is tired of long car journeys, trade fairs, overtime, etc., she prefers to spend her free time with the child spend.

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in principle you should prefer what you are most likely to do "appoint" feels. so inside yourself-"Listen". ;-))

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I read "either … or" You can also make a career with a child :) But just by the way.

For me personally there is no reason in the world why I would prefer career (m) to a child. Money and work are not everything, but a child’s laughter is!

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I think you should focus on your career first and then have children later! Because the older you get, the more difficult it is to make a career.

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@ Dörte H. then mostly the career train has already left!

Difficult decision that no matter what you decide to do, you will definitely regret!

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if the children are old enough to live their own lives, you can start your career.

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When the children have their own apartment and can take care of themselves

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you can even combine both. but only on the side

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in my opinion, clearly the children..

if you have enough money, the children are much more important than a great career..

money alone does not make you happy.

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If you are very deep down inside and this is also discussed with your partner that you don’t want children, then you can choose a career. Career should never be on Children’s expenses occur. I worked u. made a little career before the first child came. Before the first child, however, I made the decision that career should be put on hold and that I only want to be there for the child and I didn’t want to juggle between career, child and household. In the meantime I have 2 children, the older one is now in school u. i am still at home u. also see how important it is that I am there, because often the front door opens u. he is already bubbling over with stories and I am a listener and also an advisor. If I were at work, I would not have noticed much of my children’s development. I would also be very sorry.

But I still think it’s great when a woman consciously chooses children and career. Why not, everyone should live the way they want.


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