Children’s birthday congratulations and sayings for free

Children’s birthday congratulations

Congratulations to children should be sent on the children’s birthday. You can do this classically with a children’s birthday card and write a few personal lines in it, but you can also write a WhatsApp message or an SMS to a child. Many children also have email or a Facebook account. If a child does not yet have a smartphone, you can send a WhatsApp message to mom or dad, who can then read out the congratulations to the offspring and show them. Here you can find formulations for congratulations on the children’s birthday party, as well as pictures with child-friendly motifs and congratulations. The numerous birthday pictures can also be printed out and sent as birthday cards or used as motifs for personal online birthday wishes. All templates, texts and sayings, pictures and birthday wishes are free of charge for personal, non-commercial use. With the evaluation function via the green and red hand with thumbs up or thumbs down, you can vote for particularly beautiful children’s birthday wishes.

Children’s birthday pictures

Children usually only learn to read at school, so it is best to congratulate a boy or girl at a young age with a nice picture. In the following, numerous pictures with congratulations on children’s birthday are published, which are colorful, child-friendly and provided with a short wish. They are ideal for children and can be sent via Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapschat, as well as by email or printed. All of these beautiful children’s birthday pictures are free and are sure to be well received by friends who are friends, their own sponsored child, little sister or little brother, but also by grandchildren.

Rainbow for children’s birthday

The rainbow is a particularly colorful, child-friendly motif that every child will find beautiful. There is one on this rainbow "happy Birthday" Text attached. With one click you can share this birthday picture on Facebook or GooglePlus, but you can also copy it to your smartphone’s clipboard and paste it into a WhatsApp chat window.

Funny picture for children’s birthday

This clown spreads a good mood and congratulates a child on his birthday. The comic-style birthday cake invites you to press it into the face of the clown, as is the case with clowns in many circus performances. In any case, this picture is an amusing, colorful way to wish a child a nice day of honor.

Colorful flowers for children’s birthday

These happy birthday wishes show many beautiful bright flowers and the colors yellow, blue, pink, red and green and a happy birthday with blurred letters. When you look at it, you immediately get a brightened mood.

Children birthday greeting image

This birthday picture shows a meadow with stylized flowers and many different birthday wishes that float in the cloudless sky and bloom on the meadow.

Sayings for children’s birthday

Children’s birthday sayings are written on a birthday card or sent in a letter or as a text message. Here are some such children’s sayings for the cradle festival, which children from around 6 or 7 years of age can read themselves. Younger children can have their parents read their congratulations to them. In any case, it is child-friendly formulations that everyone understands. Even if adults will find the one or the other saying or quotation a little cute or banal, they are a hit with many children – be it with their nephew or niece, granddaughter or grandson or for friends of their own offspring.

Happy birthday, my little darling. I am particularly proud of you that the little bundle of joy has turned into a sweet, large treasure of gold.

On your birthday I wish you an unforgettable day with your friends, many unbelievably large gifts and that in the new year you will succeed in whatever you do.

Birthdays are there to be delighted with gifts, to celebrate with your friends and just to have a good time. I think you can do it, right?

Today is your special day, so let’s celebrate! I wish you all the best for your birthday and send you a hug and a kiss and you will get a gift later.

Congratulations to the coolest child in kindergarten. celebrate with your friends and get rich gifts!

Today you are getting a year older. if this continues, you will catch up with mom and dad! happy Birthday!

For your children’s birthday I wish you that every wish will be fulfilled and you will receive all the gifts that you have wished for. You deserve it!

Happy birthday to my greatest sweetheart. If you can blow out all the candles on the birthday cake, then you can wish for something very special. But you mustn’t give it away, otherwise it might not come true!

I wish you the most beautiful day of the year and a great children’s birthday party. Celebrate beautifully and have fun!

For my birthday I wish you all the luck in the world with lots of fun, a great celebration, incredibly big gifts and that you are just really well.

Children’s birthday wishes for girls

The following sayings and short texts on children’s birthdays have been written especially for girls. All children, especially girls, are particularly excited on their day of honor. When you have a birthday, you are the center of attention, can unpack a lot of gifts and is the most important person in the family, at school or in kindergarten. All relatives and friends congratulate warmly, shake hands, send cards and gifts. This day is full of excitement and hustle and bustle and many children are really done in the evening. All these disturbing feelings and moods should be addressed in these children’s birthday wishes for girls and underline the great feeling of having a birthday today. There are also special formulations for a friend, a female godchild, for a granddaughter and for other relatives.

Good luck for children’s birthday

This beautiful flower meadow with lucky beetles and a colorful, congratulations is sure to be particularly popular with girls. The flowers seem to be singing a birthday song and the beetles are said to bring good luck. If you want to congratulate with your mobile phone, you will find this picture particularly beautiful, because it almost jumps out of the display and congratulates you happily and happily.

Happy birthday to the cutest princess in first grade. Today you are getting a year older, a little bit bigger and I think a little prettier than yesterday. Keep it up!

I wish my birthday all the best for my best friend. I hope that we will celebrate many more such days together.

Today is your big day – let yourself be pampered, let yourself be given presents and, above all, just have a good time! happy Birthday!

I send the sweetest birthday greetings to the sweetest girl on the whole planet and I wish you a day full of experiences and unforgettable moments.

May your birthday be as sweet as honey – just as sweet as you are. Congratulations!

I wish you many great gifts, birthday songs, birthday poems, sweets, great experiences and adventures and that you have the greatest year of your life so far.

I wish you a happy birthday, my little darling. I’m very proud of you – just stay the way you are, ok?

You are the cutest granddaughter in the world and I am the proudest grandma in the world. Best wishes for your birthday!

Children’s birthday wishes for boys

Boys are also very excited about their birthday, because everything revolves around him today. Full of anticipation and anticipation for the gifts, you can’t always hide your excitement. The exciting moment that ripping up wrapping paper is just one aspect that makes boys so excited about their birthday. It is much more important to get all the attention for a day. Classmates or other children in kindergarten congratulate, give gifts, sing songs and celebrate together. There is often a special birthday chair that only birthday children can use and special games are often made. There are lots of sweets, maybe streamers and balloons, and more. This is followed by children’s birthday sayings specially formulated for boys, which could also be sent via WhatsApp or on the Internet on Facebook or other social networks.

Children’s birthday balloons

These colorful balloons are suitable as a birthday picture for every child of kindergarten age. Congratulations are not only well received by boys, but are suitable for them.

On this special day, I would like to tell you that you are a particularly great son and that I am extremely proud of you. Happy birthday my dear.

Hello my angel, did you know that I am the proudest grandma in the whole world? Because I have the greatest grandson in the world! Happy Birthday.

I wish you a great birthday with all friends and a fantastic celebration, lots of nice gifts, a delicious cake and lots of fun! happy Birthday!

It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve in your life. You will make it because you are a great little big boy.

Reach for the stars and believe in reaching heaven, then you can do anything. Congratulations on the cradle festival.

I wish that your lucky angel always keeps a watchful eye on you. And if he didn’t pay attention, then I’m still there. Happy Birthday!

Regardless of whether you want to become a professional soccer player or Federal President – or maybe both? – you can do it, because you are the greatest boy I know! happy Birthday,

On your birthday you have the right to eat a lot of cakes and sweets, get a lot of gifts and have a lot of fun. Enjoy it!

Celebrate children’s birthday

The reason that children look forward to their birthday so much is above all the attention that is given to them. Above all, this includes inviting many friends and classmates and celebrating together. A children’s birthday party is therefore particularly important for children. It is not always easy to come up with an attractive entertainment program for the little ones. Fortunately, many offers from various companies and institutions are now being offered. So you can now celebrate children’s birthday in almost every bowling center with children. Many sports clubs, riding clubs and climbing halls offer special all-inclusive offers for children’s birthdays, which usually include a meal in addition to sporting activity or games. In addition, especially in large and medium-sized cities, there are special children’s play paradises today, where you can also host children’s birthday parties. In addition, the care and supervision of the little ones is often offered, so that it is a largely stress-free birthday for the parents. If you live in a big city, a visit to the next zoo is certainly a good way to give all children fun. In winter this is often more difficult, here activities in a hall offer themselves. Cooking classes for children have also become popular and popular.

Cake for children’s birthday

Nowadays, cakes, cakes or muffins are baked for a child’s birthday for the celebration, kindergarten or primary school. In the meantime, parents often have to compete for the most original children’s birthday cake or the most beautifully decorated muffins and cookies. In fact, you can often achieve particularly beautiful effects with very little effort, which children are very happy about. With muffins and a dollop of chocolate, you can conjure up beautiful, delicious, edible eyes on an otherwise boring muffin from the baking mix. If you are either not talented, do not have the time or do not have the leisure to bake and decorate a beautiful children’s birthday cake yourself, you can now find special pastry shops online that special cakes for any topic, for popular films or characters from comics or for your favorite football club bake and decorate.

Children’s birthday invitations

To celebrate a celebration, you first have to design or buy invitation cards. If you make such cards yourself, then you always have a very personal invitation and often children, especially girls, have a lot of fun making their own invitations. Depending on the activity being carried out or the motto of the celebration, different cards can be designed. A round card in the form of a soccer ball is ideal if football is being played on the children’s birthday party, or a motif with a clown if it is used for entertainment.

Birthday cards for children

People and especially children are shaped visually and haptically and are happy about congratulations that they can touch and see. That’s why birthday cards for children’s birthdays are still the best idea to congratulate a boy or a girl. You can also make such cards yourself for a good friend, for your grandson, godchild or school friends you should buy a child-friendly card, which you can also print yourself. There are many different templates on the Internet that you can customize on your own PC.

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