Children’s birthday: puzzle treasure hunt for school children (part 6)

Reading time: 2 minutes The treasure hunt is a highlight at the children’s birthday party. The tasks can be demanding for schoolchildren. Mystery rhymes make the children ponder and the treasure hunters also practice reading. Read how the puzzle treasure hunt on children’s birthday will be a great success.

Children’s birthday: puzzle treasure hunt for school children (part 6)

Treasure hunt on children’s birthday: beware of traffic

You can also mark the treasure hunt trail in schoolchildren with confetti, balloons, streamers and sweets, as described in the article Children’s Birthday (Part 5), which you should collect afterwards.

You can mix these visual clues with puzzles or work with double clues. After all, the children should have a sense of achievement on their birthday and not be misled. Schoolchildren cope with this very badly.

The route may be more challenging for schoolchildren than for children of kindergarten age. But the same applies to the larger ones: in the zeal of the treasure hunt, the children in the group do not pay attention to traffic. Place the trail in quieter zones. This makes the children’s birthday a safe affair.

Mystery rhymes for school children

Children like to solve puzzles. Make up puzzle rhymes. Four lines are enough. The rhyme does not have to fit perfectly and the thinking task should be appropriate to the age of the children. If you do not discover a poet’s vein in yourself, the children will not mind solving inconvenient puzzles.

The treasure hunt starts

The puzzle rhymes lead from clue to clue. In this example from the swing, to the big chestnut tree, to the shop around the corner, to Grandma’s house. Press the paper with the first riddle rhyme into the hand of a child and give the starting signal.

  • Swing
    It can be hung,
    she lets you sit,
    you feel free,
    and laughs.
  • Chestnut Tree
    It is the largest of all,
    in autumn he drops fruit.
    You collect them and tinker with them,
    Man and child and dog and mouse.
  • Shop around the corner
    Do you want to bake a cake
    and you’re missing delicious things,
    you walk two streets in no time,
    buy eggs and flour.
  • Birthday granny’s house
    She will pick you up from school,
    never goes limp when playing.
    She puts a riddle in your hand
    and what from the sugar land.
    (In this case, the grandma has a little candy ready for each child.)

On a children’s birthday, it is important to give every child the opportunity to contribute his share. When there is a treasure hunt, there are always quick children who race down the route in a whiz. Slower children do not come into play. With the riddle rhymes, you therefore set the rule that each child has to read a note once and only when all children have arrived.

Control what happens by writing the names of the fast kids on the first note and the slow ones on the last. So you slow down the dynamics and everyone is looking forward to a successful children’s birthday.


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