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Children’s camera comparison 2020

The 9 best children’s cameras at a glance.

You are an enthusiastic hobby photographer and would also like to inspire your children – or have already infected them with your enthusiasm? Then a children’s camera is just the thing – here your child learns playfully what is important when taking pictures.

In our comparison table you will find models for every age group and with different resolutions. In addition to extras such as integrated games, pay particular attention to the water resistance: some cameras can withstand water up to 10 m deep, others should not come into contact with water at all.

The quality management for our test and comparison process is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

3 times
6x digital zoom

4-fold digital
4-fold digital

Films from your own pictures
Films from your own pictures

up to 10 m
up to 3 m
up to 10 m only with enclosed waterproof cover

special children’s menu with stamps and effects
5 games
3 games
3 games

Children’s camera comparison
Illustration Compare winner
Price-performance winner
model Nikon COOLPIX W150 VTech Kidizoom Touch Easypix Aquapix W1024-I Splash ShinePick digital camera for children Veroyi Kids Camera Tyhbelle digital camera Tyhbelle kids cam digital camera VTech Kidizoom Selfie Cam VTech Kidizoom Action Cam
on Amazon
34 reviews 127 ratings 624 reviews 84 ratings 147 reviews 72 reviews 147 reviews 34 reviews 74 reviews
Type one children camera impresses above all with its colorful design and is particularly suitable for smaller amateur photographers between four and ten years. It offers numerous additional functions.
A Outdoor camera is ideal for older children. This indestructible children’s camera clearly scores in terms of workmanship, since it is usually shockproof and waterproof.
The Action Camera combines the optical features of a children’s camera with the robust properties of an outdoor camera. They are often also used as a camcorder or video camera for children.
Outdoor camera classic children’s camera Outdoor camera Outdoor camera classic children’s camera classic children’s camera classic children’s camera classic children’s camera Action Camera
Recommended age from 10 years 5 – 12 years from 10 years 3 – 8 years 4 – 10 years 3 – 12 years 4 – 12 years 5 – 12 years 5 – 12 years
Maximum resolution resolution is given in megapixels. It shows how detailed a camera can display structures. 13.2 megapixels 2.0 megapixels 16.0 megapixels 8 megapixels 8.0 megapixels 8.0 megapixels 5 megapixels 0.3 megapixels 0.3 megapixels
Display the display size is given in inches. One inch corresponds to 2.54 cm. A large display is particularly advantageous for children, as the little ones can view their photos so quickly and easily. 2.7 inches 3 inches 2.4 inches 2 inches 2 inches 2.0 inches 1.7 inches 1.4 inches 1.41 inches
Two search windows Some digital cameras for children are waiting with one double search window on. With two search windows, your child can easily aim at his subject with both eyes and take a snapshot. No No No No No No No No No
Optical zoom on optical zoom is a mechanical setting in the lens that is used to enlarge the image.
At the digital zoom An integrated processor calculates the image information for enlargement. However, this always comes at the expense of image resolution.
video function
shockproof Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Integrated games
  • robust workmanship
  • easy handling – with touchscreen
  • available in many colors and patterns
  • can play music
  • robust workmanship
  • easy handling – with touchscreen
  • many additional functions
  • good picture quality
  • large selection of colors
  • robust processing – withstands salt water
  • easy handling
  • robust workmanship
  • Includes 256 MB memory card and sticker
  • also available in pink
  • robust workmanship
  • easy handling
  • 16 GB memory card and sticker included
  • also available in pink and red
  • robust workmanship
  • easy handling
  • small stickers included
  • also available in pink
  • large selection of colors
  • robust workmanship
  • easy handling
  • Includes selfie stick
  • robust workmanship
  • easy handling
  • many additional functions
  • robust workmanship
  • incl. 3 different brackets
  • with time-lapse function
product details product details
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Nikon COOLPIX W150 Questions and answers about VTech Kidizoom Touch Questions and answers about Easypix Aquapix W1024-I Splash Questions and answers about ShinePick digital camera for children Questions and answers about Veroyi Kids Camera Questions and answers about Tyhbelle digital camera Questions and answers about Tyhbelle Kids Cam digital camera Questions and answers about VTech Kidizoom Selfie Cam Questions and answers about VTech Kidizoom Action Cam
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  • approx. 149 € To the offer »
  • approx. 153 € To the offer »
  • approx. 159 € To the offer »
  • approx. 159 € To the offer »
  • approx. 163 € To the offer »
  • approx. 149 € To the offer »
  • 155 € Offer »
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  • Children’s cameras are primarily considered toys to look at and accordingly stablebuilt. With increasing age of the child the demands on the picture quality also increase.
  • The younger the child is, the more the numerous stand Additional functions in the foreground. Some models therefore wait with integrated games, Image processing software and music features.
  • A compact outdoor or underwater camera is very well suited to meet children’s needs. Thanks to a waterproof and shockproof housing, children can let off steam safely and let their creativity run free.

Especially in childhood, an exciting experience, an impression never seen before or an unknown feeling awaits around every corner. The urge to discover new things is almost limitless and that’s why the young researchers should be actively supported on this trip. So that your child’s Capture experiences and can document for eternity, there are children’s cameras.

On the one hand, your offspring stays away from the valuable SLR camera; on the other hand, the best children’s camera not only survives a fall without problems, but is often even waterproof.

So that you still have an overview of the abundance of products and criteria, we present our 2019/2020 children’s camera comparison so that you can choose your personal children’s camera comparison winner at the end. Find out more about Photo pedagogy and how you do that creativity Support your child.

1. Discover the world with a children’s camera at the push of a button

Already knew?

Some children’s camera models, e.g. from VTech or Fisher Price, include games that are already installed, especially during a game long train or car journey can be converted into the ideal playmate.

Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. And especially in childhood imagery even more pronounced than the vocabulary. Children’s cameras are suitable to provide the children with a tool to not only experience what they see, but also to capture it. The most very colorful and colorful designed digital cameras are characterized by a very robust processing and Child-friendly ease of use out. Few buttons and large switches are just as important as intuitive operation and no small parts on the device that can be swallowed.

In contrast to a high-priced digital camera, children’s cameras convince Extras like one Music or video function. However, where entertainment is important, the focus is not on image quality. Therefore – especially for children from the age of 10 – better quality outdoor cameras should be considered.

At a Action camera meet the optical advantages of a children’s camera with the solid processing of an outdoor camera. So that you still have an overview with this abundance of product types and categories and the ideal product for yours little explorer Find a detailed purchase advice is essential.

But before we introduce you to the most popular camera types, here are all of them again Advantages and disadvantages of the children’s camera for you in a nutshell:

  • built stable and robust
  • beautifully colored and attractively designed
  • integrated game and music functions
  • waterproof and shockproof
  • easy to use
  • promotes technical understanding
  • Image quality in need of improvement
  • relatively high battery consumption

2. Children’s camera: classic, outdoor or action?

We have summarized them so that you can take a closer look at the three most common types of children’s cameras.

Type description
Classic children’s camera A classic children’s camera is particularly impressive because of it colorful design. Often these cameras are in pink or blue offered or with popular Disney motifs decorated. This type of children’s camera is particularly suitable for smaller amateur photographers between four and ten years. Most are already numerous Additional functions integrated in the device and your child can not only take snapshots with his child’s camera, but also:
  • music record and play
  • games play
  • Photos with simple Image processing elements decorate

The additional features make this camera category one varied toys and also distract from the fact that the image quality is sometimes not convincing.

Outdoor camera

While the classic children’s camera with its functions is aimed at a younger audience, an outdoor camera is ideal suitable for older children. Because:

  • maximum resolution the outdoor camera is significantly better
  • Design is simpler, but still colorful
  • optimal outdoor camera shockproof and waterproof

This indestructible children’s camera clearly scores in terms of processing. Your child can even use a shockproof and waterproof camera Underwater shooting who don’t have to hide in terms of quality.

Action Camera A so-called action camera combines them optical features of a children’s camera with the robust properties of an outdoor camera. It is characterized by:
  • child-friendly design – appealing motifs
  • a lot of equipment, e.g. Diving housing, bicycle attachment
  • shockproof and waterproof case

These cameras, e.g. from Disney, are often also called camcorder or video camera for children and allow the children to record short video sequences. Especially on trips or on a beach holiday, this children’s camera without games enables carefree and careless handling of the device – even below the water surface.

Note: In addition to popular Disney characters, there are also numerous motifs with Spider-Man, Barbie, Hello Kitty, the Minions or even the Monster High dolls for your children’s camera.

3. Purchase criteria for a children’s camera: Many accessories are ahead

3.1. It has to be stable

The children’s camera comparison shows: Also one Underwater camera can be an ideal digital camera for children. Her big plus – she is waterproof.

Children’s cameras cannot be compared to professional cameras for adults – neither in terms of optics nor in terms of price. Children can be on playful way familiarize yourself with the camera and shouldn’t have to worry much about stability. So that’s one robust processing is the be-all and end-all.

So that your child can enjoy his digital camera for a long time and without any worries, pay attention to the workmanship when you buy your children’s camera favorites. If you want to be on the safe side, go for one Outdoor camera. The children’s camera comparison has shown that these cameras not only impress under water, but also withstand small and large shocks. You should take this into account in your personal children’s camera test.

3.2. With two search windows you can see better

Some digital cameras for children are waiting with you double search window on. Especially for beginners in old age from three to five years this variant is very practical. A single search window can confuse small amateur photographers at the beginning, since it is difficult to pinpoint the actual motif. With two search windows, your child can easily Aim at his subject with both eyes and take a snapshot. However, the older your child gets, the less it will be dependent on two search windows. If you want to purchase a suitable children’s camera from 3 years of age, a double search window is recommended.

3.3. The right children’s camera for every age

In today’s society, children begin to train their technical expertise very early on. With children’s tablets and special ones Apps and games for kids – on PC and smartphone – the little ones quickly come into contact with the possibilities of our time. However, the line between funding and demanding is sometimes very narrow. So that you do not overwhelm your child with the camera technology, we have brought you the right children’s cameras for all ages in a children’s camera comparison.

Age Children Camera Recommendation
under 3 years If your child is under three years old, you should do it better not overwhelmed with a digital camera – not even with a children’s camera. However, there is also a camera for toddlers.

However, these products are pure toys and do not real photos. Rather, you simulate a real camera, are beautifully colorful and make music. However, this toy is well suited for a first introduction to the topic.

3 to 6 years For this age group they are classic children’s cameras designed. Large display, attractive exterior and, ideally, several additional functions such as music, games and video recordings – you are exactly right. VTech cameras in particular have such functions.

Pay particular attention to one in your personal children’s camera test robust workmanship.

7 to 10 years At this age, children already have one basic technical understanding. Also the Quality standards getting higher. Outdoor and action cameras are a good alternative to give in to the zest for adventure and new experiences.

Most of these cameras have one lightning, occasionally a touch screen, are stable enough and can withstand a lot.

from 10 years From the age of ten, children can do very well and purposeful handle technical equipment. Even simple ones image editing and the basics of working on the computer are understandable. If your child is very interested in photography and pursues it as a hobby, you can relax in one invest higher quality model, where the video and image quality is right.

But the optics should also be considered. Colorful cameras are particularly well received.

3.4. A lot of variety with numerous accessories

Since it is usually a child’s camera entertaining toys this aspect is also in the foreground. The colorful digital cameras are often with one integrated music function fitted. This allows the little ones to provide the appropriate musical background for their photo safari. So that the colorful digital cameras can also be transported in proper style, many cameras come with one color matching bag or one belt therefore. Many manufacturers also offer these accessories for sale.

Some models have one so that your child can also design their photos Image processing software at. By individual frames and small accessories can be made from any photo in a few simple steps become a small work of art.

Especially Action cameras come with lots of accessories. In addition to one video function, that most manufacturers offer, these versatile devices can be attached to a skateboard or children’s bike. The necessary bracket is often included in the purchase and enables your child rapid snapshots to make and exciting video series to turn.

Attention: With all playful and artistic demands, the safety not be forgotten. So always think of a suitable children’s bike helmet for your child.

As well on lake or in swimming pool an action cam can be used. You can get a first impression of the product and additional information in this video:

4. Photo pedagogy – a different view of your child

Have you ever heard of photo education? This is a educational concept, that very common application in kindergartens, schools and youth facilities place. Here children and teenagers learn not only that necessary background knowledge and experience the possibilities they have with your cameras, but are also encouraged to take a close look at their surroundings.

Next to the fun photography also acts as lived form of communication and not only bridges language barriers, but also overcomes inhibitions and sensitized to new and foreign.

In order to present what you have learned to a larger audience or to learn something new, there are not only numerous photo competitions, but also Workshops and seminars. There, the small hobby photographers can exchange ideas and not only convey themselves, but also parents and interested parties new view on the environment and your own I of the child.

5. Children’s camera project: together on a tour of discovery

For the whole family: With a children’s digital camera you can keep nice memories.

Your child will surely have looked at you with wide eyes if you Family recordings or took snapshots of funny moments. Instead of keeping your expensive camera safe from clumsy children’s hands, go with your offspring and a suitable children’s camera together on a tour of discovery. If you have your child with one age-appropriate children’s camera equip, for example, a VTech camera, you don’t just promote it attention for its environment, but also encourage it to go new ways.

With small beginners in particular, it is advisable to work together on one Photo tour go. So you not only share a nice experience with your child, but also train and expand it technical expertise of the child, without overwhelming it.

If you have collected enough photographic material, you can choose the best photos with your child, edit them with simple image editing software on the PC and then one create a joint photo album. The advantage of digital snapshots: you can make countless prints for the whole family and the less successful copies are quickly deleted.

First try: If you don’t want to give your little photographer a digital camera for kids directly, but first want to explore the interest in the subject, a colorful disposable camera is a cheap alternative.

6. Popular brands and manufacturers of children’s cameras

To give you a more precise overview of popular brands and manufacturers, for example VTech Kidizoom, we have summarized them briefly:

  • Disney
  • Crayola
  • Fisher-Price
  • Lego
  • Mustek
  • Scout
  • Hello Kitty
  • Easypix
  • Imaginarium
  • Little tikes
  • VTech
  • Sakar
  • EDU-Toys
  • ingo
  • madcow
  • Vivitar
  • lexibook
  • Techtraining
  • Oregon Scientific
  • Playskool
  • Rollei
  • Nikon

7. Questions and answers about children’s cameras

7.1. There is a children’s camera test by the Stiftung Warentest?

Cameras are quite a popular topic at the Stiftung Warentest. However, the children’s camera area has so far been left out. Are you still looking for a new one? System or compact camera? The testing institute already has over 1,500 models under the microscope. So if your next vacation is coming up or family experiences are to be recorded professionally for eternity, you can find it here.

7.2. Where can you buy a children’s camera?

Under the Sea: The next vacation is sure to come. Why not sometimes exciting Underwater Photos shoot?

If you have a Photo camera for children you can choose different starting points. You can sometimes find a cheap children’s camera at a discounter like Aldi or Real.

If Mini Camera or Action Cam: If you choose a children’s camera from Amazon or other online shops, you have a wide range of visual motifs. How to find that quickly suitable motif for boys or girls or a high quality digital camera that suitable for children is.

In any case, you should not neglect the age of the child, because the best children’s camera is not always the one with the best resolution, but the one that age-appropriate is bought.

7.3. Why not an old analog camera for children?

At first glance, it seems like the ideal solution. You have another one aged analog camera lying in the closet and wanted to separate from the device for some time. Why not discard the discarded camera to Junior?

Bigger is better: a camera for children usually has one large display and a clear menu navigation.

Analog cameras are not suitable as children’s cameras for several reasons. First of all, the optics are rarely suitable for children, but mostly gray or black. In addition, processing problems can quickly arise. Lightweight plastic, small buttons and switches – these features can lead to the camera for children quickly breaks goes or exceed the child’s technical expertise.

The biggest obstacle, however, is that your child is his Do not look at photos immediately can. Analog images must first be developed, which is not only unnecessary time, but also extra money costs (unless it is an instant camera) The fun and joy of taking pictures and discovering can only develop slowly for your child.

7.4. Which children’s camera takes good pictures?

Children’s cameras are primarily intended for pleasure and entertainment. Your child can capture exciting and funny moments with his children’s digital camera and immediately see the result on the display of the photo camera. The older it gets, the higher it gets Image quality standards.

Therefore, it is recommended from an age of 10 years into a camera with higher resolution to invest. Since the aspect of processing is still not to be neglected, digital cameras with outdoor properties are a good choice. Here both are correct Image quality as well as usability.

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