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Touching and trying it out is the motto of the Munich Children’s and Youth Museum, which is at home in the side wing of the main train station. There are interactive exhibitions, workshops, games and fun for children and teenagers.

Play and discover – for the whole family

The children’s and youth museum is the ideal place for the whole family to discover and play. Because what is usually forbidden in other museums is allowed here: everything can be felt, tried out or even climbed. In this way, children and adolescents should truly experience and experience the world of different fields of knowledge. For this purpose, the museum always links science and play, art and nature, culture and technology in new ways. Because here, in addition to amazement, the focus is also on the practical acquisition of knowledge.

Hands-on museum

"Hands on – minds on!" Is the museum’s motto. It is about learning and experiencing with all senses, but above all with head, heart and hand. To this end, the museum team designs one or two exhibitions a year. In recent years, small visitors could e.g. Under the motto "Eat something ?!" deal with your eating habits or have exciting experiences with "Dark experience" or "From noise to brook". To this end, the museum regularly develops accompanying programs, creative workshops and activities for adults.

Social program for young and old

As a fun addition to the exhibitions, the children’s and youth museum organizes colorful activities. They are developed for and with the children and young people. These include flea markets, handicrafts, experiments, sporting events or offers for the Munich Science Days. In a themed creative workshop, children have the freedom to let off steam and retreat to think. Interesting lectures and seminars are organized for adults.

Museum rental

The Children’s and Youth Museum lends its own attractions for children’s festivities, birthday parties or happy events with the family. The offer includes "Soap Bubble Magic ”, the "small chemistry box", the "MathMobile", the "Papierwerkstatt", Pieter Bruegel’s "Old Games" or that "music mobile". In this way, children and young people can easily bring the colorful offer of the museum home and relive it with friends or family.

Video: impressions from the exhibition "Eat something?!"

Making flour, fishing plastic fish, cooking and much more: At the previous exhibition "Eat something?!" In the Children’s and Youth Museum in Munich, young visitors were able to deal with their eating habits.

entrance fees

per person (from 4 years): 5.50 euros
for groups of 10 or more: 4.50 euros
family ties: 16 euros
Family Annual Pass: 39 euros

Tours with children

Munich also has a lot to offer for the little ones. You will definitely not get bored here.
The tours with children

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13 reviews of Children’s Museum

Were there with a group of children. With the admission price, I would also have expected the children to be guided through the exhibition and the individual stations explained. The structures were very appealing and thoughtfully designed, but still require an explanation.

A great place for young and old! Especially for bad summer weather, a possibility to experiment with soapy water for 2 hours and to work at the foam factory. For this, places are offered at the checkout. Tip: include jackets and co!

the most beautiful experience in a long time. even for very small ones. Many thanks for a nice, relaxed and eventful afternoon

Must join the previous speakers, the museum is great, but unfortunately there are often very long queues. A visit is definitely worth it, preferably during the week and when the weather is nice! For the children, the exhibitions are really great, hands-on and hands-on, really educational and informative. The staff there is really nice and helpful and tries to answer all the children’s questions. A tip: take drinks and snacks with you, there are small tables and cushions in the entrance area, you can eat there. The day in this museum can be long!

Even if you have a little waiting time during the holidays, it is really a great destination for all children and families. Always an experience :-)

A great exhibition where the children not only have fun but also learn a lot! Tip: avoid the holiday season and rainy Sundays, as it gets very crowded.

Was there with my three kids today and spent a wonderful afternoon there

Were closed twice in front of a locked door because of overcrowding, the very disappointing extra 1 hour drive to them was by car and will not come again.

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