Children’s pajamas wool terry plush berry striped by lilano

Children's pajamas wool terry plush berry striped by lilano

Children’s pajamas wool terry plush berry-ringed


Healthy and soft pajamas for children. Made from 100% organic merino wool (organic). Made in Germany. Perfect fit, warming, temperature compensating.

Children’s pajamas wool terry plush berry-ringed

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The pajamas with the special cuddle factor

Is a Children pajamas cuddly soft, warming and comfortable, it can also be worn as a house suit. Like any children’s wardrobe, it should be of the highest quality material, because the best is just good enough for children. This pajamas by Lilano is a German quality product, extra warm for the night, skin-friendly thanks to 100% organic cotton (kbA) and at the same time usable as a comfortable house suit.

  • Made from 100% organic new merino wool (organic)
  • Comfort cuffs made from 95% organic cotton and 5% cotton-coated Elsathan
  • Best wearing properties thanks to organic fibers
  • Pants with comfortable stretch cuffs
  • Made in Germany

Organic merino virgin wool (organic) ensures a comfortable fit

This cuddly soft pajamas consists of wool terry, the cuffs on the sleeves and legs and the neckline made of organic cotton (organic) with a low percentage of elastane. This guarantees a secure fit. The wool terry of the pajamas is particularly voluminous, which means that it acts as a natural heat accumulator. The organic new merino wool (organic) warms, but releases excess heat and moisture to the outside. This way your child is always at a good temperature, avoiding clammy wearing due to sweating at night. An elastic waistband on the pants gently hugs the body curve without constricting. These pajamas are often misused as cozy house suits, because children feel very comfortable in them.

Children love this children’s pajamas

What could be nicer than lounging at home on a rainy weekend? Children not only feel comfortable in this cozy pajama at night, they also like to wear it as a house suit. This means that nothing stands in the way of the feel-good weekend. Small mufflers in this pajama find it easier to go to bed, because the emerging cosiness is very tempting. With this organic product you will hit the bull’s eye, your children will love the children’s pajamas. It is quickly covered, fits and fits perfectly and is absolutely cozy and soft. Whether for a birthday, as a Christmas gift or without a special occasion, you can put a smile on your children’s face with these pajamas. This quality product does what it says on the tin. It is very warm and gives a pleasant feeling. Once your kids have put it on, you don’t want to go out. It is the perfect all-purpose suit for day and night.

Product details

  • Contrasting cuffs
  • Handwash
  • A perfect fit

This item of laundry can only be cleaned by hand in cold or lukewarm water. Please avoid temperature fluctuations in the water and wringing and rubbing of the laundry.

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