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children program

As part of the ‘SPIELPLATZ SCHNEE Program’ our snow sports schools teach children from three years the fun in the snow in a playful way. Together with our trained children’s ski instructors, we let them make their first attempts on skis. Future snow heroes can expect a varied program with and without skis. The focus is on exercise in the fresh air and fun in the group. Learning success is child’s play and without any stress.

Bobo’s Mini Club Adventure Week at the Hochpustertal Winter Sports School

BOBO the penguin story
Penguins usually live at the South Pole, in a world made entirely of ice. As many children already know, BOBO now lives in the Alps. Would you like to know how BOBO got here? It all started with a ride on an ice floe.

A long time ago after a busy day, he rested on an ice floe. He was dreaming to himself and did not notice that the winds were playing and his ice floe started to move on the water. He ended up in the south of Italy.

It was too hot there for BOBO and he went in search of some cooling. He discovered a refrigerated truck with lots of delicious herrings. BOBO crawled into the refrigerator car and again did not notice that the car was moving. After a while, when he had eaten enough, he got out of the car with a full belly and was amazed to find himself in the beautiful, snowy Alps, in Sillian. He was enthusiastic about the snow, the mountains, the winter fun and found many new friends like Pummel and Seppl and all the animals in the winter forest. That is why BOBO has remained in the Alps to this day and loves to pass on his knowledge of skiing and to train curious little piste racers, together with his assistants from the Hochpustertal winter sports school, and to awaken the enthusiasm for winter sports in them.

Mini-Club experience week
BOBO the penguin is not only the mascot of the Hochpustertal winter sports school, but above all a good friend on the slopes. He supports the ski instructors in their work in the snow and accompanies all children from the first turns on the slopes to the mini club final race on the last day.

Willi Wichtel’s ski school in the White Element ski school

Willi Wichtel’s ski school – with games, fun and adventure for skiing
The elves have lived in the mountains for hundreds of years. They mostly helped the locals at night with a variety of things and for that they lived in the alpine huts and shelters of the farmers. Some time ago it happened that the Thurntaler Urban, an idiosyncratic giant, was incensed at the lakes at the Thurntaler. He dammed up all the water he found to drive the population of Sillian away through a huge wave. But the gnomes saw through his dark activity and prevented the terrible plan with a trick.

Since the Urban was a very curious giant, they built two skis for the Urban from two trees and assured him that he could get from one stream to another much faster to implement his plan. When they had convinced him of it and the strapped on the skis they drove off. Over hill and dale, water and snow, so fast that he couldn’t stop. It went downhill so quickly that it could not stop in the deepest valley and has not been seen until today.

Little snow heroes at the Lienzer Dolomites ski school

The Lienzer Dolomites ski school combines skiing and fun with its ski school offers.

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