Children’s report 2018, german children’s fund

Children’s Report Germany 2018

A large part of the population in Germany gives the state and society bad testimony in combating child poverty in Germany. Around three quarters believe that this "rather little" or "very little" do to counteract child poverty effectively.

In addition to this inadequate commitment, insufficient parental income through precarious employment and insufficient support for single parents are the most important causes of child poverty in Germany. These are central results of the Children’s Report 2018 of the German Children’s Fund, which was presented by the President of the German Children’s Fund, Thomas Krüger, and the Lower Saxony Prime Minister Stephan Weil in Berlin on Friday.

When it comes to how to combat child poverty in Germany, a large part of the population demands a comprehensive change in the political framework. This includes the support of low-income families with free teaching materials, free participation in education, culture and sport, as well as free all-day care and free meals in schools and daycare centers.

There is also a great deal of agreement on the financing of the necessary measures: almost two thirds of the adults surveyed would be willing to pay more taxes if this effectively tackled the problem of child poverty in Germany. Identical statements can be found in almost all political camps.

"The Children’s Report 2018 of the German Children’s Fund shows clearly that people in Germany see the state and society in their duty to fight child poverty in our country more resolutely than before. An overall concept is needed here that is equipped with sufficient financial resources and bundles extensive reforms. Labor market and employment policies must also be taken into account, as well as family and educational policies, health and social policies as well as urban development and housing policies."

Thomas Krüger, President of the German Children’s Fund

The children’s report answers the following questions, among others:

  • How much does the state do to combat child poverty?
  • What are the reasons for child poverty in Germany?
  • What measures would help to combat child poverty?
  • As is known, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child?
  • Where should children and young people be given more participation??

The annual children’s report of the German Children’s Fund reports on the current state of implementation of children’s rights from the perspective of children and adults. The results of the children’s report provide impulses, options and proposals for action for political design processes in the interests of children. The representative survey was carried out by the Kantar Public political research institute on behalf of the German Children’s Fund.

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