Children’s sewing machine test 2019 – which one is right for my child?

Our children’s sewing machine test and guide – the best models for small sewing talents!

Colorful bracelets, colorful clothes or funny cuddly toys. Children can already learn to sew with great pleasure. There are no limits to your imagination and there are many beautiful sewing projects that young sewing enthusiasts can realize.

However, understandably, concerns arise when using a regular sewing machine. Due to the rather heavy weight and size, normal sewing machines are not really suitable for children’s hands. Unfortunately, they often turn out to be unwieldy and bulky. In addition, as a mother, you quickly become concerned about the risk of accidents with the needle at a fast sewing speed.

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The good news is that manufacturers have designed special children’s sewing machines. These are usually smaller than normal machines, weigh less and have functions such as finger protection. They also take special care to ensure that a slow sewing process is possible. A sewing machine for children is much more suitable for small hands and the risk of injury is lower with these models. So you can let your children experiment with the machine alone without fear.

With the ability to sew slowly, a child can get a feel for how to operate a foot pedal. And finger protection is a useful additional function that gives a soothing feeling. Children can train their technical understanding and let their creativity run free. You become a designer yourself and can realize many beautiful ideas yourself.

Which is the best child sewing machine? The ranking:

We took a close look at all of the children’s sewing machines for you and introduce you to the best ones. Below you will find all the important aspects that you should pay attention to when buying.

1.) Kullaloo Brother JS14 – Our favorite among children’s sewing machines

Our favorite among children’s sewing machines is the Kullaloo JS14. The machine has a happy, child-friendly design, with small monsters and paws. Important functions, such as finger protection or the ability to sew slowly, are available. You can already sew 14 different types of stitches with this model.

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  • Compact entry-level sewing machine including finger protection, beginner sewing course & Stickerbogen
  • 14 sewing programs, 4-step buttonhole, simple operation, stitch selection with selection button
  • Horizontal bobbin, finger protection, bright LED sewing light, reverse sewing, free arm, and much more.

Important sewing processes, such as buttonhole sewing or reverse sewing, are not a problem. The model also has a free arm, with which you can work wonderfully round parts. The scope of delivery is also very extensive and you get all the important presser feet included.

What we particularly like about the Kullaloo JS14 is the included sewing kit for children. With this you can sew the bear pillow “Bruno”, the cat “Henri” and the funny monster “Minimo”. With each of the small sewing projects you will learn a different sewing technique in a playful way. All the materials you need for this are already included in the set.

However, you should note that this model is suitable for children aged 14 and over. Some sewing machine models below are suitable for 8 year olds.

2.) Janome Sew Mini – An all-round talent

The Janome Sew Mini is the most expensive model in our children’s sewing machine comparison. She gets very positive feedback. You can also sew slowly with it. With a maximum of 650 stitches / minute, it offers you more safety when working and you can easily develop a feeling for sewing. Integrated finger protection protects you from injuries.

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  • PRODUCT INFORMATION: A compact and lightweight design enables easy handling and transport, with a maximum of 650 stitches per minute the sewing speed is sufficient for beginners, a large rotary control with a clear display enables easy operation
  • the machine is equipped with a 7-point feed dog, with 12 utility and stretch stitches and a 4 step buttonhole it is versatile
  • With many functions like one "huge" Sewing machine, free arm, an accessory compartment including accessories, back button, winder, the SewMini Platinum offers everything you need to get started with the beautiful sewing hobby

Important functions, such as sewing in reverse or sewing on a button, including a buttonhole, are available. With a free arm, you can process round sewing parts more easily. There are 12 stitch types available for your first sewing projects. Since there are also stretch stitches, you can even work on stretchable materials such as jersey. This is sometimes not possible with other children’s sewing machines.

The model is recommended for children from the age of 10. Experience reports show that even younger children sew with it. Most importantly, this is always done under adult supervision.

3.) Brother Little Angel – With a floral design

The Little Angel machine from the well-known Brother brand, like its big siblings, is a very high quality sewing machine and it is therefore not surprising that this sewing machine for children always scores well in most tests and comparisons.

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The Little Angle can score with a few special features included. First of all, the interchangeable design is worth mentioning. The machine can optionally be provided with hearts, colorful flowers or red and blue apples. The Little Angel is also a visual highlight and, above all, does not get boring so quickly. When it comes to safety, the Brother company did not skimp on this machine for children, the Little Angel offers, for example, built-in finger protection to minimize the risk of injury, so sewing by hand is almost impossible. In addition, a horizontally inserted spool makes work enormously easier, especially for beginners. Sufficient lighting is also ensured, a bright LED light ensures that the needle and thread remain clearly visible at all times.

The Little Angel from Brother offers 14 different stitch types and 4 buttonhole settings. Thanks to the easy-to-understand instruction manual on DVD, children can work with the machine on their own from the start and get ideas.

Only the manufacturer’s recommendation for age causes a little nostalgia. The machine is only recommended from the age of 14. However, we think that younger children can already work with her.

4.) The Carina 1041 Junior sewing machine – a top sewing machine

The Carina 1041 Junior sewing machine is currently one of the most popular children’s sewing machines on the German market. Similar to the Brother Little Angel, the design of the Carina Junior is a small highlight. It is fully tailored to children. The Carina Junior refreshes with colorful flowers printed on the front of the body.

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