Children’s tablet test & comparison »top 9 in january 2020

Children’s tablet comparison 2020

The 9 best tablets for kids at a glance.

With a tablet that is specifically tailored to your child’s needs, learns this easily and easily media competence and the handling of electrical devices. There are differences, among other things, in terms of display size. This varies between 5 and 8 inches for the available products.

Particularly practical: most tablets have already pre-installed learning and entertainment apps for children. Also pay attention to a headphone jack. So your child can learn and play with the tablet without being disturbed. Find the best children’s tablet in our test or comparison table.

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Children’s tablet comparison
Illustration Compare winner
Price-performance winner
model Amazon Fire HD Kids – 2019 Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet – new version Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Dragon Touch Y88X Pro Dragon Touch Y88X Plus VTech 80-183854 – learning tablet – Storio MAX VTech 80-147904 – Storio 3 VTech 80 Storio MAX Ravensburger Spieleverlag Ministeps
on Amazon
3,340 reviews 3,360 reviews 3,173 reviews 40 reviews 101 reviews 165 ratings 25 reviews 122 ratings 117 reviews
operating system Fire OS Fire OS Fire OS Android 9.0 Android 8.1 VTech specially Vtech-specifically VTech specially Ravensburger specially
display 10.1 inches 8 inches 7 inch 7 inch 7 inch 5 inches 4.3 inches 5 inches 7 inch
Internal memory 32 GB 32 GB 16 GB 16 GB 16 GB 8 GB 1.1 g 8 GB k. A.
Front camera | behind 2.0 MP | 2.0 MP 2.0 MP | 2.0 MP 2.0 MP | 2.0 MP 2.0 MP | 2.0 MP 0.3 MP | 2.0 MP 2 MP (180 ° rotatable) 2 MP (180 ° rotatable) 2 MP (180 ° rotatable)
Preinstalled apps Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
USB port Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Headphone jack Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Incl. cover Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No
  • expandable by up to 512 GB
  • Battery life of up to 12 hours
  • also available in pink and violet
  • incl. 1 year FreeTime Unlimited
  • particularly large display
  • Adult and child mode
  • particularly long battery life of up to 12 hours
  • also available in pink
  • incl. 1 year FreeTime Unlimited
  • expandable by up to 512 GB
  • Battery life of up to 7 hours
  • also available in pink and purple
  • incl. 1 year FreeTime Unlimited
  • Adult and child mode
  • Storage space expandable up to 128 GB
  • including robust protective cover with stand
  • Adult and child mode
  • Storage space expandable
  • including robust protective cover
  • simple menu navigation
  • including 20 pre-installed apps and games
  • 1.2GHz dual core, 1 GB RAM
  • stable
  • simple menu navigation
  • robust detachable housing
  • including handle and pen
  • including 20 pre-installed apps and games
  • incl. K > 1.2 GHz dual core processor
  • Voucher for 2 apps
  • robust
  • no data gets on the Internet
  • simple operation
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Amazon Fire HD Kids – 2019 Questions and answers about Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet – new version Questions and answers about Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Questions and answers about Dragon Touch Y88X Pro Questions and answers about Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Questions and answers on VTech 80-183854 – learning tablet – Storio MAX Questions and answers on VTech 80-147904 – Storio 3 Questions and answers about VTech 80 Storio MAX Questions and answers about Ravensburger Spieleverlag Ministeps
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  • approx. 200 € to the offer »
  • 237 € Go to offer »
  • approx. 260 € To the offer »
  • approx. 200 € to the offer »
  • approx. 200 € to the offer »
  • approx. 200 € to the offer »
  • approx. 205 € To the offer »

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  • A children’s tablet is particularly robust and with large buttons, symbols and pre-installed apps is precisely adapted to the needs of the children. However, children should be at least three years old before they can access a tablet. With a children’s tablet you can do homework, practice using technology or just play to your heart’s content.
  • A tablet for children can be adapted by parents through useful security settings. So you always have an eye on which websites the child can visit and how long they can play with the tablet. There are tablets for which different apps can be downloaded, similar to the adult models. Devices that only look like a tablet and are equipped with predefined functions like a learning computer also fall under the category of children’s tablets.
  • The children’s apps should be non-violent and free of advertising and leave enough time for playing with friends of the same age and family. Sharing with parents is recommended.

Not only parents are regularly drawn to the display of a smartphone or tablet, children are also amazed at the fascination of being able to achieve and move so much with just a few hand movements. Whether at home or on the train – the little fingers are regularly stretched out for the electronic miracles. And in fact, children’s tablets have become a reality in many children’s lives. A tablet for children replaces the popular learning computers and at the same time offers skill games, painting programs and the pleasure of listening to and watching the adventures of your favorite heroes. What should you consider when choosing the tablet for your child? Does it really have to be a Clempad 6 or Odys Pedi Plus? In our children’s tablet comparison 2019/2020, we clarify what the advantages of a special children’s tablet are and what you should pay attention to when buying a children’s tablet. We then select a children’s tablet comparison winner that your child can best play and learn with.

1. Why a children’s tablet?

Children’s tablets like the Dragon Touch Y88X 7 inch tablet are tailored to the needs of children.

While in the past a simple children’s alarm clock was enough to fascinate, today a children’s tablet (also known as a children’s tablet or “children’s tablet”) is finding its way more and more into our children’s rooms. This is usually a reduced-performance version of the tablets for adults. Children’s tablets are optimized for children’s hands, convince with large icons and can be modified by the parents as desired. As with a learning computer, you can also support children in their development with a tablet: the tablets with their multitude of child-friendly apps help you learn to read, calculate and write. At the same time, the devices from Odys, Amazon and other providers can also be used to play and some apps serve as a Tamagotchi replacement. There are also tablets that are more of a learning computer. No new apps can be loaded here and they are closed systems with specific, predetermined game or learning functions.

Often parents give "Tablet for child" in the search engine and are therefore very trendy: According to the 2014 KIM study, 19% of all households with children between the ages of six and 13 have a tablet PC, half of which are used regularly to play. A total of 63% of 6 to 13 year olds surf the Internet, of which approx. 40% almost every day. It is also ideal for presentations and homework.

In our children’s tablet comparison, we show whether a children’s tablet or normal tablet is the better choice for you. Here is a summary of what is so special about a tablet for children:

  • extra large buttons and app icons
  • more robust than regular tablets
  • Parents can set usage time
  • Parental controls often pre-installed
  • often cheaper than regular tablets
  • often have weaker hardware / performance

2. What types of children’s tablets are there??

On the market you will find many models from different manufacturers that compete for the award for the best children’s tablet. You can find out which tablet is right for children and bowling pins in our children’s tablet comparison below. We first give you a brief overview of a selection of popular suppliers and models:

providers characteristics
Samsung With the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, Samsung has produced a child-friendly version of the popular Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. So far it is with Android 4.1.2 ("Jelly Bean"), which is now outdated, but is still supported by many apps. New apps and games can be loaded in the Kids Store just like in the App Store.
Amazon Amazon offers a special children’s tablet with the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition. With the installed FreeTime you can protect your child from advertising and, like most tablets for children, regulate the usage time. In addition, you can download new learning apps, games and books using FreeTime Unlimited. With many offers, you get this otherwise fee-based service for free for one year when you purchase an Amazon Fire Kids Edition.
VTech The VTech devices do not have an open operating system but all run with their own. But also for products like Storio2, Storio2 Junior, Storio3 or DigiGo you can download games, e-books, radio plays as well as music and videos for your children’s tablet VTech in the VTech Download Manager.
Clementoni A Clementoni Clempad works with a modified Android version. For example, you can create several child profiles on a Clempad 6 – so the tablet can be adapted to several children. New apps are available for download from the Clementoni store for your Clempad children’s tablet.

3. Buying advice for children’s tablets

Should it be a Samsung kids tablet? Or are there other tablets for children that best suit your needs? To make it easier for you to find the best children’s tablet for you, in our children’s tablet comparison we provide an overview of the most important criteria and categories that you should consider when buying a special tablet for children.

3.1. display

A 10 inch tablet is a rarity in a tablet PC for children. At 5 inches (12.7 cm) to 7 inches (17.78 cm), most tablets for children are usually slightly smaller than the adult models. Often children’s tablets also have more buttons because they are often more practical for children. Since you mostly use apps with a children’s tablet, the small format is completely sufficient and suitable for small children’s hands. Adults of this size are also sufficient for surfing and reading.

3.2. Equipment: apps and camera

Many child-friendly apps are not only pre-installed on the Storio 3 S.

The tablets in our children’s tablet comparison are often delivered in a practical set with a sturdy case and delight with a number of pre-installed apps. These should be easy to use and clear. Don’t overwhelm your junior with too fast animations. Of course, the apps should be non-violent and as free of advertising as possible. This also includes the links that appear in-app purchases in learning or game apps. You can do this, for example, with the app "Block This!" To block. If you buy a device without a special child mode or if you do not have enough settings, you can access external apps. With KIDO’Z for Android, for example, you can quickly find the child mode you want on your children’s tablet. Some of the tablets are even equipped with suction cups – so they can be easily attached to many surfaces and the child can use the touchscreen more easily.

Most of the children’s tablets have two cameras. Common is a 2 megapixel camera on the back and a slightly less powerful on the front. So the children can take pictures and distort them in a funny way, put on glasses or a hat.

The range of apps especially for children is diverse and not only inspires the little ones in our children’s tablet comparison. With apps for learning sheet music, LiesMich learn to read, children’s book apps, in which “Der kleine Prinz” or stories by Janosch are read aloud, the adults can treat themselves to a break from everyday work with their child.

If you are looking for child-friendly apps, this video gives you an insight into what apps the children’s world has to offer:

3.3. Recommended age

It is not uncommon for a child to be enthusiastic about their parents’ tablet or smartphone at an early age. Nevertheless, you should wait at least until the age of 3 years before gradually introducing it to a children’s tablet and accompanying it in use. Prohibitions only increase the attraction and are unrealistic in everyday life. Our children’s tablet comparison shows that the manufacturer’s specifications provide good guidelines and should be observed. Here you will often find tablets for 8 year olds. First, observe how your child behaves after use. If it looks absent or even aggressive, you should limit consumption. Many children’s tablets have functions that allow parents to set specific time limits for different applications.

3.4. safety

So that your child can play and learn with a model from Odys, Samsung or other manufacturers, you should pay attention to a few things. We have briefly summarized the most important ones for you. You can easily do this in the security settings menus:

  • You can prevent downloading / in-app purchases and / or assign a password
  • disable the internet connection if it is not needed
  • on most devices, you can manage apps that should be available in child mode
  • you should block certain pages in the browser or restrict the use to certain pages (white / blacklist)
  • make sure that no personal data gets on the Internet (photos etc.), accompany the child during use

Tip: With apps like "My homepage" the Federal Ministry of Family, Seniors, Women and Youth provides you with a free children’s browser that only calls up pages that are suitable for children up to 12 years of age. Learn how to make a regular Samsung tablet child-friendly here.

3.5. Stability and battery life

The Simbans FunDoTab Premier includes a power supply and a robust, handy cover in the set.

Make sure that the children’s tablet is well made. If it is robust, it will also survive the somewhat rough treatment by children’s hands. Protect the tablet with a thick rubber cover, which is often included in the set when you buy a children’s tablet. This means that the thin tablet is often easier to grip and is protected against falls.

In contrast to tablets for adults, you do not need a long battery life for younger children, as we do not recommend hours of use in a row. Nevertheless, it is of course practical not to have to permanently charge the device with a power supply unit with a cable. Nevertheless, battery life of 5-10 hours should provide enough fun – especially if you use the device primarily at home.

3.6. Connectivity

To connect to the Internet, most children’s models are WiFi-enabled. So you can log in to your home Wi-Fi or use public networks to find new child-friendly apps for your child’s tablet. Bluetooth (for example with the Odys Junior Tab 8 Pro) is already rarer and is recommended if you want to transfer, for example, apps from parents or pictures from their tablet or smartphone to the children’s tablet.

Like a tablet for adults, you can transfer data from a PC or Mac to a USB port or charge the device. With an existing micro SD slot, you have the option of upgrading your tablet with external storage. You will be happy about a socket for headphones, because the playing noise of your offspring does not increase your stress level in contrast to many musical toys, children’s microphones or alarm cars.

4. Care and cleaning tips

We have compared other children’s toys for you:

Displays are not only smeared quickly in children’s hands. In our 2019/2020 children’s tablet comparison, we will give you tips on how you can easily clean the children’s tablet or other devices with a display. Use a microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints from the touchscreen. If you want to use display cleaner, it should not contain soap and should be used sparingly – moisture must of course not get into the housing. Cotton swabs are suitable for cleaning connections such as those for the headphones. There are also kneadable cleaning compounds, for example from Cyber ​​Clean, which you can use to get in between and clean them antibacterially. To prevent coarse dirt, you can also follow these tips:

  • Wash hands before use
  • Do not place the device on the display side
  • Use a well-fitting tablet case and screen protector
  • Use dust protection cover for inputs (e.g. headphone input)

5. You should pay attention to this when using the children’s tablet

You will find numerous security options on most children’s tablets.

As with any technical device, you should limit the times of use so that your child is not overwhelmed. Your child will not get square eyes when playing excessively with a children’s tablet, but may otherwise become more restless in everyday life or suffer from poor concentration, even sleep disorders. Up to the age of 3 years you should not use a children’s tablet PC. If your child goes to primary school, half an hour a day is a good guide. Because even here children need information for their homework from time to time. From the age of 10, around nine hours a week are suitable. However, this is only rough information that does not include your child’s personal development.

Not only the duration of use is particularly important, but also the type of use: Are child-friendly, non-violent games played? Does your child even learn from the applications? Beautiful child-friendly programs on the Internet can sometimes take a little longer. If you then talk about the content together, your child can process what you see more easily. Ideally, parents should accompany their child while surfing or playing. If you want new apps, you can use the age information in the respective app store (Apple devices) / Google Play store (Android) to orient yourself, but you can also test the applications yourself after downloading.

Playing and learning with the children’s tablet should be in the right proportion to impressions from the real world. This means that your junior should be able to really see, feel and smell a real animal, for example, or enjoy regular exercise with the family in the fresh air. You can also talk to parents of your child’s friends and set rules together. Parents are role models and, for example, smartphones should also be taboo when eating together. The following applies to parents and children: it is better to switch off the tablet PC and the smartphone one hour before sleep so that a restful sleep is possible.

6. Children’s tablet test by Stiftung Warentest

The Stiftung Warentest regularly examines and compares various products, including software and hardware in the PC area. Le >07/2015 inform about 106 different tablets with different display sizes. Even inexpensive tablets scored satisfactorily, and they were often good in terms of handling and display.

The best tablet that was available for up to 180 euros was the Asus Memo Pad 7. Choosing a Samsung tablet turned out to be a good decision in this test. The tablet comparison winner with a small screen was the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active LTE with a particularly powerful battery. With the large screens, Stiftung Warentest was impressed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE, which also won first place due to its versatile application options. If you are looking for a tablet for yourself or your child is older, you can simply filter by searching for the tablet you want. In November 2014, the best Apple tablet was the iPad Air WiFi Cellular (16 GB), which was rated GOOD (1.8) for its extensive functions and long-lasting battery.

7. Popular manufacturers and brands

The popular children’s tablets are slimmed-down versions of the popular manufacturers, such as the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids. Fully-fledged tablets are also suitable for children who were not specially made in a children’s version, for example the iPad Mini. Children’s models from Kurio, Lenco (Lenco KidsTab 70), Clementoni (Clem pad 6), Easypix (MonsterPad) and Denver are also very popular. The Odys Pedi Plus and the Clementoni Clempad 6 Plus are particularly popular. You can find the best children’s tablet for you and your offspring at the following providers:

  • Apple
  • Amazon Fire
  • Clementoni
  • Denver
  • Easypix
  • Kurio
  • Lenco
  • lexibook
  • Oregon Scientific
  • phantom
  • Samsung
  • VTech
  • xoro

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