Children’s tops: buy tops for girls online »jako-o

Children's tops: Buy tops for girls online »jako-o

Children’s tops: tops for girls

Girls love tops. In it they can feel good, romp and do sports. Browse through our extensive range and let yourself be inspired by the quality and design of the tops for children. Continue reading.

A large selection of tops for children at JAKO-O

Thanks to their soft quality, tops for children are ideal for the delicate skin of the offspring. Children like tops because they are light and comfortable, have a pleasant feel and, of course, offer the necessary freedom of movement when playing and romping thanks to their sleeveless design. Parents like them because they are so easy to care for and ready for next use after washing. And there we come to a crucial point: Even the little ones love fashion with a high cool factor: Little girls appreciate cheeky looks and trendy, fashionable cuts. Clothing also stands for a confident attitude towards life and should reflect individual characteristics. We at JAKO-O want to inspire you with our range. Our offer includes tops of exceptional quality in a child-friendly design. Our textiles are designed for durability and for frequent wear. This means that even after many washes, they look good and fit well.

Tops for children made of high quality materials for a comfortable fit

In terms of material, the tops for children mainly rely on cotton in jersey quality. Cotton jersey is very stretchy, resistant and does not scratch the children’s skin. The material is comfortable on the skin on warm and cool days and can absorb moisture. With its filigree texture, fine rib can provide a particularly soft feel. Sometimes our products contain a small amount of elastane. So the garment is really stretchy and maintains its good fit even after a lot of wild fuss. In the somewhat sporty tops you will find pleasant cotton blends or synthetic threads. They are particularly robust and have a quick-drying effect. Numerous tops have the proven seal of approval Öko-Tex-Standard 100.

Diverse cuts and designs: tops for children

If you study the offer, you will see how diverse tops for children can be. The practical classic is the top that is cut like an undershirt, with wide straps, comfortable, light, for kindergarten, at home or on the go. You can wear it under a sweater or hoodie or just like that. Or how about a sweet, slightly tailored spaghetti strap top with a small but fine lace trim? In general, the details make the music: frills, ruffles, small sheet edges, crossed straps, large photo or motto prints or drawn print motifs invite you to be looked at and discovered. Of course, we also offer tank tops for particularly sporty girls, which of course come up with typical racerback.

Children’s tops: light and versatile combinable

Depending on which top your little darling chooses, there are an infinite number of possible combinations. A top with a print goes well with washed-out jeans, a tank top with leggings and one with a lace can be highlighted with a pleated skirt. By the way, sneakers, ballerinas and sandals always fit!

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