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Child treatments in Berlin Dentist for children and anxious patients

Dental practice for children’s treatments in Berlin

We are not afraid of the dentist. A fear of the dentist usually arises in childhood when the child feels anxiety and nervousness among the adults. It is therefore particularly important that parents have a relaxed approach to the topic of dentists and bring their children to the practice early on as a companion. In our dental surgeries in Berlin, we have prepared ourselves specifically for child treatments and maintain child-friendly treatment with our little patients.

To go to the dentist? It’s not that bad!

For us, child treatments begin with the establishment of our dental practice. Through a child-friendly environment with pleasant colors, movement and play options, we take away the smallest possible feelings of fear from our smallest patients. A child-friendly language and detailed explanations of what will happen next are also part of good child treatment.

Our claim: go to the dentist without fear

Unfortunately, little attention is often paid to children’s fears. "Don’t act like that." Such reactions from parents and doctors often lead to unnecessary fears and the patient’s reluctance to go to the dentist for a lifetime. These children are often the anxiety patients of tomorrow.

For us it is only understandable that children have respect for new situations and want to understand what is happening to them. We therefore respond to them with full commitment and maximum empathy. All children who have been with us know that. On your next visit to our practice, be happy to observe the radiance of the children when they enter our practice. The best praise for us.

Children’s treatments: the sooner the better

We advise all parents to start visiting the dentist early. Ideally, you should only bring your child as a companion so that he can get used to the atmosphere without being the center of attention. The first treatments should only be small checks. It would be very unfavorable if the first visit to the dentist’s office were accompanied by acute pain treatment. This has a lasting impact and is the best breeding ground for later dental phobia.

We therefore recommend starting your first visit to the dentist as early as possible. It is advisable to regularly visit a practice from the age of 2. At this time, your child is unlikely to have any serious symptoms. A visit to our site is therefore positively staffed and future visits can be tackled completely "chilled".

The important role of parents when visiting the dentist

Most children are open to new things per se. They have a natural curiosity that parents can use to prepare them positively for the visit to the dental practice and the subsequent child treatments.

If at home – even among adults – sentences like "Oh God, tomorrow I have to go to the dentist" or "I’m very afraid of the dentist", children perceive this unconsciously and save this information. So the dentist is something to be afraid of. Parents are pushing these fears in their children that they haven’t had before and that are completely unfounded. So parents do something good for their child if they look as relaxed as possible, even if they themselves may not have such pleasant associations with their first visit to the dentist.

The thing about the reward for child treatment

In general, rewards are an incentive for children to do certain things particularly well, conscientiously or quickly. As a pedagogical tool, rewards are basically a good approach. In connection with the visit to the dentist, however, the “shot can backfire”. There is a very simple reason for this: Your child’s stay in the practice is subject to a certain amount of pressure, even if there is no fear. The prospect of a reward, if we do it in a special way, can create further pressure, which in turn creates stress. Since every child is different, this of course cannot be seen as a principle for every child treatment. But it would be nice if you take this aspect into account when planning.

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