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Children’s watch comparison 2020

The 8 best children’s wristwatches at a glance.

you Child or grandchild will start school soon or learn the time at school? Then it is time for a suitable children’s watch. It is best to choose the motif and the nature of the bracelet together with the child. Then the school enrollment gift is guaranteed to be the children’s watch test for your (grand) child.

Children’s wristwatches are colorful and decorated with a wide variety of motifs from everyday children’s life. The functionality and legibility must nevertheless be given. Find out in our children’s watch comparison, which children’s watch best suits your child.

The quality management for our test and comparison process is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Children’s watch comparison
Illustration Compare winner
Price-performance winner
model SKMEI children’s digital watch Easy Read Time Teacher children’s watch Flik Flak children’s watch Children’s Ice Watch Taffstyle children’s watch Children’s watch s.Oliver children’s watch SKMEI children’s watch
on Amazon
58 reviews 150 reviews 59 reviews 40 reviews 27 reviews 220 ratings 84 ratings 219 ratings
Suitable for These are recommendations, no requirements ♂ ♀ ♂ ♀ ♂ ♀
Easy to read particularly light particularly light very easy light light light light heavy
Analog display
suitable as a learning clock
No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Digital display
for older school children
Yes No No No No No No Yes
Splash-proof housing Against light rain Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
bracelet material silicone
soft on the skin
soft on the skin
soft on the skin
Silicone rubber
soft on the skin
soft on the skin
particularly robust
Adjustable watch strap "grow with"
Good hold Dornschließe
Additional functions
  • display lighting
  • with alarm function
  • with stop function
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • display lighting
  • with alarm function
  • with stop function
Look of the children’s watch
Dial design Simple motifs do not distract, elaborate motifs are more appealing gray background with glowing display white background with colorful numbers purple-white background with legible numbers and rhinestones yellow numbers on a blue background ABC background with colorful numbers white background with light blue numbers white background with blue numbers black background with light green hands
bracelet design pink violet Violet with unicorns blue yellow Light Blue Light blue with stars black
available in other versions
  • blue
  • black
  • blue
  • Gray
  • Violet with feathers
  • Blue with bats
  • Green-blue with bicycles
  • light Blue
  • White
  • violet
  • blue
  • red
  • black
  • no further explanations
  • Red with stars
  • White with colored dots
  • White with pink flowers
  • no further explanations
  • particularly comfortable to wear
  • with date display
  • Fabric tape can be washed separately
  • Fabric tape can be exchanged
  • particularly detailed reading possible
  • appealing to boys and girls
  • Learn pointer Flik & Flak for learning the time
  • Learning videos on the manufacturer side
  • washable up to 40 ° C
  • very good contrast for better readability
  • timeless design
  • available in 12 different colors
  • particularly large dial for more precise reading of the time
  • colorful numbers stand out very well
  • appealing to boys and girls
  • particularly stretchy bracelet
  • appealing to boys and girls
  • particularly comfortable to wear
  • many functions
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about SKMEI kids digital watch Questions and answers about Easy Read Time Teacher children’s watch Questions and answers about Flik Flak children’s watch Questions and answers about Ice Watch children’s watch Questions and answers about Taffstyle children’s watch Questions and answers about Zeiger children’s watch Questions and answers about s.Oliver children’s watch Questions and answers about SKMEI children’s watch
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  • Children develop an interest in clocks already in kindergarten. You should support this interest and choose a children’s watch with a beautiful motif. This increases the motivation to learn the time yourself.
  • An analog clock for learning the time should be selected for schooling. The clock hands must be clearly distinguishable and stand out from the motif of the dial.
  • It is best to choose the watch together with your child. Watch straps are available as silicone, textile, leather and plastic straps. The child must like to wear the watch and find it easily.

Children’s watches are often more colorful than adult watches. With the right children’s wristwatch, the next school gift is the toughest children’s watch test for your child.

In 2015, according to a survey by the SPIEGEL publishing house, more than half of the 14- to 69-year-olds stated that they 1 to 3 wristwatches in their possession to have. It is no wonder that children themselves quickly develop interest in jewelry for the wrist. They often even want to own wristwatch in kindergarten to have. Even if your child’s school enrollment is still a long way off, you should grant him this wish and buy him one of the cheap children’s watches.

A children’s wristwatch promotes motivation to learn the time yourself. A child’s watch should not be missing at school. Many of the watches attract with their additional functions and at first glance seem to be the best children’s watch for your child. So that you can really find the best children’s wristwatch for your child, we give purchase advice in our children’s watch comparison 2019/2020.

For a perfect school start for your child, we compared other products:

1. Children’s watches should be simple and easy to read

Blue, pink, green or colorful? The choice is great. Children’s watches impress with motifs and themes from children’s lives. Regardless of whether it’s a digital clock or an analog clock: legibility counts.

Children’s watches impress with their varied color selection and numerous motifs on the dials. A motif on the wristband of the watch would be much better off. Because an elaborate motif easily distracts attention from reading and is not suitable for beginners who are learning the time. In addition, the clock hands and numbers sometimes stand out less well from the background, making them harder to read.

It is therefore best to choose a children’s wristwatch together with the child and find one Compromise of attractive style and good legibility.

2. Learn the time with an analog children’s watch

The first watch is often an exercise watch at school. You should buy the first wristwatch when your child starts school.

The Flik Flak children’s watch clearly distinguishes between the minute and hour hands.

Watches for children are available in analog and digital. An analog children’s watch has three hands and a dial. A digital children’s watch shows at first glance what time it is without a clock hand. The analog form is best suited for learning the time and how a clock works.

If you buy an analog children’s watch, be sure to pay attention to the dial. If a motif is shown there, it should not make it difficult to read the time. The Hands and numbers should stand out against the background, so that reading remains easy.

The The minute hand should be clearly distinguishable from the hour hand his. Some manufacturers such as Swatch with their Flik Flak brand distinguish the clock hands from each other in color. Other clocks, such as those from Ice or Time Teacher, have a significant difference in the size of the hands.

Between the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 should dots or dashes for more precise reading his. This way, the child can read the time exactly to the minute and has a great sense of achievement while learning the clock.

Children’s watches on which the minutes cannot be read exactly are only suitable for children who can already read the time.

2.1. Watches with a digital clock display are easier for children to read

At the latest in school need children learn the analog time and the digital time read. A digital display is much easier to understand for children who can already use the watch. Unlike analog clocks Children’s digital watches can be equipped with GPS. Such watches are also referred to as children’s trackers because the parents can use their Spartphone to track where their offspring is.

On illuminated display is an advantage for overnight stays or school trips. A digital children’s watch with a stop function works like one stopwatch for races and can be used for practicing for the next sports festival. With a alarm your child not only gets up in time: an alarm can also be set to get home from the playground to eat in time.

2.2. Which is better: digital children’s watch versus analog children’s watch

A good children’s watch should be read by the child and worn with pleasure. We have put together the most important characteristics for the watch types for you:

3. Purchase criteria for children’s watches: You have to pay attention to this

Children love motifs from their favorite films and series. Even at school, parents can see where the interests are based on the children’s satchels and school bags. Even a wristwatch is only really interesting if it does the right motif is offered.

When buying a children’s watch, make sure that the watch tailored to your child’s needs is. A watch for learning the time has different properties than a children’s watch for particularly active children.

The following features can have a children’s watch:

  • display lighting
  • alarm
  • stopwatch
  • Pedometer
  • Children’s tracker (through GPS)
  • Communication device (with call function)

3.1. Too many functions on the watch distract children

Does your child want the children’s watch from advertising? This is mostly related to many additional functions that the manufacturers promise. Some children’s watches can photos make short videos turn and Record and play voice messages. Children’s smartwatches are particularly tempting Games included.

Attention: If there are too many functions, the children’s watch quickly becomes a toy. We only recommend the children’s watch with the most necessary functions equip so that your child can safely learn the time without distractions.

3.2. The clock face of the children’s watch must remain legible

Whether Spiderman, the dogs from “Paw-Patrol” or Anna and Elsa from “Frozen”: Children love to carry their idols with them and show them to other children. Children are also interested in topics such as football, fire engines and animals.

But also a watch with your child’s favorite subject must be easy to read, otherwise it will lose its function.

Tip: Opt for a children’s wristwatch that has the motif on the bracelet instead of on the dial. This keeps the clock hands and numbers clearly visible and your child is also happy.

3.3. The watch strap should withstand everyday children’s life

Children like to be outside. The playground is used for jumping, digging and defying the occasional summer rain.

The bracelet of the children’s watch must be able to withstand everyday children’s life so that your child can enjoy the watch for a long time. Textile bracelets can often be made by hand and even wash in the washing machine and are even replaceable. A silicone bracelet is easy to rinse off and is soft on the skin. However, a bracelet is made of silicone not breathable, so that your child sweats quickly under the band. Plastic bracelets are particularly robust, but also not breathable.

Attention: Leather bracelets are not suitable for children’s watches because the material appreciates mindfulness and does not necessarily suit the everyday life of active, younger children.

4. Make a children’s watch with GPS to helicopter parents?

Children at school, children alone at home
  • The Stiftung Warentest has summarized tips for a good start to school so that you can make life easier for your child and yourself.
  • In this article you will learn from when and for how long you can and may leave your child unattended .

Helicopter parents are parents who circle their child “like a helicopter” and want to clear all problems out of the way before the child is burdened. In April 2018, Focus published an article on helicopter parents, in which the consequences of a caring education are shown. Manufacturers offer smartwatches as children’s trackers so that you can give your child the freedom they need.

A Smartwatch for children is available with a call function, SOS buttonand GPS. With such a children’s watch, you can follow on the cell phone where your child is currently traveling. Also “security zones" can be set up to play. If the child leaves the set zone, you will be notified on the mobile phone.

Does a GPS children’s watch make you a helicopter parent? The Tracking function offers a compromise out of control by parents and freedom for the child.

If you want to buy a smartwatch for children, we have put together the most important things about the children’s smartwatch:

  • GPS function shows the child’s movement on the parent’s cell phone
  • Calls to authorized numbers can be made from the watch
  • Voice messages can be sent and received
  • Integrated SOS button triggers an alarm on the parent’s smartphone
  • Child knows of control
  • Child can take off the watch at any time and leave it at home

5. Questions and answers about children’s watches

Where can you buy children’s watches?

You can on the Internet Buy children’s watches online without any problems. The selection of different colors and motifs is very large and there is still the possibility to buy children’s watches cheaply. The new watch passes the children’s watch test for your offspring without any problems if you ask for your favorite motifs and colors beforehand.

Which clasp is the best for a children’s watch?

  • Children’s watches, like most watches, are made with a so-called pin buckle. A Dornschließe has the advantage that regardless of the material of the children’s watch the bracelet safe and firm seated.
  • pushbuttons are easier for children to put on and take off, fall off faster when romping in the playground.
  • Also a children’s watch with velcro fastener is for a child easier to use as a pin buckle. However, a visit to the sandpit or to the playground may be enough to make the closure lose its durability.

Conclusion: A Dornschließe is longest lasting and cares for the safest fit on the wrist Of your child. We recommend practicing with your child or grandchild. It develops the necessary fine motor skills and can soon put on the watch itself.

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Children’s watch with pointer (analog) Children’s watch with digital display (digital)

not suitable as a learning watch

Conclusion:Digital clocks are suitable for children who are already know the time. For learning the time is suitable analog children’s watch. In which category does your children’s watch comparison winner fall??