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Win for shared moments!

Whether indoors or outdoors: family and friends are the most important people when it comes to spending their free time together. We just want to have our loved ones with us to create unforgettable moments. A fun game night is just as valuable as a bike tour, a relaxing barbecue or an action-packed Segway excursion.

The profits in the overview

XXL baking set

Would you like to bake together? Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cakes or cookies! Birthday, Easter, Christmas – there is always a reason to conjure up great treats from the oven together with friends, children or the whole family!

The XXL baking set contains everything that makes the hearts of real baking fans beat faster:

  • KitchenAid
  • Kaiser Mini Muffin Heart Shape
  • Kaiser heart springform pan Classic
  • 2x children’s time apron for adults
    2x children’s time apron for children


Spending time does not always have to mean action – you can experience the best moments in a cozy environment at home. A cocoa or coffee in hand, having good conversations or being silly – it’s the little things that count.

The cuddle set contains the perfect equipment for common moments:

  • Blanket of children’s bars
  • "Rock’n Roll" Fatboy frame
  • Fatboy beanbag


The great fun is now waiting in your own 4 walls: How about a great game night with the whole family? Exciting board and card games for young and old await here, far away from smartphones and televisions.

The game set contains a lot of variety for game enthusiasts:

  • Activity to Go “Milky & chocolate "
  • Ravensburger "quiz duel"
  • Ravensburger "The hippopotamus in the roller coaster"
  • Ravensburger "Scotland Yard"

Family bike set

Spending time together, in the fresh air, a little exercise and lots of fun on the go: Almost every season is ideal for a bike tour with the whole family or friends. And a bike tour with short and easy stages can be just as exciting as a complete bike holiday with friends.

For a complete set of bicycles you will receive a voucher worth € 2,500, which you can get from B.O.C. can redeem for the items of your choice.

  • Voucher B.O.C. worth € 2,500

Weber grill set

Have a relaxed barbecue in the garden and enjoy the warm summer evening outdoors with friends or family – barbecuing is just fun! And if the equipment is still right – what could be nicer?

The grill set includes the perfect equipment for barbecue fans:

  • Spirit II E-310 GBS gas grill from Weber
  • Book "Weber’s Classics"
  • Book "Weber’s Grillbibel"

beach equipment

Bathing lake or beach? Every family has its own preferences – we have something for everyone: The small They prefer to play in the beach shell, the active ones love Frisbee games in the sand and others like to just lie on a cloth and watch the others or read a book. So everyone in the family gets their money’s worth!

Beach equipment includes:

  • “Zack Premium Family” beach shell
  • 2x bath towel “Milky & chocolate "
  • Frisbee “Milky & chocolate "

hot air balloon ride

Time together is the most beautiful ever! Why not share a very special experience with each other? Take a hot air balloon and go unforgettable experience enjoy with a wonderful view.

The experience box includes:

  • mydays experience voucher for a hot air balloon flight for 4 people

Segway Tour

An experience that you will not soon forget. Whether with friends or family, the Segway tour is guaranteed to have a lot of fun in your luggage! An exceptional opportunity to discover the city and country. And together with your loved ones!

The experience box includes:

  • mydays experience voucher for a Segway tour for 4 people

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