Children traveling alone – flight with childcare

Especially during the holidays, it often happens that children fly without their parents – for example to visit grandma and grandpa or to spend time with the other parent in the case of divorced children. Understandably, the legal guardians often have a queasy feeling – after all, an airport is large and clear, so that even adults often have problems orienting themselves. But the fears are usually unfounded, because nowadays the airlines do everything with special services that the small have a carefree and above all safe travel experience.

Childcare service

At Lufthansa, for example, children between the ages of 5 and 11 are only allowed to fly alone if they use the airline’s childcare service. This costs between 50 and 80 euros, but you can be sure of good care. At Frankfurt Airport, for example, the little ones can wait for their flight in the spacious children’s lounge – with video games, table football, game boxes and, of course, a supervisor who takes care of the solo travelers and consoles them if they are afraid of flying. The lounge is not only used by Lufthansa, but also by many other airlines. Lufthansa alone transports over 70,000 children traveling alone each year.

Many precautions

Parents who are still worried that their favorites will be lost can rest assured, because the measures are extensive: the flying children get a yellow bag with all important documents and of course never have to be alone: ​​to the plane and after this They are looked after by specialists and in the air by the flight attendants. Anyone who picks up the child at the airport must also show identification – the person collecting the child must be specified before the flight.

In addition to these common measures, various airlines have come up with other measures to help parents and children ease the situation. At Germanwings, for example, the legal guardians are allowed to accompany the child through security and to the gate and stay with them until they get on the plane. In this way, unforeseen things like delays can occur, without the child and parents having to panic.

Prepare the child

In principle, you should of course only let your child fly alone if you are sure that the child is up to this adventure and that the child himself is of the same opinion. Talk to your child about it before you book the flight and use the days before departure to discuss the whole process intensively – you should also address the child’s questions and fears. The child should know who to contact for any eventuality, such as in the extremely unlikely event of being lost at the airport.

If you come to the conclusion that flying alone is one size too big for your child: stays with the grandparents etc. the children have even more fun when a friend is with them – and together with a friend who is friends, the adventure of flying is much more relaxed.

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