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Cots: creative and inviting sleeping places

Most toddlers will be off at the latest three Years too big for her crib: the change to a larger bed is coming. This also gives the kids more freedom and nothing stands in the way of night hikes. You should be prepared for this.

The range of cheap children’s beds in the POCO furnishing discount store is huge, so that you will always find an optimal place to sleep for your children. The following guide will help you choose.

Why is a cozy and comfortable sleeping place for children so important?

A healthy sleep is of enormous importance for adolescents: in the deep sleep phases, numerous processes take place in the body that are vital for the healthy development of the offspring:

  • The growth hormone is produced in deep sleep, organs and body parts grow during the night.
  • During sleep, the brain processes what has been learned and experienced. In this context, one also speaks of learning sleep. Those who do not sleep enough have difficulties learning and concentrating. Incidentally, this also applies to adults.
  • Adequate sleep strengthens the immune system, since the immune system can regenerate during the night.

One thing is certain: children need enough deep sleep phases. You can only reach them if you sleep comfortably and go to bed in time. The so-called recovery sleep with the decisive deep sleep phases takes place before three in the morning.

For most children and adolescents, going to bed is an irritating topic: small children often have difficulty falling asleep, teenagers only become active in the evening and are real night owls. The more lovingly the sleeping area is designed, the more children prefer to go to bed and the less you have to discuss:

  • Soft, skin-friendly bed linen with motifs appealing to children sets color accents during the day and is particularly inviting in the evening.
  • A bedside table and a reading lamp belong next to each cot.
  • Smaller children enjoy an atmospheric twilight.
  • And of course, your favorite cuddly toys are allowed in the new bed.

You see, a comfortable bed that children can sleep in and teenagers Snuggling up in the evenings is essential for the healthy development of adolescents.

The right cot: what should I consider when buying?

Before you get started with POCO and look for a suitable cot, you should consider the following points:

  • The place: Before you even start with the search, it is advisable to measure the children’s or youth room and then consider where the cot fits best. A floor plan often helps to get a precise overview. The space available also has a significant impact on the type of bed. If you have a children’s room with high ceilings, loft and bunk beds are very space-saving furnishing solutions.
  • External dimensions and lying surface: The size of the cot naturally depends on the size of your child. The crucial question is: how long should your child sleep in this bed? You have to remember that children grow quickly and sometimes make real leaps in growth.
  • Material and processing: The most popular material for children’s beds is wood. But metal or plastic also have their advantages. No matter which material you choose, stability and security are important.
  • Safety: Cots should be sturdy, with no sharp corners and edges. There is a European standard for loft and bunk beds. When buying, also pay attention to the GS seal of approval.
  • Furnishing style: Of course, your new cot should match the design of the other children’s furniture. If you want to completely redesign the children’s room, there are inexpensive children’s and youth room programs.
  • Budget: At POCO you will find child-friendly and stable children’s beds that fit into every budget.

You can also save money by opting for a timeless bed that provides loyal services to your offspring throughout childhood.

Which beds are available?

If you look around in the POCO furniture discount store, you will quickly notice how extensive the range of practical children’s and youth beds is. Find out what distinguishes the individual models here.

What are the advantages of classic single beds??

With single beds, you should first consider whether you choose a cot or a bed with adult dimensions. The following dimensions are standard for children’s beds:

  • For children aged four to six years you will find beds measuring 60 x 120 cm, 70 x 140 cm or 70 x 160 cm.
  • In primary school, children grow very quickly and need space to sleep. Beds of 70 x 160 cm, 70 x 200 cm or 80 x 200 cm are appropriate here. But you can already order a normal single bed with the dimensions 90 x 200 cm, in which your child can sleep into adulthood for the next few years.

Single beds with the dimensions 100 x 200 cm offer a lot of space and sleeping comfort.

Preferred materials for children’s and youth beds are wood and metal. Types of wood such as beech, oak or pine create a natural and warm atmosphere. Metal, painted in light shades, matches any furnishing style and looks timelessly beautiful.

Simple futon beds are particularly suitable for adolescents because they are low in height. The subtle, shapely bed frames are only between 20 and 30 cm high, so that even small children can get in and out comfortably. It is up to you whether you choose a bed with firmly integrated bedstays or a classic slatted frame for this Japanese-inspired model.

When are clever functional beds the right choice??

Often there is not enough space in the children’s room that one desires and urgently needs. In this case, there are functional beds. These include:

  • Beds with spacious bed boxes: The easily pull-out, huge drawers offer space for bed linen, blankets and other home textiles.
  • Beds with integrated shelf and / or drawer elements: the so-called storage space beds not only inspire as a sleeping place, but also as a cupboard.
  • After tidying up, you don’t necessarily see that they turn into a cozy sleeping place in the evening. With soft pillows, they become an appealing sofa during the day.

  • If you would like to offer your children plenty of space in small children’s and youth rooms, a wall bed may be the right model for you: it can be folded completely in the morning and looks like a normal closet.
  • Are you looking for a bed for two children? In addition to a classic bunk bed, a stacking bed could also be an option. This bed model is designed with two beds lying on top of each other, whereby the lower lying surface can be pushed under the upper one like a bed box during the day. The stacking bed looks like a normal single bed, but is a real space miracle.

It pays to buy a timeless, functional bed with adult dimensions that your child can use from primary school to moving out – and sometimes beyond.

Why are bunk beds more popular than ever?

Everyone knows them and everyone knows about the advantages of practical double-bunk beds. For a long time they were mainly set up in small sibling rooms, as they are considered to be unbeatable space-saving. But today even parents with only one child choose a bunk bed. What are the reasons?

  • Children love loft beds.
  • If the lower sleeping area is not needed, it serves as a sofa or bed at nightly slumber parties. Such overnight parties are very popular with children.
  • Bunk beds with a few sheets or blankets can be transformed into secret caves, hiding places and stimulate kids to creative role-playing games.

Pediatricians recommend that children are only allowed to sleep in a loft bed or on the upper lying surface of a bunk bed from the age of six: only then are they normally able to safely climb and descend at night.

What makes loft beds the favorite of all kids?

At some point she will be on the agenda in all families: the question of a loft bed. The discussion usually begins towards the end of kindergarten or elementary school because the increased sleep seems incredibly attractive to the little explorers. Young people want a loft bed because it is also seen as a retreat that is not as easy to see as a classic bed.

The big advantage of the loft bed is obvious: it saves space. The free space under the bed can be used for other pieces of furniture such as a desk or a small sofa. But it can also simply remain free. At POCO you will discover very different types of loft beds at extremely low prices such as

  • elaborately designed loft beds with integrated cupboards, desks and / or shelf elements,
  • simple loft beds in different heights with a lying surface and plenty of space underneath as well
  • child-friendly play beds, which are designed according to a certain motto.

Many elementary school students dream of a play bed, also known as an adventure bed. It differs from the classic loft bed primarily in its decoration: canopy, curtains and pillowcases enchant kids with appealing motifs of the respective motto. Some play beds are equipped with extras that are very attractive for children, such as a slide or a climbing pole. The most popular play beds include:

  • princesses beds,
  • pirates beds,
  • Knight beds and
  • Feenbetten.

If the children grow up and the knight and princess are out of one day, you can simply remove the decoration.

When buying a loft bed, safety plays a major role. consider it therefore following aspects:

  • The “airy” sleeping place should be sufficiently secured so that your child does not fall off at night. We recommend a parapet that extends at least 16 cm above the top edge of the mattress and is 26 cm high overall.
  • The ladder of the loft bed should be firmly connected to the bed frame. Ideally it is designed with a handrail. Younger children need steps wide enough to climb up and down safely (at least 30 cm).
  • Instead of a spring mattress, it is recommended to choose a foam or latex mattress that cannot be used as a trampoline replacement.
  • The bed should be firmly anchored to the wall.
  • Children’s beds that meet the DIN standard EN 747 for loft and bunk beds offer you certainty about a child-friendly model. The additional marking with the GS seal of approval (tested safety) lets you and your offspring sleep peacefully.

Whether a play bed, a classic loft bed or a bunk bed: be inspired by the clever furnishing ideas at POCO and fulfill your child’s dream.

What are themed beds?

Theme beds are the latest craze in the children’s furniture segment: the single beds firmly on the floor inspire with their unusual shapes and creative, colorful colors. At the top of the top list are themed beds that look like racing cars, fire engines, carriages, airplanes or houses. Decide with your child for such a cot, you have a real eye-catcher in the nursery.


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