Children’s accidents: the 5 most common injuries and how they can help

Children’s accidents: the 5 most common injuries and how you can help

August 16, 2016 – 2:28 pm

Child injuries: First aid can also be harmful

About two thirds of all child accidents happen in the household or on the playground. Many parents are poorly prepared for this and cannot help their loved ones. We list the five most common types of injuries in children – and how adults can help.

When the temperatures rise, the number of accidents among children increases with them. There are 1.7 million child accidents per year, mostly on the playground around the corner or at home with parents. Pediatric surgeon Dr. However, Andreas Leutner warns of wrong help: "It happens again and again that parents take first aid measures with the best of intentions, which then harm the child more than they help."

For this reason, you should know the following types of injuries in children and how to deal with them:

5th place

The fifth most common child accident is the swallowing of small objects, such as button batteries. This can lead to dangerous shortness of breath.

Here’s how it works: You place the child on your left thigh and hold it firmly. Then you should hit the surface between the child’s shoulder blades with the palm of your hand so that the small object can fall out.

4th place

Fourth place of the most common child accidents mostly happens at home, in the kitchen. It’s about burns on the stove or from hot drinks. A child’s skin is ten times thinner than that of an adult and therefore burns faster.

How you can help: Quite simply – you hold the burned area, such as your hand, under running water. Alternatively, the area can be cooled with a damp cloth or rag.

place 3

Fractures rank third in the most common accidents, for example after a bicycle crash. You can only help in this case by driving the child to the doctor. You should not try to correct the misalignment or put on a bandage – this can harm the child.

place 2

The second most common come Children because of open Wounds to the hospital. Especially with large wounds that bleed, it is important that parents react quickly and correctly.

The first thing to do is cover the wound with a clean bandage or handkerchief. How to stop the bleeding. Wounds often have to be sewn – so even in this case a visit to the doctor is essential. Don’t use ointments here either!

1st place

The sad first place of the most common accidents in children is the head injury. The fall on the head is particularly dangerous: As a result, almost anything is possible, from the harmless bump to concussion or a broken skull.

You can do that: In any case, you should avoid hectic changes in position! This could cause further damage to the head. Speak to the child and put them in a stable side position. Make sure that the airways are not blocked. If you are still unsure about first aid questions, you can always get advice from your pediatrician.


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