Children’s bed beech solid beech natural 118, incl

Children’s bed youth bed solid natural beech 118, incl. Slatted frame – dimensions 90 x 200 cm solid wood nxkpss1473 toys

On the 90th birthday of Jürgen Habermas
The great philosopher Jürgen Habermas always took a stand on social and ethical issues. He attacked with 24 Heideggers proximity to National Socialism, children’s slide children’s slide modern children’s slide home indoor children’s slide kindergarten baby slide (color pink, size 190 45 92cm) fought against postmodernity, developed the ethics of discourse and sees citizenship as an answer to nationalism.

Book by Nida-Rümelin
This book aims to offer an alternative to the Silicon Valley ideology. Nida-Rümelin and Nathalie Weidenfeld examine the hype about autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and robotics. You develop the Basics for a "digital humanism" children’s swing swings indoor swing seat puzzle cradle toys outdoor safety chair rocking chair for children 6 months – 3 years old carrying weight 100kg. However, relevant political questions are left out.

A lecture by Karlheinz Valtl
Social-emotional learning (SEL) is not new, but it is a topic for the future. Dr. Karl-Heinz Valtl explains why in his lecture for all Areas of SEL Mindfulness is a key competency and should become part of school culture.Children’s desk with chair Wooden desk H adjustable School desk Youth desk Children’s desk Desks

An interview with Karlheinz Valtl
Children’s scooter Children’s scooter 3-wheel-yo car 3-6 years old can sit three-in-one multifunctional children’s scooter safety stable pedal slide single foot durable heavy-duty scooter Blue 702956cmSocial-emotional learning (SEL) is critical to learning success prove scientific studies. Mindfulness is a key competence for SEL, says Karlheinz Valtl. In the interview, the educational scientist calls for more innovation in pedagogy. Mindfulness must now become part of school culture.

Children’s bed youth bed solid natural beech 118, incl. Slatted frame – dimensions 90 x 200 cm solid wood nxkpss1473 toys

As part of the lecture series "Mindfulness in education" Andrea Vermaaten’s lecture deals with the topic of mindfulness in intercultural society. She reports on the school project "Neighborhood world".

July 1, 2019, 6:15 p.m.

Our online magazine has been around for 5 years. New posts every week, free and ad-free. All of this is only possible if you support usChildren’s sofa, cute baby sofa seat, home boys and girls sofa, Style G.

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An essay by Sabine Breit
Those who can speak from the heart ensure clarity and can set things in motion. But in politics and business, people have got used to a head language that nebulizes, lulls or frightens. Children’s play house Indian linen teepee for children, play house with windows, portable, Indian wigwam, play tent, play tent for girls and boys, 119.4 x 120 x 180cm The linguist Sabine Breit encourages people to find their way back to their heart language if we want to be able to act.

"Fridays for Future" shakes up
"The miracle of freedom lies in the ability to start," says Hannah Arendt. The young people who are politically active today show how it works, according to the philosopher Peter Vollbrecht. He demands that the elderly give up resistance to urgently needed changes.Children’s sports bike Outdoor Trip for boys and girls in 3 colors with exercise bikes 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches.

Children’s bed youth bed solid natural beech 118, incl. Slatted frame – dimensions 90 x 200 cm solid wood nxkpss1473 toys

By Charles Eisenstein
Charles Eisenstein is convinced that we will not get any further with the CO2 reduction debate because we always perceive nature as outside of ourselves. Only if we see ourselves as part of nature and feel the damage to the earth itself would we act differently out of grief and protect the climate.

Guest contribution on politics and feelings
Feeling is a political issue. Emotions can make us a game ball of populist propaganda or show us the way out of a crisis, according to the author Vivian Dittmar. Strollers Baby trolley children tricycle that folds portable baby trolley Easy to use (color red) It encourages you to listen to our hearts and to discover new possibilities for action through your feelings. "The heart is our compass."

An interview with Sylvia Kolk
Mindfulness restores the inner balance. But Sylvia Kolk is convinced that we cannot develop through mindfulness alone. In an interview, the Buddhism teacher talks about inner freedom, overcoming selfishness and the need to practice mindfulness not only for ourselves but for society as a whole. Children’s tent tent playhouse lock The children’s playroom and whitish indoor pop-up play tent Send Children’s birthday present play tents (color red, size 12595142cm)

Matthias Ennenbach’s psychotherapeutic view
Strong emotions such as anger cause high tension patterns that can harm health and endanger relationships. The psychotherapist Matthias Ennenbach provides suggestions on how we can calm the inner fighting dog and deal with anger with care.

Get to the bottom of internal conflicts
Something must not happen, something must happen – we are blocked. Introvision is a method of mental self-regulation. Children’s room Aggelos 4-part gray incl. Wardrobe + cot with 3 bed drawers + bedside table + SK chest of drawers youth room Internal conflicts are dealt with in several steps on the basis of careful awareness. This releases tension and opens up new options for action.

Do you have a question, an ethical dilemma? The philosopher Jay Garfield answers in his own column.


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