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• The Children’s Bible Daily Prayer is an iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad app for Christian families and teachers. For all ages.
• It is easy to share God’s Word with the children, anytime, anywhere. Talk she with to the children about Jesus and God. Discuss Bible Quotes.
• over 500 prayers! > 500,000 downloads; Top100 Education / USA
• A new free Bible quote every day!

"As newborn children cry for milk, you should ask for the pristine word of God in order to grow in faith and achieve the goal, your salvation." 1Pe 2,2

The Bible often addresses children much more clearly than adults. Don’t be afraid to talk to children. It will be a blessing for you too!

• A handy app that allows you to bring the word of God closer to your children.
• Teach your children Bible content while you pray together.
• Free prayer – you will be amazed!
• Read and learn about the Holy Truth every day.
• Once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to do without it again!

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We think that our best presentation is what our users say about us.
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What is child prayer?
• The Child Prayer is an iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad App that delivers a Bible saying and asks a question every day, the basis for prayers or conversations with children in the family or at school.

• The Daily Prayer app and the current prayer sequences are free of charge.

Why Daily Child Prayer?
• Pray with the children in this hectic world, talk about God? Children’s prayer is ideal.

• They believe, “But they also serve you in your job as community teachers. Any scripture that has been entered by God’s Spirit is useful for teaching in faith, rebuilding, and ameliorating those who are wrong education to a life that pleases God «. Child prayer is for you (2 Timothy 3:16).

• As a child pastor need Many Bible quotes for conversations with children. Child prayer is also something for you.

Let’s take a look at prayer .
When Jesus noticed it, he became angry and said to the disciples: “Let the children come to me and do not prevent them from doing so; because God’s new world is open to people like her «. Mk 10.14

Which means that God’s kingdom belongs to those who are like children?

* * *
Major Version: Good News Bible.
* * *

• The children in the New Testament
• The Lord is listening to us
• The fruits of the spirit
• Jesus asks
• The armor of God
• The Friends of Jesus: Peter
• Good night!

Features of the app
• Universal iPhone / iPad app
• 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Catalan.
• A new prayer every day, a new series every week.
• The app is independent of the computer.
• Prayer alarm.
• Call up previous prayers and series via calendar and directory.
• Mark favorite prayers to find them easily.
• Forward prayers via email, SMS and Facebook.
• Link to the Children’s Bible app, in which subject-related comics are available for reading free of charge.
• Link to the Children’s Bible app, where free story videos are available.


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