Children’s bike 16 inch test and comparison, for boys and girls

16 inch children’s bikes are the third smallest size. Under certain circumstances, a bike of this size can even be the entry-level bike if, for example, your child has been using a scooter for a long time and you think that 16 inches is more worthwhile than the intermediate size of 14 inches. Typical is the step from 12 to 16 inches, where the child has already gained valuable experience and training wheels, if they were used at all, can or should be omitted.

Cube Cubie 160 2020

The Cube Cubie 160 2020 is an excellent entry-level model for children who want to take their first steps on two wheels. It comes from Cube and is therefore made from a robust frame. The manufacturer relies on light aluminum, but the bike weighs just under 7.5 kilograms. Over longer stretch the slightly increased weight can cause problems. But the Cube Cubie 160 2020 shows itself through its high-quality equipment – starting with the rim brakes, which ensure a quick stop.

The safe and ergonomic handles prevent children from losing control of the bike. The bike is not suitable for off-road, which is due to the CUBE IMPAC Streetpac tires. Due to the flat profile, those on unpaved roads do not have enough grip. There is no complicated gear shift system. Children only receive a 1-speed gearshift. For that the small Cyclists love the design. The bike is in modern colors, but can be used universally by girls and boys.


✘ weight of 7.5 kg
✘ Not suitable for off-road

SCOOL faXe alloy 16-3

The SCOOL faXe alloy 16-3 children’s bike is small and sporty, and is perfectly tailored to boys and girls. Thanks to the mountain bike look, it is enthusiastically accepted by every child. But not only the look is reminiscent of a mountain bike, but also the tires. They have a deep profile and thus ensure particularly good grip in the field. At 16 inches, the wheels are also big enough to overcome any obstacles but not make it difficult for children to climb on.


✔ Small and sporty children’s mountain bike
✔ Child-friendly equipment
✔ Non-slip handles
✔ Reflectors, lights and a small bell
✔ Modern design
✔ Tires with a low profile


✘ Heavy weight of 8.7 kilograms
✘ Only three courses

Pinniped Police 16

The unique design of the Pinniped Police 16 26 cm immediately catches the eye, because the manufacturer not only relies on child-friendly colors, but wants to tell a story with them. Accordingly, the bike attracts everyone’s attention. Of course, boys especially like the design, but girls can also make friends with it. But the technical equipment is much more important, starting with the brakes. You get V-brakes at the front, with classic coaster brakes at the back. Not always the best choice for a children’s bike, because unsafe riders could accidentally trigger the coaster brake.

The bike scores with a robust steel frame, which leads to a relatively high weight. The pedals and handles, on the other hand, are made of a non-slip material, which is why there is less loss of control. The saddle is also tailored to children and comes from Selle Royal. There are also some practical features, such as a steel luggage rack, fenders or the lighting system. This means that the bike is roadworthy. The Pinniped Police 16 26 cm is less suitable for the terrain because the profile of the tires is too flat.


✔ Interesting and extraordinary design
✔ High quality technical equipment
✔ Stable steel frame
✔ Non-slip pedals and handles
✔ Steel luggage rack, fenders and lighting system


✘ Flat tire tread
✘ More suitable for boys
✘ Relatively high weight

SCool niXe Chalk Steel

A real eye-catcher on the street is the SCool niXe Chalk steel, which shines in many different colors. The main color is red, but there are a number of other nuances. The bike almost looks like a colorful chalk box. That is why it is also suitable for girls and boys. Especially as a beginner model, it is excellent, because the deep entry allows the first relaxed hours on the bike.


✔ Colorful and friendly bike
✔ 16 inch tires
✔ Robust steel frame
✔ Generous equipment with mudguards and luggage rack


✘ Heavy weight
✘ Not suitable for off-road
✘ Coaster brake

What should be considered before buying a 16 inch children’s bike??

If previously on a 12 or 14 inch children’s bike has been driven and the child has already gained experience in maintaining balance, it is no longer absolutely necessary to have ground contact on both sides of the entire sole. But at least 105 cm should be measured. Then your child can grow a good 15 cm before a new bike comes into question. The stride length should be at least 47 cm and at most 57 cm. This results in a maximum saddle height of almost 60 cm. The saddle itself is usually always adjustable by a minimum of 8 cm on 16 inch bicycles.

  • Age: 4-7 years
  • Height: 105-120 cm
  • Inseam: 47-56 cm
  • Maximum saddle height: 59 cm

Further features and equipment on a 16 inch children’s bike

At the age of 6 on average, the children have such motor skills that it is no longer absolutely necessary to choose a frame with extremely deep access. An easy ascent and descent should still be guaranteed. Criteria already listed on this page, such as the omission of sharp objects, must also be retained. Think you can about buying a 16 inch bike that has a small gear shift. There are now hub gears that automatically change gears.

If your child is already so confident when handling the bike that you trust him to ride on the street in traffic-restricted areas, the appropriate equipment is mandatory. These include a light-colored bell, the bicycle lights (rear light, headlights) and reflectors. The safest thing to do at this age is, of course, driving on the sidewalk. With 16 inches there is still nothing to be said against the purchase of the security components just mentioned.


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