Children’s bike 20 inch test – comparison (january 2020)

We present you the best 20 inch children’s bikes on our test and comparison portal.

A 20 inch children’s bike is particularly suitable for children because cycling is the most promotes mental development and body control. In addition, children’s bicycles are also to be understood as teaching aids with which children can make their first trips on the road.

The frame size of a bike is usually given in inches. Therefore is also on the market and in various tests Inches the common unit of measurement. Use our comparison table for the purchase. In this way, you can find a bike that is perfectly tailored to the size of your child.

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Buying advice for children’s bikes 20 inch test or comparison: We help you find your children’s bikes 20 inch test winner!

  • Bulls’ 20-inch children’s bikes for boys and girls are roadworthy and suitable for the first rides on the road. This is also the main difference to the 18 and 16 inch bicycles, which are not roadworthy.
  • Children’s bikes 20-inch are also available in many different versions, just like bicycles with 18 and 16 inches. The typical variants include the classic bike, the cruiser and the mountain bike.
  • A child taller than 120 cm will have no problem coping with a 20-inch children’s bike. If the child is already 135 cm tall, you should consider switching to a larger children’s bike.

Boys and girls are very fond of sporty BMX bikes and mountain bikes. This way they can drive through the terrain with their friends and overcome various gradients and inclines. In addition, you can now find a variety of 20-inch children’s bicycles. Also as a city bike or a racing bike.

Ideally, you should give your child some models to choose from, which you have checked in advance for the most important purchase criteria. In this case, you can leave the final decision to your child. you Ideally, a child should have friends, if it wants to test the new bike.

1. Age recommendation – 20 inch children’s bikes for boys and girls

Various tests have shown that a good age for learning to cycle is from six to seven years. Therefore, the wheels are available in several sizes. Which model you need depends on your child’s height. A children’s bike for 6 to 7 year old children is also available with 16 or 18 inches.

These models also have advantages and disadvantages:

  • a little cheaper to buy than 20 inch wheels
  • very practical because your child can drive on the road
  • has good equipment
  • more expensive than the smaller play bikes
  • not as light as a play bike

2. The weight of the children’s bike

Promotion of mental and motor skills

Many scientific studies have concluded that cycling has a tremendous impact on children’s intellectual development. 20-inch children’s bikes are particularly affected. They help children make the first trips on the road. Therefore, these bicycles are also regarded as suitable teaching aids.

Where very young children do not yet have a pronounced physical strength, the situation is a bit different for children aged six to seven. At this age they have Children already developed some powers. For example, they are able to push or set up their bike independently if they have fallen over.

Because of this, children are able to handle children’s bikes, which are a little heavier. Pay attention to the frame material when buying. The aluminum frames of 20-inch children’s bikes with tires weigh around 11 to 13 kilos. 20-inch children’s bikes are not as light as the smaller 16- and 18-inch children’s bikes.

If you buy the bike, you should also check whether your child feels comfortable on the bike and can push it. After all, every child is built differently. If your son or daughter has problems moving the bike independently, there will be no fun factor. In this case, it may be better to switch to a smaller children’s bike.

Tip: Don’t buy a 20-inch children’s bike right away just because your son or daughter is between six and seven years old or the required size. You also always have to look at whether your child can handle such a bike.

3. The correct height and shape

Practical equipment makes the bike a reliable companion.

When buying a new bike, also check whether you have the Adjust handlebar and saddle can. If this is the case, you don’t necessarily have to buy a smaller bike right now, just because your child doesn’t fit it properly.

In addition, your child should have a deep entry so that they can use the bike better in traffic. After all, your child must be able to get on the saddle effortlessly. Ideally, the bike should be stable and on convey increased feeling of security.

4. Primary equipment for children’s bikes

Of course, the equipment of a Puky 20-inch children’s bike or a bike from another brand is also important. With the right equipment reduce the risk of accidents Your child in traffic.

When you buy a new 20-inch kids bike with gears or hub gears, check that the brakes are working. Ideally, your bike should not only have a front brake, but also a coaster brake.

Most of the 2020 tests found that the best 20-inch children’s bikes have a front and coaster brake. Gear shifts from Shimano and 20-inch children’s bike hub gears make it easier for your child to tackle inclines off-road.

Incidentally, gear shifts are already popular with very young children. Therefore, there is a suitable offer for a 20-inch children’s bike with gear shift. Children love trying different gears while driving.

5. Note further equipment features

Whether you’re buying a 12-inch kids’ bike from an unknown brand or putting it on a 20-inch Puky kids bike or a 20-inch kids bike from Cube, you’ll often find the following features:

Furnishing description
  • suitable for catering
  • should be attached to the luggage rack
  • helps your child to be seen better in the dark
  • are very easy to install

These properties and functions are not mandatory. On the other hand, you help your son or daughter feel like a full-fledged cyclist on the road. In terms of safety, reflectors are particularly practical in the dark.

6. The look of the children’s bike 20-inch

When it comes to the design of the new children’s bike, it is actually your child that should make a selection. After all, your child will spend a lot of time on the new bike. However, you can make a pre-selection. Search A handful of bicycles based on the purchase criteria. Your child can then choose his or her favorite bike. This approach has often been recommended in comparisons of 20-inch children’s bikes.

Very young children prefer children’s bikes strong and bright colors. For older children, other colors can also be considered. Let yourself be surprised how your child will decide.

There are big differences in prices. You will of course get a premium bike for a high price. Likewise, for a lower price, you will get a bike that is very simple. After all, you can buy a used 20-inch children’s bike cheaply. If you want to buy a good used 20 inch children’s bike, you should make an appointment before buying. Do not have the goods sent unseen. Because even a high-quality Cube children’s bike with 20 inches can have serious defects after a few years of use.

7. 20 inch children’s bike: buying advice

A helmet should always be worn for safety.

The most important purchase criteria should be listed here. If you want to buy a new 20-inch bike for your son or daughter, you shouldn’t buy a bike indiscriminately. It is better if you make a list with the purchase criteria in advance and then go on a search.

7.1. The look is only the first factor

If you have selected a few bikes that meet your expectations, you can inform your child about them and take them with you to purchase. Your son or daughter will then have the opportunity to have a say.

As a rule, the selection will fall on a 20-inch children’s bike, which for your child is visually appealing.

7.2. Adjustable saddle makes the ride easier

The size of your child is very important. A minimum size has already been specified in this report. If your child is an inch shorter or taller, it is no longer tragic. For example, you can use the saddle of the Adjust the height of the bicycle. So there is a chance that your child will still have the opportunity to get on the bike. Likewise, you can screw the saddle up for a larger child.

Furthermore, several tests have shown that really good 20-inch children’s bikes have a front and coaster brake. If the front brake does not work, an accident can happen quickly. A coaster brake provides a good remedy here and secures your child even if the front brake fails.

7.3. Always observe safety equipment

Most 20-inch children’s bikes are very good in their basic equipment. Sometimes there is no bell on the steering wheel. A bell is not a must, but your child can draw attention to itself if the way or the street is not clear.

If there are no reflectors on the children’s bike, you should retrofit the bike accordingly. Reflectors are highly recommended for use on the street. In this way you can increase the safety of your child. Alternatively, you can also attach lighting to the bicycle according to the StVZO.

8. Questions and answers about 20-inch children’s bikes

8.1. Which manufacturers are there?

The wheels come in many designs.

Below is a list of the most popular manufacturers and brands to help you find the best 20 inch kids bike:

8.2 There is already a children’s bike 20 inch test from the Stiftung Warentest?

Unfortunately, there is still no test for children’s bicycles 20 inches. Accordingly, we could not name a suitable test winner for the 20 inch children’s bikes. In general, however, you will find a lot of information about bicycles on the website. So you can find reviews of bike helmets and other protective clothing. There are also tips for planning bike tours.

The information on the proper cycling in traffic. In some cases, for example, a lack of bicycle lights can result in high fines. Even Ökotest does not yet have a special test for the 20-inch children’s bikes, but a lot of information about bikes, bicycle tires and other products.

Tip: If your child has not gone to an ADAC practice site at school to learn the rules of road traffic, you must do so. Among other things, there are beautiful online programs and videos that offer a child-friendly explanation for the correct behavior in traffic.

What marks did the individual 20 inch children’s bicycles get in our comparison?

  • 1st place – very good: Puky Crusader 20-3 ALU – from 332.49 euros
  • 2nd place – good: Orbis Bikes Crazy Classic Green – from 139.90 euros
  • 3rd place – good: Orbea Grow 2 – from 279.00 euros
  • 4th place – good: Delta Fun boys – from 149.00 euros
  • 5th place – good: Delta Fun girls – from 149.00 euros
  • 6th place – good: Frank Bikes Aurora – from 129.00 euros
  • 7th place – good: KS Cycling Fully Zodiac – from 146.86 euros
  • 8th place – good: BIKESTAR Classic – from 164.99 euros

More information "

How many different manufacturers were compared and rated by the editorial team in children’s bikes 20 inch comparison?

Our editorial team has examined and compared 8 different 20 inch children’s bicycles from 7 manufacturers to offer you the best product selection.

How much do the best 20 inch children’s bikes cost in a 20 inch comparison?

The best product in the Children’s bikes 20 inches-Comparison, our comparison winner Puky Crusader 20-3 ALU, is available for 332.49 euros. However, if you don’t want to spend that much money on a 20 inch children’s bike, you can use our price-performance winner Orbis Bikes Crazy Classic Green as a guide.

A large number of customers rate which of the 20 inch children’s bicycles is rated and described?

The 20 inch children’s bike from Delta is particularly well known, because over 33 customers gave their first impressions after their purchase and rated the Delta Fun boy.

Which children’s bikes 20 inches were rated particularly well by the editors?

The editors have the marks "VERY GOOD" only awarded to one of the 8 products: the Puky Crusader 20-3 ALU .

Which different 20 inch children’s bikes are available in the product comparison?

We have put together a total of 8 different 20 inch children’s bicycles for you to offer you the most diverse range of products. The different models include the following: Puky Crusader 20-3 ALU, Orbis Bikes Crazy Classic Green, Orbea Grow 2, Delta Fun boys, Delta Fun girls, Frank Bikes Aurora, KS Cycling Fully Zodiac and BIKESTAR Classic .

Which similar items have consumers who have placed a 20 inch children’s bike in their shopping cart have looked at??

Before buying a 20-inch children’s bike, customers often looked at other 20-inch bicycles, 20-inch bicycles, and 24-inch children’s bikes.


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