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Whether for the way to school or for a wild bike tour Children’s bike 24 inches is a must-have for every teenager aged 9-14 years. Of course there are important criteria that should be considered before buying a 24 inch children’s bike, that’s what we are there for. We try to answer all questions so that your child can also ride safely and safely through the area on his bike in the future.

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Children’s bike 24 inches – From when and for how long?

The question is often asked: At what age can a 24 inch children’s bike be used? Here we can say from personal experience that this depends on the height. Age is of little concern. The decisive factor is the stride of the child. On average, boys and girls with a height of 1.46 meters are ideal for a 24-inch children’s bike. Most of the time, the child has reached this height with normal growth at the age of 10-11 years.

Is your child suitable for a 24 inch bike??

Age height stride Saddle height at most bike size
9-10 years 140 cm 66 cm 72 cm 20-24 inches
10-11 years 146 cm 69 cm 75 cm 24 inches
11-12 years 152 cm 72 cm 78 cm 24-26 inches
12-13 years 158 cm 75 cm 81 cm 24-26 inches

The child can ride the bike up to the age of 13-14 years use. Of course, the bike is still ready for use at the age of 15. Depending on which children’s bike it is, the frame height and seat post can be variably changed or enlarged.

What does a reasonable 24 inch children’s bike cost??

The price for a high quality children’s bike cannot be set as a flat rate. Depending on the manufacturer of the bike, there are also price differences between the different models.

If you want a cheap but still good youth bike, we recommend the Delta bike for boys *, which is at the forefront in terms of value for money. The Delta children’s bike for girls * also scores well in terms of value for money.

Buy children’s bike 24 inches

A new bike for the child is an investment that pays off. The Children’s bike 24 inches can be driven for several years. Accordingly, it is worth buying a high-quality 24 inch children’s bike. There are models that are cheap, it always depends on the type of bike. If you want to buy a 24 inch children’s bike, we present the most popular models for boys and girls below.

Children’s bike 24 inch test

In our children’s bike 24 inch test you can get an idea of ​​different bikes from various brands. The bike has been put through its paces, advantages and disadvantages are evident.

Derailleur gears or hub gears on a children’s bike 24 inches?

The market offers various children’s bikes 24 inches. They come in a wide range of designs and equipment. Finding the right thing from this pool, so that many parents simply feel overwhelmed. The color or the price often determines the choice. With some information about the basic functions, the next time you buy a children’s bike you are a lot smarter and it is easier to find the optimal vehicle for your child.
Now let’s look at the differences or the advantages and disadvantages of the circuits.

The derailleur: Several chainrings are mounted next to each other on a crank. When changing gears, the chain is transported between the chainrings by the so-called derailleur. The rear derailleur ensures that the chain stays tensioned, which would otherwise be loose due to the different sizes of the chainrings.

The hub gear: With the hub gear, all shifting elements are housed in one capsule, the so-called planetary gear. There is a main gear around which smaller gears circle, hence the name. The constantly heavily oily gears shift when shifting within the gearbox. Hub gears have been decisively developed in the past decades. If too today Two shift wires are required, so the gear change takes place as with the derailleur system using a shift lever or twist grip.

Flexible switching possible

Weekly oiling the chain

Frequent changing of the chainrings

No gears skipping possible

Annual oiling is sufficient

Increased protection with capsule

To switch gears, the pedals must be stopped briefly

Since the hub gear is combined with a coaster brake, this aspect must be taken into account when choosing a 24 inch children’s bike. Depending on the size and maturity of the child’s motor skills, both options are generally considered. The decision must therefore be coordinated individually.


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