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The 9 best children’s helmets at a glance.

Your child would probably choose his bike helmet by color and design alone. But of course we know what it’s really about: security.

It is particularly important that the helmet is properly seated. The best helmets in our comparison can even grow with your protégé for a while. So that your child does not develop an aversion to the helmet, should also be comfortable to wear. Because the best Helmets are ineffective if your child tries to bypass them at every opportunity.

On this page you will definitely find the right bike helmet for their child – according to his and your criteria.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is according to ISO 9001 TÜV-checked

optionally available
optionally available
optionally available
optionally available

Children’s bike helmet comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * KED Meggy Uvex Air Wing Alpina Ximo Star Wars Alpina Gamma 2.0 UVEX Kid 3 Uvex Quatro Junior Abus Anuky Abus smiley Giro Raze
at Amazon *
290 ratings 180 reviews 10 reviews 42 reviews 1,084 reviews 20 reviews 262 reviews 284 reviews 2 reviews
characteristics & characteristics
head circumference The size of the helmet depends on the child’s head circumference.

Size is common XS at 44 – 49 cm, size S at 46 – 51 cm, size M at 49 – 53 cm, size M / L at 52 – 58 cm.

However, information may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.

XS, S, M
44 – 58 cm
One size
52 – 57cm
XS, S, M
45 – 54 cm
S, M
46-56 cm
S, M, L
51 – 58 cm
One size
50-55 cm
S, M
46-57 cm
S, M
45-55 cm
One size
50 – 57cm
Weight in g approx. 270 g approx. 225 g 218 g 231 g approx. 350 g approx. 240 g approx. 200 g approx. 240 g approx. 270 g
Number of ventilation holes The higher the number of ventilation holes, the better the air supply to the head and the less the risk that the child will overheat or catch cold due to excessive sweating while driving.
8 holes 24 holes 13 holes 12 holes 10 holes 9 holes 6 holes 8 holes 22 holes
Furnishing & safety
Insect repellent
Net under the holes
security Lights
at the back
Size adjustment with rotary wheel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
In-mold production In-mold production can only be found in hard shell models:

With this method, the helmet is made of a complete piece and can therefore better absorb falls and bumps.


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