Children’s birthday by cities

In many cities there is a large selection for the celebration of children’s birthday. You can go to the bowling center, the indoor playground or the swimming pool. The celebration can take place in the zoo, in the climbing garden or even on water skis. But then you quickly lose track. FamilienkulTour has offers for you in many cities for children’s birthdays researched. If you are looking for a children’s birthday party near you, then you have come to the right place! On a family culture tour, you can find a child’s birthday sorted by city using a zip code search. Simply enter the zip code of your city in the upper field, select the area and enter "Children’s Birthday" as the category.

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Celebrate children’s birthday in Karlsruhe

Children’s birthday in Karlsruhe: Anyone looking for a children’s birthday offer in Karlsruhe that can be realized outside of their living room will find what they are looking for. Whether children’s birthday in the zoo or in the museum, accompanied by a forest pedagogue or in the theater, there are many options and there is bound to be something for different interests.

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Celebrate children’s birthday in Berlin

Children’s birthday in Berlin: There are many nice ways to celebrate a great children’s birthday in Berlin. Museums, indoor playgrounds, cafes, swimming pools, ice rinks, in the circus school or even at a real castle. What you choose depends primarily on the interests of the child, but also on your wallet. [for all ages]

Children’s birthday in Hamburg

Children’s birthday in Hamburg: where only on children’s birthday? There are countless possibilities in Hamburg, but how to find what and keep an overview? Here you can get tips for the celebration in and around Hamburg – in the indoor playground or in nature, with climbing, cooking or soccer, in the museum, with dancing or karting!

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Celebrate a children’s birthday in Munich

Children’s birthday in the big city of Munich? A problem for many parents if they do not have the appropriate options for a child’s birthday at home. Or are you planning something very special? Away from foam kissing and potting. There are many organizers in Munich who give you ideas. We present some of them here.

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Celebrate children’s birthday in Freiburg

Children’s birthday in Freiburg: A great children’s birthday can also be planned in many different facilities in Freiburg. Whether in the museum, on the adventure playground, in the climbing garden or at the eco-station, there are many different ways to arrange a varied day for the children on their birthday.

Where to go at the children’s birthday party in Hanover?

Children’s birthday in Hanover: The next children’s birthday is in the house and you live in Hanover? There are many places to celebrate, but who knows all of them? Here you will find a large selection, from birthdays in nature, on the soccer field, in the park and in the high ropes course to celebrations with four-legged friends and fish.

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Celebrate children’s birthday in Frankfurt

In Frankfurt and the surrounding area there are many offers for a children’s birthday party. Many Frankfurt museums in particular have workshops and other creative offers on their program. Celebrations can be celebrated in the swimming pool and even once during a diving course under water. If you want, book a theme party, which is organized entirely by a professional team.

Children’s birthday in Erfurt

Children’s birthday in Erfurt: The child will soon have a birthday again, but where should you celebrate? If you live in Erfurt or the surrounding area, here are some tips on where to put the children’s birthday party! Theater, zoo, indoor playground or swimming pool? Or would you prefer to go to the Egapark, the candle café or the airport?

Children’s birthday in Braunschweig – from A to Z

Children’s birthday in Braunschweig: where can you celebrate the children’s birthday in Braunschweig? Should it be sporty or would you prefer to get out into nature? To the museum, to the bowling alley or to the indoor playground? The city on the Oker offers several options. If you are willing to drive a few kilometers, you can choose between other offers.

Celebrate children’s birthday in Stuttgart

Children’s birthday in Stuttgart: There are also many offers in Stuttgart, a child’s birthday to celebrate outside the home living room. Whether in the museum, in the swimming pool, on an indoor playground or in the climbing garden, parents and children have plenty of choice. We present some of the offers that only offer a small selection here.

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Children’s birthday in Bremen – tips and suggestions for a great celebration

Children’s birthday in Bremen: There is a large selection for the children’s birthday in Bremen – but who knows all the options? Here you will find a number of ideas, where you can maybe also celebrate. There are several museums and swimming pools to choose from, as well as a planetarium, a ship, an ice rink and much more.

Where to on children’s birthday in Osnabrück?

Children’s birthday in Osnabrück: The next children’s birthday is in the house and you live in Osnabrück? There are many places to celebrate, however who knows all of them already? Here you will find a selection: From birthdays in the playground or in the museum to celebrations on the soccer field and in the climbing forest to a party in the zoo.


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