Children’s birthday: design invitation cards easily – how easy!

Once a year the time has come: your child’s birthday and wants to celebrate it with his little friends. Even if many messages are now exchanged via emails and cell phones, this does not apply to the Birthday party. Invitations have to come here! Home-made items are particularly popular when they are in line with the party motto and the youngsters can participate in the design. The instructions should be short and simple so that the fun of the craft does not become frustrated. After all, the endurance of the little creative is usually not very pronounced.

Birthday invitations: Many great templates on the Internet

Some children already have clear ideas about what the birthday invitations should look like, if this is not the case, it is worthwhile to look for print templates and handicraft instructions on the Internet. HOW EASY has five proposals for the children’s birthday party of boys and girls who are ready in no time and can be implemented with cheap materials. Have fun working!

1. Message in a bottle for pirates and mermaids

Treasure hunts, water games or a trip to the swimming pool are always well received by boys and girls. So if you want to invite to a pirate or mermaid party, you can do so with a message in a bottle. Small empty bottles made of glass or PVC are usually in the House. Filled with some bird sand, tiny pebbles, shells and some glitter to get this the right look. The invitation can then be written on a piece of paper (approximately in DIN A 5 format) and rolled up and placed in the bottle. Now all that is missing is a ribbon and possibly a bottle label with the name of the guest "sunk" become.

2. Birthday invitation cards to play with

Why not arouse the guests’ enthusiasm when they invite them? For example, you can cut a card previously written on construction paper into pieces of the puzzle, which the guest must then put together to read the written message. Even a letter puzzle is fun. The paper game Heaven and Hell is also a lot of fun. To do this, you describe colored paper with the most important facts about the birthday party and then fold it according to the instructions.

3. Airmail for the little ones

Every child loves balloons. Labeled with a thin permanent pen, it becomes a colorful airmail, which is either inflated with a ribbon, distributed to the desired guests or used to design a postcard.

4. Sun children invite to popsicles

Ice-cold treats are the highlight of every children’s party in the summer months for the little ones. So why not just make an invitation as popsicles? All you need is colored and white construction paper, pens, glue and ice cream sticks made of wood. The colored paper is folded in the middle, then the paper is cut out in ice form (leave out the fold line so that the card can be opened!) The ice stick is glued to the right side and covered with a piece of paper cut to size. You can print the invitation text on the paper in advance or write it by hand. Now all you need is a few fun outdoor games and the party can begin!

5th children’s birthday: design your own invitation cards with ink, pens and more

Colored motifs quickly turn a simple piece of white cardboard into a small work of art. Lütten can paint and print with everything your heart desires: corks, potato slices, stamps, fingers or your own hand. Also funny: If the youngsters would like a trip to the barefoot park, for example, a footprint with colored ink would be a perfect motif. Important information such as the date, time and birthday wishes can then simply be written on the back of the individually printed card with a pen.


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