Children’s birthday detective

A very special birthday party – a detective theme party.
Everything about the mysterious detectives who are looking for traces and will soon solve many puzzles and solve secrets.
From the detective invitation to tricky detective games to puzzling decorations, an exciting detective dinner and a trace birthday cake.
You can find out more about the mysterious detective party here …

Detective Invitation

(You can find detailed handicraft instructions at: Invitation detective party)

Decoration tips for the detective party

(detailed instructions for handicrafts can be found at: tinkering detective tracks)

• Magnifying glasses, binoculars, handcuffs, flashlights, tweezers, etc..

• Jogger gums from Katjes (available in a well-stocked supermarket)

Traces of katjes

Detective disguise ideas for guests

(the detailed handicraft instructions can be found here: shield cap detective)

Giveaways for guests on the subject of detectives

Just get inexpensive magnifying glasses. So you can equip each detective guest with a magnifying glass, which will be useful to him later in the search.

Detective Gift Ideas

detective badge

Every guest and the birthday child receive a detective birthday
(detailed handicraft instructions: detective ID)

Ideas for the detective birthday cake and detective party feast

detective cake

(the detailed recipe can be found at: detective cake)

detective cookies

Cookie cutters for detectives

(You can find the detailed cookie recipe at: Cookies to bake)

Mysterious cupcakes
Bake the muffins with the dough of your choice.
In the raw dough, which you have already filled in the muffin cases, you put a glass marble wrapped in aluminum foil.
The aluminum foil must be covered with dough.
Then you bake them as usual.
Before eating, you have to explain to the detectives that they have to examine their muffin first.

You can find various muffin recipes here: Muffins Children’s Birthday

detective Pizza
Make a normal pizza dough and roll it out on a baking sheet.
Spread spiced tomato sauce or chunky tomatoes on top and garnish with your ingredients detective symbols such as a question mark made from ham pieces or a magnifying glass made from corn and pepper pieces, etc.

You can also bake small “phantom image pizzas”.
You can find the recipe at: Baking pizza faces

Phantom image breads with vegetables
Prepare delicious vegetable faces on slices of bread or slices of toast.
Every child is allowed to put their own “phantom picture” on their bread.

You can find the detailed recipe here: Vegetable Faces

Pasta with blood sauce
Just cook pasta with tomato sauce.
Children love them and the red tomato sauce looks like blood from a murder.

Detective Games

Lots of great and exciting detective games like
– Secret mail
– Play in the dark
– Detective exam
– Murder in the dark
– Securing the crime scene
– The search of the perpetrator based on the traces and clues
– The phantom picture
and many more can be found here:
detective Games


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