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When it comes to eating on children’s birthdays, the days of hamburgers, fries and Co. are numbered. We show you which healthy dishes you rock the birthdays with and how you can make them look good.

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Which snacks are suitable for a children’s birthday party?

When the child gets a year older, it means: it’s party time! But the days of hot dogs, hamburgers and sweets are over, if you want to score with the little guests, you have to pay a little more. In spite of everything, the dishes should not be too big calorie bombs, because even on children’s birthdays, care should be taken to ensure balanced and healthy recipes that contain little sugar and are still filling and tasty.

You should pay attention to this when eating for a children’s birthday party:

  • Dietary restrictions and food allergies: For a toddler party, it’s usually best to stay away from highly allergenic foods like peanuts.
  • Healthy ingredients: Keep the menu as healthy as possible. You can certainly offer some delicious sweets, but also try to balance the menu with healthy ingredients shape.
  • Portions and dishes: Children can have their own heads when eating. So there is hardly a dish that all children will like. Therefore, I recommend that you always make several small dishes so that there is something for every guest.
  • Appealing presentation: Children will have more fun eating the more lovingly and playfully a recipe is prepared. You can use your imagination Freerunning to let.
  • Adequate preparation: The dishes should be ready before the party starts. This way you save yourself longer hours in the kitchen and can devote your full attention to the little guests.

Hearty recipes for children’s birthday parties

When it comes to eating on a children’s birthday party, there is hardly any way around hearty dishes. The advantage is that they are suitable for lunchtime, afternoon and evening.

Pasta frittata muffins

Children love pasta – no wonder they are delicious and versatile. How about not serving spaghetti and Co. normally, but putting them in a muffin tin and baked with tomato sauce and mozzarella? The kids will love this creation.

Pasta with a difference: pasta frittata muffins. Photo: SevenCooks

Pizza snails on a stick

If you ask children what they would like to eat, then pizza should be at the top of the ranking. For a children’s birthday party, the classic is particularly suitable as a pizza snail on a stick. The mini-pizzas are plastered with just a few bites and the fingers stay clean.

Your fingers will stay clean: pizza slugs on a stick. Photo: SevenCooks

Corn and vegetable rosti

Mostly buffers are made from potatoes. The small buffers can also be made from corn and beans. A pea hummus dip can be served with it, which not only looks eerily beautiful, but is also incredibly delicious.

The alternative to the potato pancake: corn-vegetable buffer. Photo: SevenCooks

Hash browns sticks

Quickly made, delicious and popular with children: a perfect combination when it comes to eating at children’s birthday parties. The sticks are also easy to prepare and just have to be put in the pan quickly before eating.

Ideal finger food: Rösti sticks. Photo: SevenCooks

Reading tips on the subject "Cooking for kids":

Sweet recipes for children’s birthday parties

If you are planning a children’s birthday, you should not only think about the main meals, but also about small sweet dishes that the children can eat throughout the day. We have collected a few inspirations for you.

Peanut Butter Popcorn

With popcorn, most parents’ alarm bells are likely to ring. Because the popped corn is often added to tons of sugar. Our recipe for peanut butter popcorn shows that it doesn’t have to be, which contains significantly less refined sugar but tastes just as sweet.

Healthy snack: peanut butter popcorn. Photo: SevenCooks

Chocolate Crossies

Our homemade chocolate crossies are a quick snack. The sweets are on the table in less than 15 minutes. The great thing about them is that you can easily make a large amount so that you can make every guest happy. Depending on which chocolate you use, the snack is also completely vegan.

Quick snack recipe: chocolate crossies. Photo: SevenCooks

cake pops

For a couple of years they are the star on every cake buffet: the cake pops. Small cakes or pastries that are skewered and nicely decorated. According to me, cake pops shouldn’t be missing on any children’s birthday party.

Just the right portion of cake: Cake Pops. Photo: SevenCooks

Vegan Americans

Americans are an absolute classic and must not be missing on any children’s birthday party. My tip: pour the icing over the pastries together with the children and then let the little ones decorate their own creations as they wish. Not only do the children’s eyes shine – especially for the little ones: it tastes twice as good when you have made it yourself.

The classic must not be missing: Vegan Americans. Photo: SevenCooks

How do I prepare the dishes for the children’s birthday party??

"The eye eats with" – that is a well-known saying when it comes to food. And there is still a lot of truth behind it today. If a meal does not look appealing, then it is better to resort to something else. These tips can help you with the appealing presentation:

  • A mix of brilliant colors on the plate appeals to young and old
  • Hide unloved vegetables by mashing them under sauces
  • Give your creations new names, children always find that funny
  • Faces in the food also have a great effect on the little ones
  • Funny shapes like "Stars cucumber" or "Heart Kohlrabi" are also preferred to be eaten, all you need is different cookie cutters

I have put together a few inspirations that can help you for the upcoming children’s birthday:

Penguins made of olives

Olives and children – this is a combination that only rarely fits. But with a bit of skill, you’re guaranteed to get every child to try at least one olive. With a few simple steps you can make penguins from olives, carrots and cream cheese.

Look especially cute: penguins made of olives. Photo: SevenCooks

Jelly shots

Jelly or jelly is always a hit with children. No wonder, even adults still enjoy the brilliant colors and the wobbly consistency. If you want to reinterpret the jelly, fill the mass in half a hollowed-out orange peel. Once the pudding is firm, you can slice the orange.

A small portion of it is clear: jelly shots. Photo: SevenCooks

Veggie train

This ingenious nibble not only testifies to the greatest possible creativity, but also races with full steam into every child’s heart. At a birthday party, the veggie train is sure to be a highlight that will get the little ones to hearty about the healthy vegetable freight train.

Healthy snacks for in between: Veggie Train. Photo: SevenCooks

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Didn’t you find the right recipe ideas for you? No problem. We have put together a recipe collection with other dishes in which you will surely find what you are looking for: small guests – large party


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