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Here are the ideal games for a successful children’s birthday party! With potting and co. keep the birthday child and birthday guests in a good mood!

A children’s birthday party without great birthday games? How boring! Word will quickly get around in kindergarten and schools. So spice up the children’s birthday parties with the great children’s games presented here.

Mouse beeps once

In this fun children’s game, a child must recognize the other children blindfolded. The only help is to hear a single “beep” from the children.

The balloon run

Ballooning is a very special race for children. A pair of balloons must always be clamped between two participants and a course successfully mastered.

Now it’s getting tight

This is a dance competition. The children dance to music on a double-sided daily newspaper. Little by little this is folded up further, thus reducing the couple’s dance floor.

Quiet, you little mouse

This is a fun place change game for children. While one child is blindfolded, the other children must sneak around them as quietly as possible so that they are not caught.

Everything in the bucket

Everything in the bucket is a fun ball game for children. As a "guardian", one child tries to prevent the other children from throwing their balls into a bucket.

Race with the seven-mile boot

This child’s play is an alternative to sack jumping. While the children are in rubber boots that are much too large, they have to walk a pre-prepared route. The first to reach the goal has won.

Hop, hop, little flea!

In this children’s game, the children try to hit the feet of the selected “flea” with a ball. To avoid the ball, "The Flea" must always hop over the ball that is rolling. Preparation material: a ball The children count out a flea and …

Hide and catch

Everyone knows these two classic children’s games. Hiding and catching are already played extensively in kindergarten. Different variations of the game style always bring new fun. Great combination of fun, games and outdoor sporting activities.

Wheelbarrow racing

A lot of strength and endurance is required in wheelbarrow racing, but at the same time it is also trained. Which is why it’s a great birthday game for children is not only fun, but also involves sporting activity.

sack race

This classic game requires strong legs. Sack hopping is about speed, just not when running, but when hopping. Great children’s birthday game for outdoors in good weather.

Blindman’s Buff

The Blind Cow is a classic catch game and an absolute classic for children. While one child is blindfolded, it must try to catch the other children.

Fishermen, fishermen, how deep is the water?

A great children’s birthday game for outdoors with lots of fun and exercise. The children have to move in different ways while the fisherman tries to catch them.

apple biting

In this children’s birthday game, children with a large mouth are far ahead. Because when you bite an apple, whoever eats your apple the quickest wins.

Apple diving

In this fun birthday game, the children only have to use their mouths to dive for apples that are in a large water bowl. Have fun and good mood for adults too.

Mehlschne >Skill game for children

In this game for the children’s birthday, the kids have to show a steady hand and cleverness. "Pieces" of a mountain of flour must be cut off with a knife without the piece of chocolate lying on it slipping.


When beating the pot, the children have to "find" a hidden saucepan with a wooden spoon. The problem with this: The child wears a blindfold and is only guided by the help of other children.

Trip to Jerusalem

In the birthday game Journey to Jerusalem, the children have to demonstrate speed and skill. While the music is playing, the kids run around a circle of chairs. If the music goes out – everyone has to sit down. The problem: a chair is missing.

The chocolate fight

In this children’s birthday game, the children try to eat a bar of chocolate one after the other. However, they face a number of obstacles.

The best games for children’s birthday

See the glow in her eyes. Feel the enthusiasm with which the children take part in the individual games and know that they enjoy it. The children’s birthday games in different variations make it possible.

Children’s birthday games – they entertain the little guests best

There are countless ideas for this. You can play, jump and run around. A successful children’s birthday doesn’t just include hot chocolate and a birthday cake with candles. This also includes children’s birthday games, which make the party with the little guests even more lively give. Group games for indoors and outdoors are a must to entertain the guests.

Children’s birthday games for indoors

They are very easy to organize and the big plus is that the children are always supervised by their parents. The children’s birthday game is connected with little effort – whisper mail. Because every child can say what will come of it, it will be clear. Also dance games of all kinds to practice a great attraction for the children. What is needed for such a dance game is just a balloon, this should be held between the two small dance partners as long as possible. Who will be the master in chocolate food? The Schokokus betting dinner will show. And in with the next chocolate focus. If you have enough toilet paper rolls at home, you can also play the mummy game. Teams are formed and a child is wrapped up as a mummy. The fun in wrapping is certain. The famous recognition games are also a lot of fun. Which hand is this or which leg belongs to which child? Kneading has become the children’s favorite toy. Why not play a round of modeling clay, one child always kneads and the others have to guess which character it is.

Children’s birthday games for outdoors

Then the good old classics come back to life. Because everyone knows the game: who is afraid of the black man. Or who will be the ox on the mountain. Since there is an adventurer slumbering in every child, it makes sense to go on a treasure hunt together with the children. The treasure hunt must of course be prepared in advance by the parents.

Children’s birthday games for 3 year olds

They are kept very simple and are limited to romping and playing, less to the skill of the little guests. They usually take place indoors.

Children’s birthday games for 4 and 5 year olds

They are in good hands with their children’s games outside and inside. The toilet paper mummy is already great fun for this age group. Or go hunting for detective in the garden. The trail has already been laid by the parents.

Children’s birthday games for 6 and 7 year olds

Children of this age can feel things well. The chocolate or chocolate focussing meal can also be held without much mess.

Children’s birthday games for 8 to 10 year olds

Dance games of all kinds are ingenious for these children. When this age is reached, the children can already take on the pact of the game master. The scavenger hunt can begin or potting inside is great fun. 8 to 10 year olds are so self-determined that they know exactly what they want to play.

Entertaining children with the right birthday games – how to!

Children’s birthdays are usually very simple. Mood quickly arises. However, this evaporates very quickly when the little guests are not well entertained. For this reason, the appropriate children’s games for a birthday should never be forgotten. They are considered the engine for the good mood among the little ones. After all, every child’s enthusiasm and mood for play are quickly aroused. It doesn’t matter whether the child is 3 years old or has been at school for a few years and is 10 years old.


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