Children’s birthday geocaching in mühlhausen thuringia as a team event across the country

The GPS set for the children’s birthday party

Geocaching children’s birthday Mühlhausen Thuringia – the set to borrow

As Geocaching children’s birthday party we have designed age-appropriate Geocaching sets prepared. Geocaching is the ideal adventure for children (and adults). With a spirit of research and curiosity, the young explorers pursue hidden secrets. For this we use the technology of the GPS satellite (the Global Positioning System) and with the help of a supplied GPS satellite receiver, the children can follow the instructions hidden by the parents in order to finally find a treasure. But don’t worry, the set is so prepared that parents can easily use it as a complete geocaching newcomer.

The course of the geocaching children’s birthday

The solution of eight great stations leads the children’s birthday geocachers and treasure hunters to the target coordinate, where the treasure is waiting for its finders. A flair, a combination, but also a careful reading of the story are the recipes for success in this exciting geocaching adventure. The treasure hunt takes about 2.5 – 3 hours.

Preparing a children’s geocaching birthday

With the help of our game leader manual, you can prepare geocaching easily. Newbies and beginners are introduced to geocaching and GPS devices with the manual. You need about 3 hours as preparation time.

You can also read an independent report on the event here:

The three variants of the Geocaching children’s birthday set:

Geocaching children’s birthday treasure hunt Mühlhausen Thuringia

The Viking treasure, for children from 8 to 11 years old

there is our kids birthday geocaching treasure hunt. There is a valuable one viking Finding treasure, the mysterious letter from the old museum director puts the children on the trail…. The kids head for eight GPS coordinates, on which varied and age-appropriate geocaching tasks need to be found and solved. Each station contains a hidden treasure that is posed with a challenging puzzle. The entire event follows a continuous thread.

Geocaching children’s birthday treasure hunt Mühlhausen Thuringia

Princess Lajla’s throne, for children from 8 to 11 years old

Alternative to the treasure hunt "the Viking treasure": Also with this treasure hunt there are eight stations at which exciting and challenging geocaching stations have to be found and solved in order to finally find the treasure. As always, the event follows a captivating and child-friendly story. Great accessories and imaginative stations take the children into a mystical world full of puzzles and adventures. This event also follows a common thread and is suitable for boys and girls.

Geocaching Children’s Birthday Detectives Adventure Mühlhausen Thuringia

The detectives, for children from 11 to 14 years

The famous children’s birthday detective adventure as geocaching. The prey from a mysterious thief series must be found again. Here too, varied and age-appropriate geocaching tasks are found and solved at a total of eight “crime scenes”. The kids slip into the role of detectives and use black light, mirrors, magnets and all kinds of other utensils to solve challenging tasks until the trail finally leads to the lost prey …

Our tour is "the detectives" >Suitable for boys and girls.

The complete set for a geocaching children’s birthday Mühlhausen Thuringia

Here you can find a complete event set "for do-it-yourself" book:

You will receive a package from us with all the necessary utensils: GPS device, eight different accessories for the stations, road books with finished puzzles for the kids, a treasure chest and of course an easy-to-understand manual for you to set up the treasure hunt right outside your front door, e.g. in the city park or in the adjacent forest.

With this booking option, you yourself “put” the geocache for your children. It’s easy and fun too.

Tip: many "Geocaching newcomers" are afraid that this is too complicated. This worry is completely unfounded. Even people without any previous geocaching experience can easily lay out the cache for the children with the help of our perfect operating instructions.

You should plan around three hours to set up the event.

We send the event set about eight days before the start of the event so that there is enough time for the children to set up the route before the day of the event. Unfortunately, a shorter booking is not possible for logistical reasons!

After the event, simply put everything back in the shipping box and send the package back to us immediately by post.

How to book:

Please search first an appointment here Then you will be given further options (number of GPS devices and small groups), any additional costs and more transparent appropriate.

Price for the package € 125.00,
incl. 19% VAT (105.04 net)

Services Birthday Geocaching Mühlhausen Thuringia

  • booking process
  • Concept of the event
  • all necessary equipment and event utensils
  • 1 GPS device with spare batteries
  • Event manual (operating instructions)
  • eight stations
  • Parcel delivery to you 8 days before the start of the event (only for shipping in Germany) **
  • Return parcel label for returning the set to us (only for shipping in Germany)
  • ** for shipping abroad, the actual shipping fees will be determined and calculated

Please note the additional services for more than one team! (see dates / prices / booking)

Info Children’s Birthday Geocaching Mühlhausen Thuringia

Geocaching is a modern scavenger hunt using GPS devices. This was developed in 2000 and has enjoyed great popularity worldwide since then. The game mode is simple – coordinates are used to navigate from a given starting point to a target point using the GPS receiver. At the destination, it is usually a matter of finding a can or solving a puzzle. Once a can or a riddle has been found / solved, you enter it in the existing logbook, exchange items from the can and you are done or move on to the next coordinate.

Children’s birthday sets
Our event sets are specially designed events for children’s birthdays. The tour lasts approx. 2.5 – 3 hours and can be carried out anywhere in Germany. The treasure hunt is for a Team aligned. A GPS device and a road book are included. However, if required, you can also form several teams (for an additional charge). Accordingly, more road books and more GPS devices will be made available.

FAQ Children’s Birthday Geocaching Mühlhausen Thuringia

I would like to book the set, but have no idea how it works. Is this a problem?
No problem. You will receive all utensils and an easy-to-understand manual. This makes it very easy for people without experience to set up a tour. However, you have to plan about three hours for this and be ready to deal with the matter. "By the way" it is rather not.

Can the kids do the tour then "alone" carry out?
We recommend that at least one adult per team accompanies the children on the tour.

We live very rural and would like to hold the event. Is that possible?
Yes this is not a problem.

The event can be held anywhere?
Yes, it is possible everywhere. Whether in the city or in the country. Parks, a piece of forest or a residential area are very suitable.


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