Children’s birthday in oberursel

Oberursel, located in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt am Main and the second largest city in the Hochtaunus district, is in great demand as a residential area due to its geographical location and climatic conditions. Surrounded by fields, meadows and forests of the Hochtaunus, Oberursel is the hometown for almost 45,000 inhabitants. The town, with its historic old town, which is located in the center and has been extensively renovated with great effort and financial expenditure, can refer to a thousand-year history. In 1444 Oberursel was granted city rights, but the first mention under the name “Ursella” was made in 791 AD in a deed of donation to the nearby Lorsch Abbey.

History is omnipresent in Oberursel and is conveyed to the little ones in a playful and amusing way. In the Vortaunus Museum, right on the market square, in the heart of the city, children can learn about the history of their city on children’s birthday parties, during holidays and as part of thematic tours know learn and be creative in their own way. The Spectaculum, Fresserey, Saufferey, Mittelalterfresserey, Spielerey and Gauklerey, celebrates the children’s birthday with active kids and relaxed mothers and fathers as a medieval feast with food and drink and sporting activities. If you want to perfect your dexterity with your birthday guests and make small, fine things yourself at the children’s birthday party, the FilzMania felt workshop by Sibylle Sayn-Hieronymi in Oberursel is in good hands. Not only can a creative children’s birthday party be celebrated here, the courses for adults are also characterized by the desire and mood for creative activity.

Of course there are a lot of wild guys in Oberursel who are in the mood for movement and action. A children’s birthday at the football school in Oberursel is suitable for this gang of rattles. Up to 20 children between the ages of 5 and 14 can chase the leather ball over 3 hours to their heart’s content and try to sink it into the opponent’s box. A different kind of sporting activity is about speed on the slopes. Oberursel has been the cradle of soapbox races in Germany since 1904. The Vortaunus Museum is devoted to the topic of soap boxes and the racing tradition in Oberursel in an extensive and interesting permanent exhibition. A truly rapid children’s birthday would be building your own soap box as a team and participating in the annual race in the old town. The association Kunstgriff e.V. has been organizing this highlight in Oberursel since summer 2009 and offers various construction plans for hobbyists and those who want to become one. Those who do not want to construct, but rather only want to feel the wind, can apply to the club for a rental box.

Oberursel offers a lot of green to spend the warm season outdoors under the open sky. A children’s birthday party with a picnic and fun and games is a special event for the very youngest jubilees. The Maasgrund playground, recently renovated and redesigned, invites families to linger on sunny days. Fortunately, the region has the meteorological phenomenon of the “Orscheler Sonnenloch”, which surrounds it the town the sun is covered with rain clouds and the sun only shines in Oberursel. But even outside the city walls there is a lot to experience and discover on a children’s party at a country party. A children’s birthday party on the farm, with haymaking, stable work and animal care and then baking stick bread or cake feasts, makes the cheeks of the tots glow and their eyes shine. You can return to the roots and beginnings of the city in the Lorsch Monastery, which is a good 45 minutes’ drive away. At the children’s birthday party and various offers for young and old, those interested can experience history in the historic walls to try out and touch.

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