Children’s birthday in the landscape park duisburg-nord

Landscape park Duisburg-Nord: in the Landscape park Duisburg-Nord the children spend an exciting birthday party with your friends. On various tours, small explorers explore the blast furnace, explore the park during a rally or roam the grounds in the dark. [from 8 to 18 years]

Various tours through the Duisburg-Nord landscape park are available at birthday party in the Landscape park Duisburg-Nord for optional. at "Dogs, fox and oven sow" A park guide welcomes children between 8 and 12 years old and accompanies them through the park for 90 minutes. He has a mysterious one in his luggage material box, which the little researchers are curiously examining. The park guide then accompanies them to the blast furnace and explains how the system works in a child-friendly way.

The "Secret of the hut" explore children from 12 years on with an adventurous rally through the Duisburg-Nord landscape park. Depending on the age of the children, different levels of difficulty can be mastered. At the beginning, the park guide divides the children into different groups and gives a brief introduction. Equipped with blind cards, task lists and a special one material backpack the teams then explore the site. During the 90-minute rally, all participants should wear weatherproof clothing.

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Children’s birthday in Paderborn

Are you looking for an exciting children’s birthday offer in Paderborn? We have put together a few examples. You can celebrate in the museum, on the indoor playground, in the swimming pool or at the football club. Anyone looking for a children’s birthday offer in Paderborn and the surrounding area will definitely find it. Climbing at the children’s birthday in Paderborn Climbing in the climbing hall XI. There are four offers for the children .

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Children’s birthday at the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Paderborn

Children’s birthday in Paderborn: there is a lot for the children to experience at the children’s birthday in the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum. The children sit down in varied museum educational programs and adolescents apart from the exhibits and win many new impressions. [from 4 years]

Children’s birthday at the Detmold open-air museum

Children’s birthday in Detmold: The diverse museum educational programs in the LWL open-air museum in Detmold offer themselves as a supporting program for a children’s birthday. From the museum exploration to the animals in the museum, songs, stories and games to the wax workshop, everything is included. [from 4 years]


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