Children’s birthday in the railway museum

. young visitors can go on a treasure hunt in the Bochum Railway Museum.
We are happy to set up our thematic program "Steel, steam & detectives" for your children.
The total duration is approximately 2.5 hours and is for max. 10 children and 2 accompanying persons.
The program is offered for ages 6-9 and 9-12 years.

  • Child-friendly tour
  • scavenger hunt
  • detective test
  • eat & Drink

For a little refreshment, a small picnic with self-organized food and drinks is recommended (so you are welcome to bring your own drinks and food to our museum.)

You can by request but also order drinks and food from us.

We offer you for children’s birthdays in the Railway Museum on pre-order the following dishes:

* Spaghetti with spicy Bolognese
* Homemade potato salad with bockwurst
* Tortellini in ham and cream sauce
* Chicken fingers with mango dip and colorful pasta salad
* Schnitzel with tomato sauce and potato wedges
* Fried saithe with spinach leaves and mashed potatoes
* Small grilled sausages with potato gratin

Pre-orders are possible on all days except Sundays and public holidays.

Between March and October, delivery on Sundays and public holidays is only possible until 12 noon.
Orders for Sundays and public holidays are not possible during the winter break.

How long is the program? "Steel, steam & detectives ?

The program moves in an approximate time frame of two and a half hours.

What treasure is there to find, how long does the treasure hunt take and how does it go??

For the treasure hunt is about one half a hour planned. The children look for the key to a locked suitcase that was found in the museum. You have to decipher various clues (photo puzzle, word-picture-mystery, . ) and arrive after a small one "scavenger hunt" then to where the key is hidden. The important Places for this search for information was also introduced in the tour. In the case itself there are small gifts that you bring with you (bags with sweets, for example).

At what time does a meal break take place? Who takes care of the food?

A small picnic break is planned after the children’s tour, so that the children can fortify themselves in between. Food and drinks can be brought along or ordered through our caterer.

On which dates can a birthday party take place and how can you book?

We cannot hold children’s birthdays on Sundays and public holidays. The time and dates are agreed individually after an email request and confirmed on a booking form. The recommended age of 6 years should not be undercut.

How much does a child’s birthday cost??

The children’s birthday program in the Railway Museum costs € 190.00

This includes the participation of max. 10 children and 2 accompanying persons.

Our programs for children’s birthdays are very popular and need some preparation.
When planning, please note that the lead times can be approximately 3-4 weeks.


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