Children’s birthday in winter: outdoor games

Reading time: 3 minutes If you celebrate a children’s birthday in winter, you need lots of games for the rascals to let off steam in the fresh air. Our party games for children get your party going.

Celebrate children’s birthday in winter: Many games for children

Children’s birthday in winter: outdoor games

Find pair of movements

You need a lot of children for this game. They each whisper the same specifications into two children’s ears, for example from the areas of sports, animals, and professions. The children don’t know who got the same term from them. Therefore, try to present this term pantomime and find the partner whose movements match the term.

Race a little differently

You need 2 pairs of much too big winter boots, 2 big winter jackets, 2 scarves, gloves and hats. Two children each compete for a fixed distance. After the starting shot, the competitors put on their clothes. It is very funny to walk in clothes that are too big.

exchange of passes

You need a ball and several sticks. The children only pass the ball to the next man with the help of two sticks.

Alternative: The children pass a stone by balancing it on the foot.

Alternative: The children try to pass on a table tennis ball with a table tennis racket.

Inflate balloon

You need a balloon and a stick for each child. Set a route for the competition. Which child is the quickest to move the balloon to its destination? Attention, the balloon may only be moved with the stick. If he bursts, the child has lost.

Community transport

You need two old blankets. The children form two teams. One child stands on the blanket, the others hold the blanket by the edges. Now it is important to be the first to reach the goal. When the children lift the blanket, the child has to jump up. It is not allowed to carry the child.

lumberjack competition

You need a log, nails and hammer. The children hit a nail into the wood one after the other. Who needs the fewest punches?

Aviator contest

You need colored paper. Each child builds a paper plane, preferably in a different color. Possibly give the plane names. Which plane covers the longest distance?


You need a sack with lots of objects (pen, spoon, mirror, eraser, ruler, calculator, bottle opener). Please no sharp or sharp objects. Place one or two items in the sack at a time. A child reaches inside and tries to guess the objects only by touching them. Exchange the items for the next child.

Clothespin Catch

You need 4 clothespins in one color per child. Possibly music.
Each child tries to clip their clothes pegs to other children. The game ends after a certain time frame. Whoever has the most clothes pegs loses.

images magic

At the end of the celebration there is a creative task. The children collect natural materials such as stones, sticks and leaves. from that shape all together a beautiful picture on the ground. Be sure to photograph this artwork!

Children’s birthday in winter: games in the snow

Build snow monsters

Start this task right at the beginning of the celebration before the snow is kicked flat by the children. Divide the children into small groups. Your task is to build a little monster out of snow. Which monster is particularly creepy? Remember to take pictures of the snow monsters.

Snowball Game

All children are in a circle. The birthday child forms a ball of any size from snow. Now everyone is throwing the ball at each other. If the ball is not caught, the child is “in love”. The next mistake is "engaged", then "married" and then "divorced". The child is eliminated from the last mistake.

Snowball target throw

You need a target. Paint a face with a large round mouth on cardboard. Cut out your mouth, that’s the goal. Hang the cardboard target on a branch. The children form snowballs and try to throw them through their mouths.

downhill skiing

Every child or small group builds a sloping starting ramp along a straight starting line. Each child is allowed to form five snowballs and let them roll off their own launch pad. Which roll furthest?

sled fight

You need 2 sledges and a rope. Two children face each other on sledges and hold a rope. You have to try to pull the other off sledges without losing your balance.

Balloon Battle

You need several balloons. You need a limited field of approx. 2 x 2 meters. This is the neutral zone. Divide the children into 2 teams. They face each other, at a distance of approx. 3 meters from the neutral field in the middle. Here is the balloon. The children throw snowballs and try to drive the balloon into the opposing half.

Snowball throwing

You need several towels and a bucket. Two children each take a cloth and place a snowball in it. Now you have to throw the ball into a bucket by swinging the cloth together. Who needs the fewest attempts?

catching snowflakes

You need music. A game to let off steam. As long as the music is playing, the children run wildly like snowflakes. If the music stops, they remain on the spot in the respective pose.

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