Children’s birthday in winter, tambini

Is a child’s birthday the most beautiful in summer? Do you need sun and a garden for a theme party? We don’t believe that! Even in the cold season – from November to March – a terrific birthday party can be organized. After all, every birthday child deserves a great party – especially in winter when snow, ice, darkness and cold have to be defied. We have the right tips for one Children’s birthday between snowflakes and candlelight!

Children’s birthday in the snow

Unfortunately, snow cannot be planned. But if the opportunity arises, it is particularly fun for the birthday child and his guests to romp around between ice and snow. Especially when sledges and toboggan runs are not far! Here are a few tips for a birthday party in the snow:

• The right clothes: The most important thing is warm things. Because with the right clothing, nothing stands in the way of a toboggan run or building snowmen. It is best to point out in the invitation that the little birthday guests should also bring warm clothes. Then nobody is guaranteed to freeze.

• Outdoor games: Clearly, sledding or ice skating are classics. They are part of an exuberant snow party. They could host a little winter Olympics with their birthday crew. Who throws the snowball farthest? Who is the fastest to sled down the mountain? After that, the birthday giveaway awaits all winter athletes as a reward.

• In the dark:
It gets dark early in the winter months. You should take this into account when planning your birthday party. Maybe you have the opportunity to start the celebration earlier? Instead of 2 or 3 p.m., a party from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m. would also be conceivable. Or you can use the darkness for yourself and go on a short night hike with torches or a lantern procession. Afterwards there is hot chocolate for all brave night hikers.

With the unpredictable weather, there can be no harm in providing an alternative to romping around in the snow – so that the weather doesn’t spoil your birthday party. How about, for example, a trip to the ice rink or to an indoor playground? But a children’s birthday party within your own four walls also offers a lot of fun for the birthday child and birthday guests!

Children’s birthday in the warm room
Nothing speaks against a children’s birthday party in your own four walls. Usually only a little preparation is required. Think about which room is best for the children. Is it the nursery or maybe your living room? This room becomes the main birthday camp for the loaded rascals. Clear away everything that may be annoying (for Example of Coffee table or your favorite vase) and spread out blankets and pillows so that you can also sit on the floor. Several small light sources provide even more comfort than a spotlight on the ceiling. Who wants to go outside now??

• theme party: A theme party with the right disguise, games and decoration fits in every season. Clearly, some games cannot be played in your own four walls. Then you just have to rethink a little – for example, a sports hall nearby can be booked for an hour or two for a football party. Or you make a declaration of war to winter with a summer Hawaiian party. Raffskirts also look great with woolen tights and fruity juices taste just as good in winter. Almost every motto is possible, it may have to be adjusted a little.

• Handcraft & To bake:
The perfect activity for indoors is tinkering, painting or baking especially in winter. No matter if handicraft workshop or mini bakery, prepare on best the "work place" before the birthday party and have the necessary utensils ready. If you have decided on a theme party, you can also design or prepare something with the appropriate motto. An excavator is being made for the construction site birthday, and sea cookies baked for the underwater world birthday.

• Movie night:
If you have prepared a cozy mattress camp, a film screening is available at the end of the children’s birthday party. When it’s dark outside and you’re making popcorn, it’s in no way inferior to going to the movies, is it? If your birthday guests are a bit older, you can also organize a pajama party. Nobody is interested in the weather or the season anymore!


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