Children’s birthday in wuppertal

Children’s birthday in Wuppertal: Where can you still celebrate the children’s birthday in Wuppertal? If you ponder this as a mother or father or child, you will get lots of great tips here! You can go to the radio, the zoo or the climbing hall, but also to the riding school, geocaching or bubble soccer. You can get many more tips here!

Celebrate children’s birthdays in Wuppertal!

In nature or with animals

It goes out into nature with the Station nature and environment. Whoever celebrates here, for example, goes to the realm of fairies and elves, becomes a forest Indian, robber or magician. A natural rally, survival training or a Harry Potter adventure can also be on the program. More information at Station nature and environment.

Wild animals are part of the children’s birthday party at Wuppertal Zoo. The children then explore the zoo with a zoo guide, for example under the motto Junior Ranger, Zoo Olympiad or a research tour. More information at

Mondays and Thursdays from 3 p.m., the birthday can be on the Children’s and youth farm to be celebrated. After a greeting, the animals, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, ferrets and chickens are welcomed. The children learn a lot about the keeping, care and peculiarities of the animals. After a break, the children get to know the ponies. They are cleaned and then they go for a walk. More information at

Donkeys are on the Natural adventure courtyard on Dönberg. There are many topics to choose from. For example, the children go on a forest, meadow and stream excursion as a naturalist, brook detective or track reader. Or they are looking for a treasure in the magic forest or even get a donkey driving license. The topics are listed here:

Horse lovers come in the Family riding school Lembeck on your costs. The farm game is on the program as well as pony rides or a treasure hunt. You can find the birthday packages here:

Invites to the farm birthday Good hixwood on. There animals are petted and fed and there is a treasure hunt in the straw or a scavenger hunt across the yard – always tailored to the age of the children. Milking on the rubber udder, playing in the corn bath, playing chaos, an Olympiad or carving pumpkins can also be on the program. More information at

On the radio

The children can get to know a real radio station when they celebrate at Radio Wuppertal. You are not only guided through the station, but even produce your own radio program! You can take the CD with the show home with you. Children between 8 and 12 years old can celebrate here on Saturdays or Sundays from 11 a.m. Info:


in the Wupperwand climbing center it goes up high on children’s birthday. You can choose between the climbing birthday and the pirate birthday. With this, the children have to assert themselves as real climbing pirates. To do this, the group must pass adventurous tests and end up embarking on an exciting search for the legendary treasure.

Games, fun and sports can be wonderfully combined at a celebration in the Uppsala children’s park. The indoor playground offers a birthday table in a wish log, a children’s menu and a candy bag. The birthday child also receives a make-up voucher. More information is available here: Geocaching is one of them.

What does he like? Bubble soccer his? Here the players carry inflatable balls and play football with them. It’s really fun! For the children’s birthday the local football school has this in the program:

The adventure room of the Old fire station. One of the former fire department wagons was converted into an adventure area. There are now nets, bridges and towers that offer children creative climbing opportunities. The old hose tower was also converted into a climbing tower. On the one hand, the children can climb up with the help of nets and the original fire brigade ladders, on the other hand, slide bars were installed, with the help of which they can get back to earth. The children’s birthday party is a great climbing adventure here! Info:

The has many different topics for the sporting celebration SV Bayer Wuppertal on offer. Travel around the world, black grouse hunt, Harry Potter, crossboccia, children’s dance, all-terrain rally and many more are available for selection. More information at

If you like skating, you can party in the skated hall Wicked Woods. The entire hall is rented for one morning.


Geocaching is also offered by Murder in the park. Children from the 3rd class can take part in this exciting detective birthday. Equipped with GPS devices and detective equipment, the kids go in search of the perpetrator. A lot of action and movement are inevitable, because it will be traces wanted, secret messages decrypted and fingerprints compared. At some stations, tools from the equipment are needed to solve the puzzles. Team spirit and cleverness are required here! Registration at

And geocaching again, this time offered by Geocaching Wuppertal. After the greeting and an introduction to geocaching, the children look for a so-called multicache. To find the treasure, small clues or hiding spots have to be found at several stations and smaller puzzles have to be solved. More about the process at


It gets creative at Celebration in the Basti bus. This is a fully equipped workshop for children, just in a bus. Here is then tinkered and crafted. Invites to a painting course Maltopf all children between 6 and 14 years. The greatest masterpieces are created here with a lot of fun! Information at

In the museum

That offers two hours of coffee gossip, a gift giving and a musical hands-on program Children’s Museum Wuppertal for the big day. Handicrafts and a treasure hunt can be booked.


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