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Christoph Pribil alias "Circus Stoffl" is a passionate artist and all-rounder when it comes to children’s and youth events. Zirkus Stoffl comes to you with air castles, play and sports stations, creative stations, movement stations, adventure stations and creative stations. You can also do various shows for children– and book adults with him. Zirkus Stoffl and his team of magicians, jugglers, stilt walkers, pantomime and artists as well as acrobats are ready for you. Zirkus Stoffl provides you with a colorful mix of action, fun and movement.

Children’s birthday circus party

Have you always wanted to know how juggling works and how to sit on a unicycle? Zirkus Stoffl comes to your party with a funny magic circus show. He also brings a bouncy castle and models to you from balloons animals and much more. Finally, there is an LED show (light show) in a dark room

Children’s birthday football party

Under the motto football we come to your children’s birthday party. This package includes Luftburg soccer, also suitable indoors. Likewise a goal shot wall with speed measurement and a goal shot wall. This package can also be booked with an animator and other games.

Children’s birthday pirate party

Our pirate party includes our Luftburg pirate ship, a pirate with a great show and children’s program. The children’s program can be as follows shape: Treasure hunt with puzzles and treasure chest filled with sweets or little games. Balloon modeling with swords or parrots and much more. A children’s Olympics with pirate games and skill stations.

LED UV show

Description: Fascination glowing juggling devices in the dark simply inspires everyone. The artists play with various juggling devices which themselves glow thanks to LED technology. The performance includes LED juggling balls, LED juggling clubs, LED diabolos, LED pois, LED staff and LED pixel poi.
duration: The LED show lasts 15 minutes. (there should be a dark environment)

fire show

Description: Playing with fire is popular with every organizer. The artists play with various juggling devices that burn through fire and increase the difficulty of your performance. The performance includes fireballs, fireballs, fire diabolo, fire poi, Feuerstaff, fire laso and special effects with pyrotechnics (volcanoes, no fireworks).

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Circus Party
Sports Olympics
Pirate Party
Ballday vs. gameday
cancellation policy

If you have already booked or reserved a rental device, an event module or another movable rental object from us and have already confirmed this with a drawing by yourself, cancellation costs of at least 50% of the rental price will be incurred if you do not pick up and do not cancel.

Usage controls for air castles, bouncy castles and action games
rental conditions


  • Place the tarpaulin on a clean and level floor, pay attention to pointed objects.
  • Take the bouncy castle out of the transport bag, loosen the belts and roll them out.
  • Make sure the zipper openings are closed.
  • Now connect the hose and the blower well.
  • Connect the blower to the socket (220 V), switch on and let the air castle inflate.
  • Secure the bouncy castle using the pick-up hooks on the eyelets of the air castle. Fasten the weights well.


  • The Luftburg is used without shoes. Take off glasses, buttons, jewelry etc..
  • Food and drinks must not be taken into the bouncy castle. Chewing gum is also strictly prohibited.
  • Make-up children are not allowed in the Luftburg.
  • Objects that may not be taken into the air castle: pointed objects, branches, leaves, swords, balloons, etc.
  • The specified number of children and the age must not be exceeded.
  • Some bouncy castles have safety nets that cannot be jumped into.
  • Sitting or climbing up the walls of the bouncy castle is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to pull on the air castle walls or safety nets.
  • Parents are responsible for their children. The parents are responsible for willful damage to the Luftburg.


  • Make sure that all children have left Luftburg.
  • Now switch off the blower and remove it from the bouncy castle.
  • Depending on the bouncy castle, open the zippers, most of them are on the side.
  • Remove the fastening hook. Do not pull on the bouncy castle. Pull out the hook directly.
  • Depending on the air castle, fold it up in the system and roll it up.
  • Fasten the rolled up air castle with our belts. See illustration
  • Pull the transport bag over the air castle and close the bag.
  • Fastening hooks and tarpaulin are handed over cleanly.
  • A helper is required for dismantling during delivery and collection.
  • The organizer provides two helpers for the dismantling of air castles over 100 kg. (If no helpers can be provided, we allow ourselves to charge a hardship allowance of 20-50 euros net.)

Terms of Service:

  • The daily rent of an air castle is from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Sooner or longer times by arrangement.
  • The pick-up and return times must be adhered to as our warehouse is not constantly staffed. Differing collection and delivery times must also be announced in writing by email.
  • The bouncy castles are handed over with belts, a transport bag, tarpaulin and fastening material.
  • We are to be informed of any damage or soiling.
  • The tenant is liable for damage in the rental period.
  • The tenant guarantees to comply with the duty of supervision for the Luftburg.
  • Cancellation (except for bad weather cancellation *) is possible up to 10 days before the rental date, after which a 50% cancellation fee applies.
  • Payment and security deposit are made in cash upon collection.
  • The air castle is to be handed over cleanly. In the case of heavy soiling or wetness, a cleaning or drying fee of 30 to 50 will be charged.
  • A precise description of the delivery must be given. If the Luftburg cannot be delivered at ground level (stairs, floor, hill, mountain, no lift, etc.), an additional allowance of EUR 50 can be charged.
  • With incorrect information such as Additional costs can be charged for the delivery address. Depending on the amount of time and kilometers to the right event location will be charged separately,

* Bad weather cancellation: Please contact us


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