Children’s birthday parties – outdoor team games at the möhnesee

Today we want to meet and have a nice day. Want to eat cake, play and sing songs together. Want to romp, dance, celebrate, laugh, do all kinds of beautiful things. All friends are there and are happy with me, be you by my side too, thanks for that.

"Three things have remained from paradise for us:
the stars of the night, the flowers of the day
and children’s eyes. "

Dante Alighieri, Italian poet, 13th century

Parkour with a lot of Tasks such as.

  • Throw table tennis balls in the cones 6 meters away
  • box over
  • Balance the racket 5 meters forwards and backwards on a table tennis with a botsch ball
  • Darting with mental arithmetic
  • Throw the slices of friesbees into a container
  • Nailing on a block of wood
  • archery
  • tug of War
  • table tennis
  • Tennis on their own course
  • Football game or, if desired, also possible as a training session
  • Circuit training combined with team training
  • etc..

Duration: 3 hours

Blowgun shooting is an attractive sport and a lot of fun! Grandma, grandpa, father, mother, child, people with and without handicap – everyone can have fun together in the fair blowpipe match. Anyone who can blow out a candle or spit a core already fulfills the basic requirements.

In addition to a lot of fun, blowgun shooting has other positive aspects to offer. On the one hand it increases the ability to concentrate and on the other hand it increases the volume of the lungs.

The scavenger hunt, apart from the real one treasure Hunt, the tasks the most exciting part and makes hunting really exciting. Only by solving the individual tasks does the seeker gradually come closer to the treasure.
It is important to make the individual challenges as funny and exciting as possible so that the individual tasks of the scavenger hunt do not become boring ticking off. For this we have collected some tips and tricks, which you can then freely integrate into your own scavenger hunt as you wish.

An important incentive here is that you can also independently think about individual tasks that are then tailored to your own life situation.

It is very difficult to formulate blanket proposals here. After all, we cannot know in advance whether we are looking for tasks specifically for a children’s birthday party, a team event, your family outing or a bachelor party.
In addition, we write other smart ideas for new adventures, such as a scavenger hunt in the forest with crossing obstacles with self-developed, creative aids.
If you have any questions about tasks, topics or puzzles, please let us know and we will stop smoke!


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