Children’s birthday – tips and ideas for all ages

All parents of toddlers know how important a child’s birthday is. The festival can be much more important for the younger generation than your own birthday. As a child, of course, you want to have the honor of determining the guest list yourself and inviting your own friends to a fun event! And then there will most certainly be a lot of presents, a delicious cake and sweets. That makes the day the very best!

Children’s birthday for 3-5 year olds

A children’s birthday party with friends of the birthday child usually begins at the age of 3 or 4 years. If you want to invite the entire group from preschool, you can expect a bit of chaos. Or you consist of the rule that the birthday child may invite so many guests as long as it is old. Then the festival will not be that big. At such an early age of the child, we advise to keep the child’s birthday as short as possible. The longer the festival lasts, it will not be more exciting for the children. The festival is always intense for small children, so it is advisable to hold a birthday party as long as the children have energy. Usually about 1.5 to 2 hours are very pleasant. Add to that the parents of toddlers often with for children’s birthday come. This can of course be helpful. Plan so that parents can retreat somewhere with a cup of coffee. You don’t necessarily have to offer a buffet to parents; it’s a children’s birthday. However, it requires politeness and coffee or tea is accepted with gratitude by most parents. Many host the first children’s birthday at home. But you can also go to an amusement park. Such a place is very practical because you can celebrate with many guests. Nevertheless, it costs admission and is a festival in standard format. As a result, the child cannot invite to its own children’s birthday party and one celebrates in a strange environment.

It’s best to set a topic for the children’s birthday tight and let the kids dress up if they want. Most find it very exciting! Princesses, pirates and superheroes in particular are favorite topics for young children.

Write a plan for the child’s birthday! The more you organize the celebration with games and activities, the less complicated it becomes. “Free play” alone works well if the children know each other well. But when a larger group comes to the children’s birthday party, a plan with a few activities is very helpful. You won’t go wrong if you start your child’s birthday with something simple. It is usually a good idea to have something to eat with the children before eating the inevitable sweets. Prepare easy games such as Dosenwerfen. This is a classic that children always like to play when they are between 3 and 4 years old. Alternatively there is also the game: Pin the cow’s tail. Or if you are celebrating a princess party, simply convert it into a kissing pin on the toad. And the most exciting thing is and remains a treasure hunt for sweets! The treasure hunt should be adapted to the age of the children so that they can stay focused and enjoy playing.

When the children are so small, the treasure hunt is also a good occasion to snack on sweets; if the children do not have older siblings … We do not recommend offering so many sweets. It is true to ban the chocolate valer from the pirate treasure hunt, but you do not have to overdo it. A small pouch or a few thalers are usually enough to put a big grin on the child’s face. Alternatively, there can also be a small toy as a treasure.

Children’s birthday for 6-9 year olds

Now the children’s birthday is getting more extravagant and usually the birthday child wants to invite all of his friends to the party. In schoolchildren you sometimes invite the whole class or all girls or all boys to the party. However, you can only invite your closest friends to the children’s birthday party. Then it usually turns into a big party in a specially rented room in a bar with activities like bowling or going to the cinema.

If you are holding a larger children’s birthday party, it is best to organize it in the fresh air. This is even possible all year round. If you dress appropriately for the weather, it’s the children. For example, grill a few sausages in the garden or invite everyone to a picnic in the park! (Also remember that a toilet nearby would be fine). If the festival is held outside, many guests are not a problem. Then organize some games and activities. If the weather permits, you can play Brennball or the classic: five-fight.

A really cool children’s birthday game that works year round is a treasure hunt! Funny, exciting and exciting! You can either do a treasure hunt in such a way that the children “only” follow a map, or – and this makes the children much more happy – the treasure hunt contains a small story with puzzles and tasks to be completed. If you have the time and leisure, you can create such a game yourself. Or you can simply buy a finished treasure hunt, where everything is already included and ready to print is.

At this age, pajama parties and children’s disco celebrations on a certain theme are also popular. If you e.g. has a birthday in autumn, a creepy Halloween party goes very well with the children’s birthday! Find out more in our festival tips here! You can find these in the menu at the top of the page. There are tons of useful tips for the Halloween party here>>

Children’s birthday for 10 year olds and older

It is no longer entirely clear whether you can still call the celebration “children’s birthday party”. Now it’s a party, a disco or a trip with friends … And the children have their own ideas of how they want to spend their birthday. A children’s birthday with a few games in a restaurant is still possible for a few children. However, the days of the toy country have passed to the relief of the parents. There are so many other things to do at a birthday party such as Dance, gymnastics, bowling or even a visit to a museum.

If you are holding the celebration at home, it is a good idea to invite few guests, serve good food, maybe solve an exciting mystery, and allow friends to spend the night with the birthday child. Alternatively, a small private disco is organized with the friends in a restaurant. There is also “fast food” and fun dance games.


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