Children’s blog: stamp from an o juice packaging manufacture

The fastest + simplest stamp in the world. I’ll show you how to lovingly make him.

Make the stamp yourself: easy and fast

I sit at the breakfast table and consider: what can I do and tinker today? The look sweeps across the table. I’ll take a closer look at the orange juice packaging. Can you cut them open too? First of all, all family members have to take another strong sip. Then I take the packaging under the microscope.

I grab a pair of scissors and notice that the material is very soft and it is easy to cut the packaging with scissors. Make stamp! That’s the idea. Let’s see how I replace myself and what comes out of it.

Making a stamp yourself: what do I need?

  1. Tetra Pack (Michverpackung, orange juice packaging etc.)
  2. scissors
  3. pencil
  4. Stamping ink / inkpad
  5. paper

How to do the stamp yourself: how does it work??

First you cut out a piece of cardboard from the Tetra Pack package. A little tip: make yourself a template from paper before. Then you can put the template on the Tetra Pack piece and sign off in peace. Think about beautiful shapes.

Then comes my favorite step. You take a pencil and decorate your stamp. The decoration is created by pressing relatively tightly. Take a look at my photo, you can see it well.

Now you are allowed to dye your self-made stamp with stamping ink.

Whatever you have before, be creative. We took a white sheet of paper and pressed our stamp firmly on the paper. Do not move and move! Otherwise, everything smears and then you annoy. Little tip: Do you have a glue stick at hand? So you can also carefully remove your stamp from the paper.

Et voila! (That’s French and means: and here!) That looks great! Now I have to come up with a lot of shapes and patterns. Then I have my own stamp in the desk for every occasion. What do you all mean?

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are coming soon! This idea is also very nice. Frieda rolled up the white paper and taped it with a little washi tape. Then she got some flowers and put them in her paper bag. I think the idea is great! Your mothers and fathers will certainly be happy.

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