Children’s books 1-3 years – slumber frog

Rocket science for babies

At first I was skeptical of how physical laws should be taught to a baby or toddler who can’t even speak, but the cardboard picture book Baby University – Rocket Science for Babies convinced me: award-winning quantum physicist and family man Chris Ferrie.

October 13, 2018

My 1st Cologne cathedral book

For little ones Cologne-I have this book tip for fans today: The cardboard picture book "My 1st Cologne Cathedral Book". The book accompanies the little ones through the cathedral and individual keywords explain what can be seen. Some can do that too.

September 16, 2018

Book tips for the little ones

Today there are two book tips for the little ones. In the new program from Thekla Verlag I came across these two pretty books:

Guck-Guck – A book tip for toddlers

What could arise from the orange circle? And what is behind the yellow bustle? The children’s imagination is stimulated on every double page, because only when the two pages are opened do we see what.

November 8, 2017

Good night book for toddlers

This sweet cardboard picture book with flaps has just been released: I always take care of you. Good night! (For our little ones). Marble and Hasi are in the garden and it is getting dark. But suddenly they hear strange.

October 15, 2017

Good book for the little ones

When three sheep go to sleep, it’s not that easy: who is next to whom? Who can kiss whom? Who is cuddling with the cuddly pillow? There is so much chaos until all three sheep.

A cardboard picture book to take part in

The little rabbit has injured her arm and is extremely sad, but maybe you can comfort the rabbit? On each double page, the little ones are encouraged to get in touch with Hasenkind. There.

All nature

The sweet cardboard picture book "My little duck" for the little ones has just been released. I love books that are a bit unusual in terms of their material alone, so the cardboard picture book is out of my range.

For Janosch friends!

This cute cardboard picture book for the little ones has just been released: "First things with tigers and bears" presents the Janosch heroes in typical everyday situations and teaches children from one year old the first terms.

New releases in March

Spring not only brings us a little more sun, but also wonderful new children’s books. My two favorites for toddlers from ars Edition Verlag are the picture books Janosch – Mein famoses Bilderwörterbuch and.

December 23, 2016

Winter book tip for the little ones

I have now presented you enough Christmas books, so today there is a winter book tip appropriate to the season: Hooray, it is snowing! is a very successful book for the little ones. Colorful illustrations and refined punched holes are made by children from 1 year old.

December 20, 2016

New cardboard picture book series for the little ones

I love the drawings of the children’s book "Kleine Hummel Bommel" and that is probably why I fell in love with the new cardboard picture books by Anne Böhm and Joëlle Tourlonias. Because they immediately reminded me of the fat bumblebee.

December 18, 2016

When is it time to stop breastfeeding??

Breastfeeding is a big topic, but weaning is much more. What to do if the little milk vampire leads a pretty independent child’s life during the day, but still wants to drink mom’s milk especially in the evening? There.

Discovery books for the little ones

Discovery is a very big topic, especially for the little ones! Books at which the children can feel, follow or push something are hard to come by at home. These two “sliding books” have just appeared: Mine.

Book tips for the little ones

You can never start introducing the little ones to the world of books early enough. That’s why I have two book tips for you today: That Fühlbuch "In the garden" and the finger descendant book "On the move with the butterfly".

Book tip for the little ones: what? Where?

Brush or goatee? Hat or ladybug? Umbrella or bat? The picture book "What?" By Guido van Genechten is a fun puzzle book for the little ones. There is a flap on each double page that provides the answer to the puzzle. The.

Goodbye, pacifier!

Suddenly, giving up the beloved pacifier is very, very difficult for almost all children. But how can you get the little ones off the pacifier? Peter is already big, but he still loves.

December 3, 2015

The spider Lilo

The spider Lilo is not normal spider, she has purple hair and is very friendly. Sometimes she lives on the ceiling, but sometimes somewhere else entirely. Every day she spins a magnificent web.

Something is going on in our meadow

I am currently working on children’s books that are very suitable for small children. And since the little ones like it very much if you not only read aloud but are also sung, I am.

February 23, 2015

On the site

This time I have a book tip for the little ones among you: Which piece of the puzzle fits here? Is it the concrete mixer or the crawler excavator? Children from 18 months playfully learn to improve their fine motor skills.


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