Children’s buffet: 11 suggestions not only for children’s birthday parties – efficient tips

Children love multicolored, furthermore when eating. If you consider this and take my suggestions as a suggestion, your children’s buffet will be a complete success – I promise!

Get up when others are still asleep, check on homework, tackle the mountains of laundry, queue in the supermarket and, in addition, do 8 hours a day in the job – parents stand so stressed these days that the time with the children is too short , It is all the more important for them to prepare for the upcoming children’s birthday party perfectly, so that this offspring can spend an unforgettable day with their friends.

First of all, of course, you plan the appointment, the location (usually at home or in the garden), games or other employment opportunities and of course this food. The latter should not be underestimated, because children’s eyes also eat. In this context, conscious parents naturally pay attention to healthy foods and drinks. At a child’s birthday, one should nevertheless be somewhat less strict in this context, because children love it multicolored and sweet. It is best to create a children’s buffet, in addition to which every little guest can eat exactly what he likes. In this way you avoid leftover food on the plates that end up in the garbage. Nevertheless, my suggestions for this children’s buffet can still be implemented on any other occasion, for example if you are helping a summer party in addition to this organization or supporting the carnival party in kindergarten.

Finger food and small snacks for the eye

Children are demanding eaters, but they are still easy to twist. This means that if you optically prepare the dishes for something, an otherwise scorned green cucumber, for example, suddenly becomes a new favorite dish. In addition to small snacks, you can implement the healthy factor well. Here are my suggestions:

The cucumber crocodile

You will need a cucumber, a carrot, grapes, cheese and cherry tomatoes. Cut the cucumber slippery on one side, then it lies better on top. Then score one end about a third and cut out the teeth with a sharp knife. Then put a piece of this carrot in this mouth like tongue. Load the wooden skewers with cheese, grapes and the small tomatoes and put them in the crocodile. Two small mozzarella balls act as eyes – done!

Whole grain turret with filling of your choice

My second suggestion can be repotted even faster like this cucumber crocodile. Cut several slices of whole grain bread into square pieces. Coat them with cream cheese and assemble spong tower. So that this whole work of art does not collapse, it is stuck with a toothpick. Put a colored swab with a halved tomato and possibly some parsley. For the filling you can also use spread sausage (liver sausage, tea sausage) or herb curd.

Bun burger with face

Children love the famous fast food chain with the big yellow M on the roof. Use the same preference and refine self-made burger from rolls. Halve different types, spread lightly with butter and dedicate with turkey breast or cheese. The mouth forms a piece of bell pepper or cucumber and for the eyes take two radish slices. Feel free to vary a small part, there are no limits to this imagination.

Main courses for this children’s buffet

In addition to preparing these main dishes, it is important that you prepare whatever in small portions. Children perceive themselves as overwhelmed with a giant schnitzel and will also not touch it. Therefore, offer as much as possible of each, so that every child is guaranteed to find a dish that they like.

The classic: pasta with tomato sauce

With pasta you always hit the mark, I would really do without traditional spaghetti. Spirellis or short macaroni are easier to handle with a spoon or fork and keep your clothes clean. With this sauce you do not use any spices. A variety of herbs that we adults love do not require children to enjoy the red noodles. A simple recipe for one delicious You can find tomato sauce without onions and coarse pieces here.

Pizza: Hearty "cake" from the oven

Another dish that is very popular with children is pizza. However, if you want to make the pizza yourself, be sure to pay attention to the child-friendly topping. Spicy hot peppers, or salty olives entail nothing to look up on the dough. If you want to give yourself a lot of slavery, take a sheet of metal, optically split it into four equal parts and cover each quarter with something else. Since this is nevertheless very time-consuming, you can also take advantage of the pizza service. My current favorite among suppliers is Domino’s Pizza, because here you can have your pizza dedicated to your choice. Unfortunately, I don’t know whether the pizza bakers will continue to sell extra small portions, but if you call and ask in good time before the children’s birthday party, you will certainly be accommodated.

French fries and nuggets – the steak of the little man

Why children for her Life Eating french fries with pleasure is a mystery to me. Perhaps it is effortlessly the fat contained in it, which is a flavor carrier and thus makes you hungry. In any case, you should bring a bowl of these popular sliced ​​potatoes to rest on your children’s buffet. You can sell chicken nuggets to go with it. You shouldn’t make the crispy pieces of meat yourself. The quickest way is to buy the variant that is deep-frozen and only needs to be prepared in the oven.

Miniature meatballs and sausages

Here a bite, there a bite – not only adults love this. Children can also access several times with pleasure. Therefore, you continue to stay next small Portions if you want boulettes and Wiener sausages to come up to your children’s buffet. Meatballs taste best at home, you should witness slavery. With the sausages you can also buy the heavy menstrual bleeding variant if the mini Viennese are too expensive for you. However, you should cut it at least once.

Fish sticks for little captains

If you have someone among your birthday guests who doesn’t like sausages or meat, you should also roast a couple of fish fingers. Drape a bowl of tartar sauce, preferably made from mild yoghurt and fresh herbs next to it, and I bet the fish platter will be sold like hot cakes. Directly from the oven, however, no fish sticks, fries or nuggets have been placed on the buffet, since they are not very warm.

Sweet sweets

Now we finally come to the part of the children’s buffet that will bring most of the glow to the little ones’ eyes – the sweet one. Of course, candies are not lacking if it is to be a successful children’s party. However, I would be somewhat careful about this and would hold back most of these sweets. First put this finger food and the main dishes up your buffet so that the children eat their sine tempore before you grab your dessert.

Colorful donuts – the splash of color on every children’s buffet

They are loose, airy and above all delicious – donuts! The sweet cupcake is quickly homemade (recipe ideas are available at, or you can order one from the bakery on site. The individual is always this cast. In addition to chocolate or icing, the donuts can also be decorated with chocolate beans, nuts, sprinkles, etc. You can now order donuts even on the Internet. If you want to know if and how this works, give our test report lecture.

Marshmallows on skewers

I have this feeling that marshmallows have been around for centuries. In any case, I am familiar with this sweet pastry from my childhood and I have to say I still love it today. For this children’s buffet, you can upgrade the commercially available "mouse bacon". You will need chocolate couverture and various types of sugar sprinkles. Melt the couverture effortlessly, sponge up a marshmallow, slide a wooden skewer and dip into the lightly cooled chocolate mass. Then freely out in one of these crumble bowls. Place to dry in a glass and then put it on the buffet.

This season’s yogurt with fruits

Not quite as sweet, but still very fruity, is my previous suggestion for this children’s buffet. Prepare a cream made from mild natural yogurt and vanilla yogurt. Mix anything in a 1: 1 ratio. Finally fold in finely chopped fruit (depending on the season). If necessary, canned fruit can also be used, then drain the juice anyway, otherwise the yogurt cream will be too tender.

Don’t forget drinks!

When children are romping, you become more thirsty than usual. Juice, water and unsweetened tea are the cheapest way to put bottles or jars on the table. Colorful cups and possibly straws. On the buffet they would only disturb and in the worst case even fall over. I would serve plates and cups or mugs in a decorative way up this birthday table before this group of children arrives.


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