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The children’s CD player guide

Children CD player

Even very young children like to listen to music to fall asleep, to calm down, to relax, to sing along and to dance. It has been proven that music can support the child in the womb, so it is important to give the child the opportunity to play his or her own music at will.

If you decide to get your child’s own CD player for children, you should think carefully about what requirements it should have.
There is no perfect children’s CD player for all matters. However, there are many models that have different functions, designs and options. This page wants to shed some light on this and so we compared and tested the most popular children’s CD players.

>>>Click here for the large children’s CD player test

The CD players for children were assessed according to the following criteria:
✓ Robustness
✓ easy to use?
✓ Price
✓ Design
✓ Dangerous or toxic parts?
✓ Portable?
✓ Sound quality
✓ Volume
✓ Power supply included?
✓ Extras
And here are the best:

1st place: Portable children’s CD player from Haberkorn

Here you can find more information about the children’s CD player from Haberkorn in the children’s CD player test
This CD player first impresses with its look. Every child likes squeaky colors. It has a karaoke function and can withstand a bump. The memory function ensures that the CD continues to run where it should continue. The sound is for such a small device extremely well and the the only drawback is the button to open the CD flap. This is attached under the handle and still requires some practice for small children’s hands. It can be operated with a battery and a power pack and is ideal if you are on a hike. We recommend.

2nd place: Children’s CD player Scott SDM10 PK CD / MP3 radio boom box

Here is more information about the children’s CD player Scoott SDM10 PK in the children’s CD player test
This player is available in pink and blue and is a hit for the little ones. It is a bit more compact, but still likes to go on trips. Advantage of this player: It can be operated with audio CDs, MP3 CDs and a USB stick. He not only reads MP3 formats but also WMA files. So there is almost nothing standing in the way of listening pleasure. A radio is also installed. It is designed very clearly, which makes operation very easy. The buttons are large and easy to press, perfect for small children’s hands. Unfortunately is at the device does not illuminate the display, too bad. You would also like to play your favorite CD to sleep. The sound is quite good for a device of this size and in the price range. Unfortunately, he hums a bit in stand-by.

3rd place: Children’s CD player Sony ZS-E5P radio recorder

Here is more information about the children’s CD player Sony ZS-E5P in the children’s CD player test
The little round in this round. Fun aside, this player is very easy to use and yet robust. The sound quality is good, the language of the CDs being played is very easy to understand. A big plus point: the volume cannot be oversized. This protects the child’s hearing and the nerves of the parents. However, it is a bit heavy and therefore not very portable. However, its operation is almost self-explanatory and the little ones get along very quickly. It plays MP3s and has a line in input for Mp3 players or the like. However, he does not really tolerate vibrations, so he should stay in the nursery. Power supply must be ordered separately.

You can find the right model for every child and every age. With the right choice, the child will enjoy using the device for years to come. However, if your child is interested in making music himself, he should learn an instrument. As with the purchase of a children’s CD player, care must be taken that the product is child-friendly. Whether children’s guitar, children’s drums or flute, keep your eyes open when buying.


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