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The Frère Roger Children’s Center offers children and adolescents who need special care and support a protected living environment. In family-like structures you will find enough space to practice social awareness, social skills and personal skills. Most of our residential groups and day care centers as well as our school are in the immediate vicinity. This way, all employees who look after your child can always coordinate precisely. Complementary medical care is provided through the nearby clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy guaranteed in the Josefinum.

The Augsburg Children’s Center offers all of the KJF children’s and youth welfare services in the Augsburg region. Here can young people have positive experiences in every respect.

Reside and live

A good place to live. Your child will find its place in life in our therapeutic and curative education residential groups or independent living arrangements as well as day groups.

Our school

A good place to learn. In our school, your child will find (back) learning opportunities thanks to individual teaching.

Offers for young people and families

A good place for children, teenagers and also parents. Our children’s center also has many outpatient and open offers for everyone: from social pedagogical family help, family stations to youth centers, street work to our youfarm.

The fundamental rights of children and adolescents are firmly anchored in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In the Frère Roger Children’s Center, we follow their principles and regulations. Since some of the formulations are not immediately understandable, we have published a “translation” with the children and young people that everyone understands. With us everyone knows his rights and can also demand them.

The Frère Roger Children’s Center in Augsburg offers families very different services at several locations.

Other service areas

Our services include: Inpatient forms of living, day care centers, outpatient educational aids, offers at schools or flexible social offers. The Augsburg Children’s Center is your competent contact for all areas.

Offers for families

With our numerous advisory services, courses and events, we promote and support children, adolescents and parents in almost all family life situations and challenges. Everyone can take advantage of educational, youth and family counseling services. Free of charge and without formalities.

The children’s center Augsburg is closely connected to the clinic for children and adolescent Psychiatry and psychotherapy (KJPP) at the Josefinum Augsburg. The close proximity makes regular contact easy and enables individual support for your child if necessary.

With the offers of the Children’s Center Augsburg we give children, adolescents and parents the courage to live. We are the largest child and youth welfare institution in the city and in the district of Augsburg and offer extensive partial and full inpatient services as well as outpatient services. Almost 600 professionally qualified employees take care of children and young people with special care and support needs – mainly from the Swabian region and the neighboring parts of Upper Bavaria.

Brother Roger – our namesake

Our daily pedagogical work is shaped by the life goal of our namesake Frère Roger: “Love and say it with his life”. During the Second World War Brother Roger hid refugees from the Nazis, cared for war orphans, but also for German prisoners of war. In 1949 he founded the "Communauté de Taizé", an ecumenical brotherhood that solidarized with the poorest of the poor and worked towards reconciliation of the Christian denominations. We have taken his love for all people and his unconditional commitment as a role model. And pass this on to children, adolescents and families.

Here you will find the latest news and press releases, important dates and interesting information. Learn more about our work at the individual locations.

Peter daycare center&Paul invites you to the open house

In the Drei Mohren Hotel in Augsburg, the parcels of the wish tree campaign were distributed to the children of the Frère Roger Children’s Center

The Christmas tree in the lobby of the Drei Mohren Hotel in Augsburg is decorated with notes from the Frère Roger Children’s Center


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