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Fall time is reading time

It is autumn! The leaves change color and the sun makes the forests shine like gold. If the raindrops drum on the window pane, this is the best time to make yourself comfortable with a good book.

Children in particular look forward to a long walk in the forest thereon, review the time in rubber boots and rain pants. In order to capture the autumn mood once again, particularly colorful picture books about the colorful season are particularly suitable.
A great children’s book that does this particularly well is “Rita and Kroko sucht Kastanien” from the Beltz & Gelberg Verlag written by Siri Melchior.

The book tells the story of two friends, Rita and Kroko, who go looking for chestnuts in the forest on a beautiful autumn day. Before the start, the small, confident Rita warns her friend, the crocodile, not to leave the path, as there are some dangers lurking in the forest. Although the good-natured Kroko follows Rita’s instructions, his girlfriend eventually loses her bearings. With the help of Kroko’s good instinct, the two friends managed to do it together the right one Find your way again.

Warm autumn pictures & good friends who take care of each other

The story of Rita and Kroko captivates the reader from the start with lovingly written texts that are emphasized once again by the beautiful illustrations in the book. The simple, yet detailed drawings are kept in warm autumn tones and allow you to immerse yourself in the cozy and wonderfully colorful autumn mood, so that you would like to start looking for chestnuts in the forest yourself.

The pictures on the individual pages are colorful and yet not overloaded, so that children can discover many hidden details without losing sight of the story. This gives you a lot of fun watching and you will always find a new little surprise when you read it for the second time.

The warm and humorous story of Siri Melchior is accurate the right thing, to get children in the mood for autumn from the age of three. In addition, the friendship adventure around Rita and Kroko conveys an important message: be careful in the forest and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Because even the bravest and strongest among us sometimes need a friend who stands by them and who takes care of them.

Our autumn book is presented to you in cooperation with the Hamburg children’s book store KiBuLa.


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