Children’s clothing: fashion trends for 2018

In the coming season, fashion for children almost repeats Completely Trends fashion for adults. The designers have decided that the children deserve not only comfortable, but also stylish suits.

The materials from which it is proposed to sew trendy children’s clothing, accessories and trends are considered copies of fashion magazines. Kenzo in his Mothers and Daughters, Parents and Children collections has dressed parents and children in costumes of the same design. By the way, this year, in addition to children’s clothing, also in jewelry trends for children is very similar fashion jewelry for adults.

Children’s clothing for girls

Many fashion houses and designer clothes have preferred fabrics with brightly colored patterns and patterns that resemble watercolor drawings to create collections of new children’s clothing. As for color, 2016 fashion trends for kids tend toward natural colors – like beige, cream, light blue, sand, and coffee.

Children’s clothing for boys

Fashion trends for children have also changed into a touch of folk style: fashion designers from Kinderkle > Natural materials such as cotton and linen are the absolute favorites for clothes summer to children east 2016.

Fashion clothes and shoes collection Dolce and Gabbana

One of the most popular materials of the season is velvet. Every child, the Samtkle > Cotton and Corduroy is also very popular. Cotton sets, Se >Cashmere are great for summer. The P lace with stitches are traditionally popular and still present in many collections of children’s clothing 2016 .

Ideas for stylish boys

S Egún Designer, (by the way, who agree with the point of view of psychologists), the color spectrum of children’s fashion should be selected depending on the age group. This is due to the peculiarities of the nervous system.

Floral Print Dress

For preschool children, it is advisable to buy fashionable clothes, the the same warm colors that you wore as a baby. Black and white trimmings for children who with a bright section, or an original fashion accessory such as handkerchief, belt and bag, for a very elegant look.

Very original print dress

Psychologists recommend that styles for children follow the palette of soft colors in 2016. Delicate pink color and all shades is traditionally popular and more designed for girls. All children’s fashion houses agree that they should use high-quality natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk, delicate knitwear, which should be selected for children’s summer clothing .

Dresses or blouse with printed roses

Now we can show you these photos of children’s clothing that will be fashionable this year 2016 to inspire you to buy new clothing for kids. We hope that today’s pictures will appeal to you and help you.

Pants and shirts options

Modern girls in spring 2016

Bright and colorful clothes

Special Occasion Options

Everyday clothes

Comfortable and modern clothes for girls

gold jacket

Stylish boys in summer


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