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Children’s clothing from Helly Hansen shows where the Norwegian company has its roots: on the high seas. In the design of children’s clothing by Helly Hansen, elements from sailing sport appear again and again. As with the legendary work clothes of the traditional Norwegian company, the children’s overalls, jackets or trousers are equipped with many useful details.

Children’s clothing from Helly Hansen, which is washed with all water: the overall K Alby playsuit keeps the little outdoor wearer dry.
photo (c) Helly Hansen

Grov sjø, the Norwegians say when the waves on the North Atlantic pile up as high as single-family houses. Even in this weather, fishermen are on the go and workers work on the oil platforms. Helly Hansen has been making work clothes for these tough guys from Moss since 1877. As Oljeklædefabrik the company started. Children’s clothing is just as hard as catching the nets on the high seas. The K Alby playsuit is a jumpsuit that has a lot of this original DNA from Helly Hansen in it. This overall is equipped with Helly Tech Protection technology. As with the fishermen on their trawlers, it is important that the children stay dry when playing in the snow. What convinces parents and the outdoor kids is the thin but warm lining. It does not restrict the children. The reflective elements ensure safety in the dark. A special highlight of this children’s overall by Helly Hansen is this Lower part: This is made without seams and therefore incredibly waterproof.

Children’s clothing from Helly Hansen: Everything welded securely!

Like a high-quality sailing jacket for all those with an ocean-going yacht through the Plowing the Atlantic, the K Alby Jacket for children presents itself. All seams on this water sports jacket are taped. So the water stays outside. The lining of the jacket is so that the little sailors can move freely thin but still pleasantly warm. Children who are outside in all weather conditions also need outdoor pants that go with every adventure.

A water sports jacket for children that is tight and warm: K Alby Jacket by Helly Hansen. Even the Klabautermann becomes jealous.
photo (c)

The K Shelter BIB comes from Helly Hansen. All seams on this dungaree are taped too. As with classic fishing pants, this children’s model is cut significantly higher at the front and back. As a result, the children are optimally protected. As with Norwegian fishermen, the fabric on children’s knees wears out faster. For this reason, Helly Hansen additionally reinforced the material there. As with the K Alby Jacket, Helly Hansen also relies on the robust and reliable zippers from YKK for these children’s pants. These always work reliably. What the children will soon feel is that these dungarees by Helly Hansen are made from a high-quality two-layer fabric. This keeps the wind and water out and is breathable.


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